As job seekers, we go through a lot almost every day. Finding a job that suits our mind and preferences is a tough task. Also, a lot needs to be kept in the brain while searching for a job. Our resumes should be attractive, our personality should be pleasing and what not. However, we tend to go a little careless about our resumes. But little do we know that it's our first step to land into a great opportunity. 

If you desire to get the job you love or an opportunity that can help you grow, you should not get careless about your resume. Why? Because your resume is your first impression in front of the employer. If you fail the first step, the opportunity has already slipped from your hands. 

So what should you do? You can consider seeking guidance from an experienced individual, a professional resume writer in this case. Most professional resume writers have a way with words. Not only they can play with words, they know how to attract employers. 

Now, the question where can you find a professional? The internet is full of people offering resume writing services. You can type in your city, and voila, you have a long list of resume writing professionals.

But, don't worry if you do not have a lot of time in your hands. We have done all the research on your behalf. Now, you just have to go through this list of professional writers and choose one for yourself. 

You can even check out the brief description of all these writers, we have discussed that later in this article. Let's walk right into it:


These are some of the incredible resume writers available in Toronto. Now, that we the know the names of these companies, let us have a look at the brief description. 


We set our foot in the industry in 2002. We did a couple of surveys long back and realized the need to bring up resume writing services. Our primary goal is to a certain that each job-seeking individual gets the best opportunity.

We have served more than millions of clients since 2005. WorkPapa is bound to give you an experience that you have never had before. Not just this, but we have helped people globally with their resume. 

As far as the security and privacy of your data are concerned, you can completely trust us. We know the importance of privacy, and we assure you that we do not attempt to give up your security under any circumstances.

The only thing that might be a cause of concern is our location. We are not physically located in Toronto. So, all the communication will happen through phone or online means. If this is something you ignore, we are waiting for you to reach us. 

Price: We have three packages that might interest you. The basic package costs $64 whereas the other two packages cost $84 and $91.


As the name says, Resume Target is one of those companies that aim to provide you a job-ready resume. The owner and president, Amos Tyts, has worked as an HR professional for many years. He clearly has all the knowledge about what employers actually look for in a resume. Using his knowledge to benefit the job-seeking individuals, Resume Target came to life. 

The services offered at Resume Target are exceptional, but what adds up to your experience is the humble staff. Right from professional writers to every single person you will get in touch with here is super humble to associate. 

All the reviews that we came across online, all we know is that the company undoubtedly stands on every word it claims. You are sure to come back and prevail the services again.

Prices and Turnaround Time: Resume Target creates a resume for all levels of professional and for variety of industries. However, the rates vary depending on your experience. For instance, if you are a student or fresher, the basic plan starts at $199. Similarly, for executives and professionals, it is $549 and $399 respectively. It will take around three working days for professionals to write your first draft. 


Building a career in a new city is a tough task. Owners Career HD do realize this and makes sure you get the best possible opportunity.

CareerHD is a Toronto based resume writing company, has been helping thousands of freshers and professionals to get the job of their dream. Their mission is to motivate and inspire job-seeking individuals to achieve job goals. 

Apart from being exceptionally good with their writing skills, CareerHD is affordable. You get the plans and packages at a relatively lower price than some options on this list. Also, if you are new to Canada, you can even pursue the professional language course here. The course could be of great help for your professional career. 

The only fall back here is that CareerHD only provides resume writing and cover letter services. So, if your requirements lie within this, you can go straight to this company. However, if you are in pursuit of something more, you may consider other options on the list. 

Price and Turnaround Time: The basic resume writing plan starts at $199, and the premium package costs $349. Besides, it takes up to three to four business days for your first resume draft. You can further get in touch with the company for any correction. 


We Love Resumes is best known for its mind-blowing bundles for all degrees of resume. This Toronto based organization is just the correct goal to comprehend your pursuit of job search related issues. We Love Resumes prepares your resumes and furthermore help you to get past the interview. 

