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You walk into a face to face interview only to find out that the hiring manager for the job is somebody you know from a long time. That’s sheer luck. This isn’t the case most of the time or as a matter of fact, all the time.

In order to be shortlisted for a face to face meet, your resume plays a significant role as it tells everything about you professionally to the hiring manager. Chances that you will land up in a position that you have been eying for are very rare if your resume does not highlight the key areas of responsibilities as well as the skill set that you master. 

A resume creates that first impression of the applicant in front of the hiring manager. They won’t call you at their place to discuss the said position in detail in they don’t find that spark in your resume. Yes, they will call you irrespective of your resume if they already know you, but it is very rare. So, lets be practical and look the other way around.

There are so many things that goes through the mind of a hiring manager. He / She will be looking for the industries that the applicant had majorly worked with along with a particular skill set that a new joiner must have.

If you want your resume to be a top notch and eye catching one, you can refer to some of these best resume writing services in Auckland.

Started working since early 2000, they have emerged as one of the best resume writing services making sure that their clients are satisfied every bits and pieces. Their working model revolves around the satisfaction of the client to landing them to a job interview as soon as possible. Also, if you are aiming for some free consultation on your resume, is up for it.

Their free consultation tells you about the key area where your resume needs a rewrite.

They can rewrite their client’s resume within a span of 24 to 48 hours. They even offer them an assurance for an interview within 30 days or they return the money charged from the client. offers a wide range of services in the field of resume writing. Below are the services offered by them:

  • resume Rewriting: If you have a resume of your own and you want that to be rewritten in an eye-catching way, can give you exactly that experience under this service. They charge a nominal fee for this service and even guarantee a 30-day interview call up from the day it is rewritten. They return the amount charged from you if you don’t get any interview within 30 days.

  • resume Creation: If a client is looking for a brand new copy of his / her resume, then they serve their client under this area. They either call the client or send some documents asking for details of the client’s professional experience. Based on the information they get from the client, they go on to prepare a fresh resume highlighting all the key areas and the skill set for you. This also comes with a guarantee of 30 days for getting an interview along with a refund of amount paid, if not shortlisted for any roles.

  • Career Change Evolution: If you have been working with a specific job title but suddenly want to change your profession based on your recent studies. This service from offers you the option to do so where they can completely rewrite your resume in a way that it matches according to your new pick of profession.

  • Online presence and professional LinkedIn profile writing: The chances to get a job increases when someone has a professionally written profile. writers help the client to use correct keywords and skills which the industry requires. LinkedIn profile writing includes usage of search engine optimization words which enables the recruiters to find you.

resume Makers

resume Makers makes it easier for you to shout out about your top qualities and frame about what you are on a piece of paper. 

They know about the requirements of the hiring manager and the recruiters while reviewing any applications. They make sure to tick all the boxes while writing a resume which will meet the requirements of a job.

Their top services are listed below:

  • The Professional: This is one service which can be ideal for all the working professional alike. Even if you are a fresh graduate or have left the school mid-way trying to earn some cash to someone who has been working for more than 10 years now. resume Makers offer to create a resume which shows all your abilities to your in project assignment from schools, colleges along with an equally balanced cover letter. 

  • The Super Nova: This service is basically a copy of the other but with an additional service of revising your LinkedIn profile as well. Now a days, most of the hiring manager are furious to see the LinkedIn profile of an applicant as well. LinkedIn profile of a candidate must be in line of his / her resume. This is where they offer you a complete package of writing a resume and cover letter to framing your LinkedIn profile as of your resume.

Global resume Solutions

Helping you to progress in your career is their way of doing the business. One might think that a resume is just a piece of paper with all the information about your employment career in it. At Global resume Solutions, they feel that your professional resume is the best chance for you to get to an interview. They have the following list of services to offer:

  • resume, resume’s and Cover Letter: Creating professional resumes which can meet the expectations of a job market for all levels and industry. They also create a cover letter matching with the resume in order to increase the chances of getting an interview in the job market.

  • resume Updates: Need for an update on your resume is very important because there are a lot of tools that is introduced in working environment and to have those tools handy on your resume can be fruitful for you to crack a job. Also, if you find a job that fascinates you more and you are willing to apply for it, then Global resume Solutions can revamp your resume according to the requirement of that job.

  • LinkedIn: This is also a very crucial way of marketing your resume in the market. Global resume Solutions offer to make your LinkedIn profile look catchy.

resume People NZ

resume People started under Ian Jenkins and Joan Jack back in 2011. Before starting resume People, they worked as a Headhunters. A Headhunter knows how painful it is to see their candidates getting rejected at a very initial stage. It is even more painful if the resume format is the reason. Mostly, they faced a problem of not having a proper written resume though the candidate used to sound confident of getting the job. Ian and Joan basically know what the hiring manager for a position is seeking for upon looking at the job description. This gives the resume writer of resume People a fair idea of the content that should be written in a resume so that it passes the initial test, i.e., reviewal from the hiring manager.

resume People offer a wide range of services.

  • Professional level resume writing service: In this service, resume People rewrite a resume of an experienced professional giving their client the guarantee for 100 percent satisfaction. Also, they assign a dedicated writer for a specific client as well as consulting in depth.

  • Management Level resume writing service: If you are at a top-level management in your career and want your resume to be written that way, this service from resume People gives you that experience. This also comes with a 100 percent satisfaction and a dedicated resume writer.

