Brisbane is Australia’s 3rd largest city and fastest growing, with a booming economy. The job market has new positions opening up every day. 

It makes sense now more than ever to have a top notch resume.

Putting together a professional resume can be a daunting task.

Where do you start? 

What do you put on it? 

How do you structure it?

These are not easy questions. The answers are complex. It depends on your individual situation. What industry, level of position, experience. 

Having a professional resume can be invaluable.

So why not let an expert write it for you? Something as important as this, should not be left to chance. 

We’ve compiled a list of the 10 best resume writing services in Brisbane. This should help you find the right fit for your needs.   

Best Resume Writing Services In Brisbane

If you’re short on time, here’s a quick list of the 10.

  • Workpapa
  • Brisbane Resume
  • Zique Solutions
  • resume Jedi
  • Resume & Typing Centre
  • Power Resumes
  • Rapid Resume Service
  • Get Ahead Resumes
  • Kirsty Stewart
  • Client Centric

1. Workpapa

Workpapa is a global resume writing service that works with clients in Brisbane. Based out of the US, our mission is to craft first-rate professional resumes that get our clients the job.

Regardless of your unique personal situation, we have experienced resume writers ready to help you. Our writers have experience in virtually all industries, trades and niches. 

We provide professional quality at an affordable rate. 

Our resume writing services include:

  • Resume Rewriting
  • Resume Creation
  • Career Change Evaluation

With a 30 day interview guarantee, unlimited revisions and 24 hour service, you can be assured your success is our priority.  

Pros: Workpapa provides a high standard of service at an affordable cost compared to other providers. Workpapa shows all of their writers on their website. Workpapa also has testimonials, including a video testimonial. This is something no one else has. Workpapa also provides one of the fastest turnaround rates. Workpapa also offers a free confidential resume feedback. This is something no one else offers.   

Cons: Workpapa does not have a physical location in Brisbane. Meeting in person is not possible. Some people prefer to meet in person as this might improve their confidence in the service provided. 

Turnaround: 24-48 hours.

Cost: $213-$298

Phone/Contact: [email protected]

2. Brisbane Resume

Brisbane Resume is a team of highly experienced Brisbane HR and Recruitment specialists that offer resume writing services. They boldy believe that their services will provide you the professional edge to win out the job.  

All their writers are degree qualified and follow a process to ensure consumer satisfaction. 

Here’s their resume writing process outlined on their website.

  • Order Online
  • Initial Review Stage
  • Creation Of New Documents
  • Receive Documents
  • Review & Finalization 

Brisbane Resume also has Graphic Designers and Technical Writers to ensure your resume looks good and is authentic. 

Aside from resume writing, they also offer:

  • Cover Letting Writing
  • LinkedIn Profile Writing
  • Interview Coaching/Practice

They state they have a “100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee”. In their own words they state:

“We will not stop making changes to your resume until you are 100% happy.” 

Pros: Competitive price and turnaround compared to other resume services. Supposed customer satisfaction guarantee that suggests unlimited revisions. A Testimonials page that lets potential customers gauge the company. A Blog page that gives people a snippet of their writing quality. 

Cons: Not much information on the writers of the team. It would be helpful to see faces, short bios and qualifications. This would help buyer confidence. 

Turnaround: 1-3 business days

Cost: $159-$179

Phone/Contact: 1300 174 435 // [email protected]

3. Zique Solutions

Zique Solutions is a Brisbane based business that offers resume writing services.  

Zique Solution’s mission is as quoted:

“To provide an important and valuable service, with a genuine interest in ensuring a favourable outcome for the client. We achieve this simply by seeing your case as if it were our own.”

Zique Solutions offer a fixed price for all resume writing. This service includes:

  • A High Quality Resume
  • Free Amendments Following 1st Draft
  • Free Interview Advice 
  • Free Job Application Advice

Besides resume writing they also write cover letters. They are in the process of expanding their services to recruitment and interview preparation.

