Searching for the right job in an endless circle of maze called modern tempo of life is not an easy task to do for everyone. Positive tone in the technology era has given with much more possibilities to create a solution for many problems!

One of them, from quite a number of future workers, is just on the first step of adventure such as finding a decent job. Many of us too easily understand that writing the best possible resume is became a true talent who simply doesn't have everyone. And do we need to explain more about how good resume leaves the best first impression on employees, importance of a proper introduction to the company and perfect using of your qualities written there... Instead, we would try to help you to make the right choice if you choose the option of using writing services in the city of Birmingham, the second biggest town in the UK.


Here is a short list as first, and then you can read more useful information of make a best choice to contact one.

  • Workpapa.com
  • HEART Writing Services
  • Professional resume Writers
  • resume People UK
  • resume Plaza
  • resume That Works
  • resume Writing Specialists
  • Skillroads
  • resume Politian
  • City resume
  • James Innes Group


A resume writing company located in the US that is writing resume’s for many people in Birmingham– that is interesting. In Los Angeles, CA resides a company with delivering services across all UK, and said they have resume experts, who are also successful business owners, consultants, advisors. With their great reviews, Workpapa makes a a difference with an option to rewrite resume until you are 100% satisfied with it. A positive fact which stands out for they are that experts have own resume careers who have perfected skills through the work with elite employers. If you are looking for Birmingham resume writing services I would say it is worth a try.

Pros: The fact that the service of long 20-year experience in the job board industry, Workpapa gives you the best possible chance to be noticed as the best-qualified worker is what makes a good resume writing company. Imagine thousands of projects who've made it done, with the same approach in every new, but also better finish result.

Cons: Maybe negliblible, but noticeable flaw is quite a poor looking of website, how much this be connected with “old fashion” kind of company, for some new clients might be a false first sign and final message to avoid cooperate with such careless design. Maybe it is not the typical Birmingham resume writing services but they have a great product.

Turnaround: 3-5 working days

Cost: £100

Phone: +17329963224

HEART Writing Services

We are happy when notice unconventional company like Heart Writing Services, who alongside resume offering many professional writing services, such as Proofreading, Copy Writing, Ghost Writing... And best isn't there yet – visiting a website gives totally free and useful bits of advice based on the blog and when you can find out the best tips to get your resume noticed, but also what is common signs of an unhealthy work-life balance, what is the benefits of life coaching and even how to deal with a well-known modern problem – depression. Definitely a reputable source of Birmingham resume writing services in our opinion.

Pros: A rich specter of services showing that Heart Writing Services is a wanted company with a bunch of clients every day whose good reviews attract new, and keep active clients loyal to them for a long time. 

Cons: Waiting time to deliver a service in full quality, based on a large number of requests on a working day.

Turnaround: Not stated

Cost: £150.00

Phone: (+44) 07913 204851

Professional resume Writers 

A fair company providing Birmingham resume writing services with whom you know what can expect at any moment – that is a worthy story to tell. In Birmingham City is stationed a company with delivering services across all UK, and said they have resume experts, who are also successful Managing Directors, Senior Project Managers, etc. With a large table of good reviews on the website, Professional resume Writers create a difference with an option to rewrite resume until you are 100% satisfied with it. A positive fact which stands out for they are that experts have own resume careers who have perfected skills through the work with elite employers. 

Pros: The fact that the service of long 15-year experience resume experts giving you the best possible chance to be noticed as the best-qualified worker is what makes a good resume writing company. Imagine thousands of projects who've made it done, with the same approach in every new, but also better finish result.

Cons: Maybe negliblible, but noticeable flaw is quite a poor looking of website, how much this be connected with “old fashion” kind of company, for some new clients might be a false first sign and final message to avoid cooperate with such careless design. 

Turnaround: 3-5 working days

Cost: £23.00

Phone: 0800 246 5318

resume PEOPLE UK

Is always good when you exactly know what you can, and what you cannot expect some service. A premier provider in Birmingham resume writing services, In that time resume People UK is an excellent option and him offering a different pack of skills, based on searching level. And that is a magic word – you have a chance to choose an exact career level who is best suitable to you individually. Surely, well part is when you can upload resume you wrote/have directly to the website and be advice from the professionals who will know what to do with your work. 

Pros: Pros: We can hide that the finest list of superior co-workers who making a job contract with the help of resume People UK are not surprised us. Lead chiefs in companies as Tesla, BBC, Easy Jet or Microsoft is the best recommendation for new clients to try walking through that line of success. Also, likable and well-designed website with most of the needed information easy to find is one more plus.

Cons: Only working days are active, and so because less of days you might not get “on the line” in time when you really expect. 

Turnaround: 2 working days

Cost: £119.00 (Graduate resume + cover letter and LinkedIn in a package)

Phone: 0800 368 8965

resume Plaza 

Once more modest website, but this time points of sophisticated and effective work in resume Plaza, who is on first sight a specialized tool for students. Over the seven years, a Birmingham resume writing services provider, they provide a fine base of safety for all graduates, but also every job seeker interested in the right resume tip. But most impressive is the information of six (!) million people who find what they needed on resume Plaza! And there is nothing more recommendable than that fantastic fact to possible new. Best of all that is a completely free content of this website! Yes, you're not wrong in reading. Creators are providing an everything in they power to help visitors in writing a resume with a bunch of basics, templates, presentations and other guidance to write a real professional resume with own hands, and if you right now not into with a paying for this service. 

Pros: Dozens of tips and basics from a professional with proven knowledge is always an offer you should consider.

Cons: Of course, resume's usually is not comparable with fully professional work, but is great for a start. 