  • Executive Level resume writing service: C-level executives like CEO, CTO, COO etc out there looking for some rewrite on their resume, this might entertain you. Specially designed for executive professional to find a job that can challenge them to the core.   

resume Center

The resume Centre is a company specialized in providing resume writing service, founded in 1998 by its founder James Innes. The Auckland based company has its offices in Canada, Australia, UK, South Africa, Ireland etc.

The eventual goal is to create resumes which will help a potential job seeke perform well in interviews and crack the job they are aiming for along with providing 100 percent client satisfaction.

Services offered by resume Center:

  • Professional resume writing services: In resume center, they provide finetuned resume’s prepared by our dynamic workforce. Once a candidate places an order, he or she is allocated with a professional resume writer who then works with the candidate in order to pull as much information as needed to make a resume which represents the candidate’s specifications and skills.

  • Cover letter writing: While drafting a resume, people usually spends least time on cover letters. Cover letters as equally important as your resumes are. Cover letters sets the tone of an application when employer has to choose from hundreds on resumes.

  • James Innes premium interview coaching: Here the candidate goes through a one on one mock interview with the founder himself.

Auckland resume

Auckland resume has been drafting a lot of resumes and helping clients find a job which suits them the most since 2003. Headquartered in Auckland, New Zealand, the Auckland resume writing services is one of the

resume writing services companies which creates a client’s resume by conducting a personal interview, either a telephonic or an in- person interview where they try to extract all the information about the job seeker which includes their skill sets, knowledge and past experiences. Information received from the clients are used to create an impactful resume which fulfils the candidate’s career goals later.

Auckland resume provides wide range of services to its clients which includes:

  • Personalized resume services: Your resume should not only benefit you getting into an interview, but it should also help you crack the position. Auckland resume writing services offers a personalized service where they personally talk to the client in order to find his / her unique skills and hence drafting a resume for them.

  • They write resumes for senior executives by again taking their interviews, try to figure out their current responsibilities in an organization, their achievements and draft their resume in reference with that.

  • Cover letter and a resume is important alike while going for an

interview. They analyze the position and then write a cover letter which persuades the hiring

manager to invite the candidate for a one on one interview.

resume Express

resume Express is an Auckland native resume writing service service provider, also helping their client with free updates on LinkedIn as well as writing a resume on a format approved by the employer. They are specialist in drafting resumes of any job level satisfying countless of clients locally and globally. resume Express have local expertise knowing exactly how employers and the hiring manager think while hiring a candidate. These know what will tempt the hiring manager to call their clients for an in person interview.

Some of the services offered by resume Express are as follows:

  • aucklandresume: is perfectly suited for somebody with experience from 0 to 2 years. They highlight the key areas of their client from their educational to professional background and ancillary Auckland resume Writing Services.

  • Intermediate resume: This service is ideal for somebody with an experience ranging from 2 to 10 years. resume Express highlight the areas of achievement and the skills their client has a hold on. As they are a local firm, they know the current standards of the market and hence write a resume according to that.

  • Senior resume: Under this service, resume Express serves their client having more than 10 years of experience. They write the resume of a market leader or a senior level management professional.

  • if you are on a tight budget, resume Express offers you an expert designed template package of auckland.

Successful resumes New Zealand

A local resume writing services in Auckland, Successful resume thrills more in wanting to know all about you either meeting you in-person or via a telephonic call so that they can market you in a best possible way. They have been in this business for ever so long making them one of the oldest in resume writing industry. Successful resume has a variety of client base irrespective of their professional background.

  • Standout resume’s: Your resume is basically yourself in front of the hiring manager and it has an only mission – get to the company’s location for an interview. Successful resume helps you in achieving that mission by creating an auckland resume writing service to make sure that you stand ahead of the rest.

  • Cover Letters: resume and a cover letter go hand in hand. An eye-catching resume along with an equally appreciating cover letter can get you to a job of your desire. 

  • LinkedIn Profiles: Successful resume helps you in updating your LinkedIn profile just as your resume. You can copy and paste from the resume prepared by them to you LinkedIn profile.

What persuades a hiring manager to spend some extra time looking at your resumes?

A recruiter or a hiring manager receives more than hundreds of resumes every other day. They barely spend 30 seconds to look at each resume. In such cases, it becomes extremely important to know what to include and what not to include. and ensure that you excel in the interview. They just search the keywords in your resume and if that keyword is highlighted at most of the places, they give some extra time going through your resume. It is essential to know the key skill set a hiring manager is looking for and based on that, you should be updating your resume from time to time.

What points are important for a resume writing service provider and who offers the best service?

In order to write the best resume, you need to know everything about the requirements of the client and their abilities about various skill set. A detailed conversation is the key to write a powerful resume that can stand ahead of their competitor and seems to be winning it with a big margin. Their writer-client relationship scores more than any other resume writing service in Auckland as they get even the tiniest of details from their client which can be a possible advantage in writing a resume. Clients have been vocal about their experience working with very often, claiming them to be one of the best resume writing services in the world. In addition to providing best resume writing services, also offers one of the best trainings and coaching for an interview, helping clients to overcome the hurdles they face while acquiring a job such as getting interviews scheduled but not going through it, lack of time for preparation, boosting the chances of their clients to get that perfect job in lesser time etc. 

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