Pros: Has a mission statement. This helps potential future customers understand why they run the business. Runs a blog. A blog gives future customers a taste of writing quality. Has reviews/testimonials. This gives perspective and improves buyer confidence.

Cons: Does not list turnaround. The more information you can provide about your service, the better.

Turnaround: Not stated

Cost: $210

Phone/Contact: 0415 200 565 // [email protected]

4. resume Jedi

resume Jedi is a team of highly experienced writers who write recruitment and employment content. Collectively their writers have over 20 years experience in the industry.

They use that collective knowledge to help write resumes that secure employment. 

Besides resume writing they also offer other services.

  • LinkedIn Profile Writing
  • Interview Coaching
  • Cover Letter Writing
  • Selection Criteria
  • Outplacement Services
  • Group Interview Coaching

All their services have a 100% money back guarantee.

Pros: Specific profiles of actual writers of resume Jedi. They are the only resume writing service providers that has done this. It helps personalize and legitimize the business. Testimonials and blog on website. These improve potential buyer confidence. 100% money back guarantee. This also improves buyer confidence.  

Cons: Turnaround not specifically stated. It is helpful to list the specific turnaround length to potential customers. 

Turnaround: Not stated

Cost: $279-$349

Phone/Contact: 0422 869 628

5. Resume & Typing Centre

Resume & Typing Centre is a Brisbane based business that offers resume writing services. It’s hard to talk about them as there isn’t much information readily available on their website. It simply states “25 years of experience” and nothing else.

They detail their resume writing process as such:

  • Initial Consultation

A personal 30 minute collaboration process, providing them with the necessary information they need. 

  • Review 1st & 2nd Drafts

Once payment has been received, a draft will be written and emailed to you. Any revisions will be allowed.

  • Your Final Resume

The final result is produced. No more revisions can be made.

They also offer other services:

  • Cover Letter Writing
  • Selection Criteria

Pros: Great website design. The layout and color scheme is effective and professional. Competitive pricing. The rates are affordable and the turnaround is specific. This improves potential buyer confidence.  

Cons: No “About Us” page on website. Lack of information on who they are. It’s important to have an “About Us” page to help personalize the business to potential clients. 

Turnaround: 3-4 business days

Cost: $149-$249

Phone/Contact: 0411 242 934

6. Power Resumes

Power Resumes is a team of award winning resume writers who work with clients all over Australia. They have resume writers in Perth, Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane. They contact clients through the phone, Skype and email. They work towards creating high-quality resumes that secure employment.

Power Resume has 5 values.

  • Quality
  • Efficiency
  • Innovation
  • Work/Life Balance
  • Collaboration 

Aside from resume writing, they also offer:

  • Cover Letter Writing
  • LinkedIn Profile Writing
  • Selection Criteria
  • Career Coaching

Every service comes with 30 days phone support.

Pros: Great website. The layout and color design scheme is effective. Detailed, specific pricing/packages. This helps potential customers consider buying. Runs a blog. Blogs give a snippet of writing quality that can improve buyer confidence.

Cons: Turnaround is not stated. It is helpful to be specific and measurable. It helps clients know exactly the service they are getting. It improves buyer confidence.  

Turnaround: Not stated

Cost: $299-$699

Phone/Contact: 0490 831 564 // [email protected]

7. Rapid Resume Service

Rapid Resume Service is based in Australia and states it has been operating for 15 years. They specialize in writing resumes, but also do LinkedIn profiles and Selection Criteria. 

They offer resume writing services for basic 3 categories. 

  • 0-3 Years Experience
  • 3+ Years Experience
  • Executive

Here’s a list of the industries they write resumes for.