Phone: 0121 448 0833

resume That Works 

And then you again don’t need to worry when it comes to reviewing your personal resume by an expert. And that is good, but you always need to consider to let all job to the people to whom is that a specialty and not rare a full-time job. resume That Works offers you a choice as a seller of Birmingham resume writing services, and they're all right ones, but it is an art to decide what choice is right for what client. And there they specialty begins. Top advice is that you anyway for the start book an appointment and review your resume so you can go on with the true base of what is actually need to be done next with your career ID. 

Pros: What's resume That Works promise is really brave, but let us believe in previous experience – and that is a guarantee call for an interview based on quality and hidden tips that attract attention on first sight, even with these situations such as less of the 30 seconds for one resume to review. 

Cons: Despite great services of not charging extra even they stayed in contact soonest you get called to the interview, a price is a little high and this company is definitely not available for everyone. 

Turnaround: Not stated

Cost: £169

Phone: (01656) 880648

resume Writing Specialists 

The interesting variant comes to Full-time professional team based on 600+ reviewers and offers a whole palette of services, begins with editing and updating client's resume, any industry writers covered, specialized for customizing all type of resume's, and also review, change or advising on yours is worth trying. Besides all clients can cooperate with resume Writing Specialists & Birmingham resume writing services across the UK borders, which is possible because of the PayPal payment option that makes any solution much easier even in Birmingham. 

Pros: Seven days of the week this team is open for your questions, requests and desires. 100% of native English workers with over 10 years' experience making clients lack of worries soonest the moment they send emails, insure that all wishes will be delivered to them.

Cons: Even if its own name is that, they are definitely have a skills that are not focused only and special on resume Writing, but many varieties of that, and also much more jobs. 

Turnaround: 1 or 2 days

Cost: £20

Phone: 07919 852063


Skillroads bring us a little “revolution” in the understanding of how resume writing services should to be. Actually, the main specific things are laying on the way how the website is working. The process is started with place an order directly to the well-arranged website. Also, payment methods give you a possibility to order a service from all world. Fully professional gives also information of resume writers, who comes from the US and are professionally accredited for this kind of a job. Definitely if you are looking for Birmingham resume writing services they appear as a great choice.

Pros: Very attractive service of design resume clients can see on the same website. Way of the order also gives you an opportunity to immediately and detailed explain own needs, wishes and orientations.

Cons: Lack of direct contact through the phone, not stated turnaround 

Cost: £44

resume POLITIAN 

Seems like an expensive one, but when dream job, who they promise is on the plate, did we really need to discuss? When you first approach to the website of resume Politian, you'll think – this is how it goes when professional work. And as a fortune, the exact process from the client wish to do client fulfilling dreams taking the best place on the website homepage. For the best, these favors aren't specialized just for citizens of Birmingham, and the UK at all. Also, the interest of cooperation will rise to the visitors after reading a fine written blog, with different couples of tips and discussing topics considering citizens of the Kingdom. resume politan is one of the pretty popular Birmingham resume writing services.

Pros: Fully professional website, uniqueness and modern way of working. 

Cons: Not a full explanation of an option to contacting your writer, besides email communication, also, turnaround is not stated. 

Cost: £130 (resume + Cover letter)

Phone: not stated

CITY resume

Every company from this list seems that they offer an original service, but the only resume mentioned it as a personal trademark. Based on personalized and trained writers, they are ready to write a completely original and brand-new resume for every client itself. Without templates, useful tools, and short ways, City resume as a significant company, who provides Birmingham resume writing services is dedicated to everyone and treat them special, until together they achieve a goal called getting a job. How it works? Thanks to Skype 1-2-1 consultation available 7 days in a week, the client fully together reveals personal expectations, strong spots, skills needed to be fully described and future plans about the best way to get a job of your dreams. 

Pros: Accent on maximum conversation and a chance to deal and say about every tiny detail of creating the perfect resume. A great blog is also deserving to be mentioned.

Cons: Pretty expensive price even when it comes to full individual service. 

Turnaround: 7 working days, with an option of 48 hours express service.

Cost: £399

Phone: +020 8038 6128

James Innes Group 

Have something for everybody, that’s how we can in a simple define James Innes Group. What is a fact? They are professionals and will do exactly what you tell them. Otherwise, they always have ready advice for you, also a suggestion of an ideal resume based on your personal experience. When is that being asked to them, it brings fabulous over a 150.000 resume/Resumes in 21 years of history. They offer a ready example that shows to the clients before & after the process of non-professional, to fully professional resume who has a maximum percentage of success thanks to 200 writers trained and engaged in every moment. James Innes tries its best to provide the Birmingham resume writing services to locals.

Pros: Rewriting a resume until 100% of a satisfied client is guarantee is not possible to waste your money (there is also a money-back solution). Many good reviews and resume writing help tips directly on the website show that this is a serious and big experienced company.

Cons: Not available any phone contact.

Turnaround: 41-59 hours

Cost: £25

There are more cheap resume writing service that we did not mention. Some providers are more technical then others and provide a engineering resume writing service. You can not exactly walk into a resume store and hire your resume expert but most people are going online to find their trusted person. Finding resume professionals is not easy by any means at any resume centre. Make sure your resume consultant is reliable before you puchase or buy resume.

This review list also Serves The Following Areas Near Birmingham, UK:

Mosely, Edgbaston, Harborne, Sutton Coldfield, Kings Heath, Selly Oak, Bournville, Stirchley, Cotteridge, Bearwood, Erdington

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I am very happy with my resume, I could not have written it better myself. Delighted with the excellent service from Workpapa. Both my resume and cover letter were brilliantly revamped! Great value for money and also very quick turnaround with the express service if you are in a rush. Service was excellent and on time.

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The job I got offered is a perfect match for my skills and qualifications which your services so professionally and eloquently made visible.

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Amazing, I would recommend to anyone.
Work papa was efficient, friendly, highly helpful and very knowledgeable.
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