  • Accounting
  • Bookkeeping
  • Banking & Finance
  • Business Management
  • Building/Construction Management
  • Customer Service
  • Retail Sales
  • Engineering
  • Electronics
  • High School/University
  • Human Resources
  • Personal Consultants
  • Management
  • Marketing/Sales Executives
  • Supervisory
  • Hospitality
  • Legal
  • Non-Profit & Volunteering
  • Entertainment
  • The Arts
  • Acting/Musical/Comedy
  • Textile/Fashion
  • Law Enforcement
  • Public Relations
  • Teaching/Education
  • Manufacturing
  • IT
  • Aviation
  • Travel & Tourism

Pros: Price and turnaround are competitive. This allows them to corner the budget market effectively. Lists all the industries they write resumes for. This is something unique that only they do. Listing all the specific industries that they work with improves buyer confidence. 

Cons: Does not have a physical location in Brisbane. This is not such a huge problem but some people like to meet face to face. It makes them more comfortable buying your services. 

Turnaround: 48 hours

Cost: $99.90-$219.90

Phone/Contact: [email protected]

8. Get Ahead Resumes

Get Ahead Resumes was established in 2011 by an experienced senior recruitment professional, whom worked many years in the CBD.

This senior recruitment professional noticed that most job applicants (regardless of experience/level) lacked resume knowledge. This affected their employment search and outcome. 

The resume writing service includes a full personal 1 on 1 consultation with the owner, and a word/PDF document written resume.

Some of the types of individuals they write resumes for:

  • School Leavers
  • Professionals At Non-Management Level
  • Professionals At Management/Executive Level 

Aside from resume writing some of the other services they offer include:

  • Cover Letter Writing
  • Selection Criteria
  • LinkedIn Profile Writing
  • Interview Coaching

Get Ahead Resumes says it’s goal is “to make the resume and job application process easy, stress-free, successful and enjoyable”.


Pros: Website is well designed. The color scheme is good and the layout is effective. 

Cons: Neither the cost, nor the turnaround is stated. This is the only resume writing service provider that does not list either. It is ideal to list price as it improves buyer confidence. Not doing so creates another barrier. No pictures or information about the writer is shown. It is important to personalize your specific writers. 

Turnaround: Not stated

Cost: Not stated

Phone/Contact: 0422 887 935

9. Kirsty Stewart

Kirsty Stewart is a professional resume writer who got first started back in the mid 90’s. After spending time initially at a recruitment agency, it was her job to go through stacks of resumes. 

She was shocked at the poor quality of so many resumes people had sent in. 

From this experience, she knew she could provide a service to jobseekers.

Kirsty specializes in writing resumes and only resumes. 

Pros: Kirsty only writes resumes. She specializes in it. An individual opposed to a company.  

Cons: Only one writer. Can only handle so much workload. Does not have turnaround stated. Website is a little messy. Her website does not look professional. This does not improve buyer confidence.  

Turnaround: Not stated

Cost: $180-$455

Phone/Contact: 0425 297 069

10. Client Centric 

Client Centric is an Australian employment services firm established in 2013. They describe themselves as “one of the leading bespoke employment services in Australia”. They offer a range of services to jobseekers, and employers.

The range of services for jobseekers include:

  • Resume And Cover Letter Writing

Creating professionally written resumes and cover letters that market your skills for your industry. Structured and written in an easy to read manner. 

  • Interview Skills Coaching

For individuals seeking assistance in marketing and promoting themselves during an interview.


  • LinkedIn Profile Writing

Professional online profile creation listing employment history, skills, achievements, education. 

  • Key Selection Criteria

Specifically address key selection criteria for a job/position. Includes examples, incorporated with information from your resume and job description.

Pros: Website has a very clean and easy design. They list themselves as having locations all across Australia. Price is competitive. 

Cons: Turnaround is not stated on the website. We looked over the whole website but could not find anything. Specifically stating turnaround is important. It improves buyer confidence. They also do not list the specific members of their team. Not sure if any are certified resume writers. Listing the specific writers and their qualifications can help improve buyer confidence and authenticity.

Turnaround: Not stated

Cost: $290

Phone/Contact: 0415 599 233

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