The most cherished thing about We Love Resumes is that it gives you such a large number of facilities for a nice sum. Here is all that you get, a resume and cover letter, and LinkedIn profile improvement. The rundown anyway does not end here, you additionally get a one on one meeting too. 

The organization claims to give 100% fulfillment to every one of its shoppers. Aside from this, it likewise offers a rapid turnaround time. Adding to the rundown of offices you get is Free Resume Review. In this way, We Love Resumes is standing out from its rivals every way under the sun. 

Price and Turnaround Time: There are normally three bundles, running from $175 to $400 (CAD). You may pick as indicated by your prerequisite. 

It, for the most part, takes just 1-3 days for your first draft. Be that as it may, you can connect with the organization for more information.


The organization interestingly offers services, pick your orders from the ala-carte menu, and pay just for orders that you need. This is to be sure extraordinary when you look from a customer's perspective. 

There might be chances that you are not entirely confident if you want to pick them or not. You can have a 20 min call session and choose a short time later. Additionally, the organization won't charge for the call session. The call will be progressively similar to a lifelong counsel for you. 

Having such an incredible involvement in this field is something colossal. The organization gives two or three choices to browse, and you can utilize your last decision as to your resume. 

Resume World Inc is one incredible organization for all your resume related necessities. It has been serving in and crosswise over Canada for about 25 years now. 

The main fall back here is that the administrations are just office-based. However, if you live at any rate away from Edmonton, you probably won't have the privilege to enjoy these services. 

Price and Turnaround: The organization does not expect to consume your pocket. Instead, it might want to empower you to get a raise. The primary passage level version costs $295, which further goes up to $495.


Resume Toronto is officially working from Dundas. The company has some fantastic customer reviews. Something that every customer love's about the company is transparency. 

Owner Ozzie Saunds has worked as a recruiter for several this adds to the ultimate experience of customers. Not just this, you also get a 60-day free career counseling after the delivery of your first resume. This is still not the best part, you get all of this at a fairly reasonable price. 

Besides all of these, the website has some amazing information. It will help you understand why is it essential for you to hire a professional writer. 

We did not find much against the company. However, people have faced occasional spelling errors, that can be corrected anyway. 

Price and Turnaround Time: Entry-level packages start at $149. Whereas professional and executive-level resume packages start at $190 and $375 respectively. 

The entire process takes up to three to four business days to create your first draft.


Career by Design is yet another fantastic resume writing service provider. Almost all of her clients have praised Tammy's work. Her dedications towards her work is clearly visible on all the resume she has created.

You can choose from the nicely sorted packages, Starting out, Experienced, and Leaders. Undoubtedly, this categorization has made things simpler. 

Apart from the perfect service, you get to pay your writer in monthly installments as well. So, even if you are falling short on funds right now, you can cut into simple installments. 

Price and Turnaround time: The basic plan starts at $288 (without tax) and $488 for a premium plan. Prices vary for different levels of professionals. Tammy takes somewhere around three working days to complete the first draft.


The internet is flooded with great reviews about Resume People Canada. People have been 100% satisfied with all the services offered to them. It was first started in 2011 and had served over 19000 clients since then.

There are plenty of services that you can avail at an extremely affordable price. You can get in touch with the company by online means, or you can even visit them if you are a residence of Montreal and Toronto. 

Resume people Canada have experience and skilled professional writer who has previously work for various industries. You are sure to find a resume that lands you into your dream job.

Price and Turnaround time: The entry-level price starts at $234, and the premium package goes up to $293. For executive and professional resume, the rates are $308 and $458 respectively.

The first draft of your resume is provided to you within two working days. As far as the competitors are concerned, Resume people Canada is pretty quick in their service.


It's important to be distinct from all the other candidates, Resume Boost does this for you. It helps you build a unique resume and will get you hired real quick. 

The company promises to give the best of their efforts and help you get your desired job. Resume Boost is registered with International and Candian Resume Association. Not just the company, even the writers working within the company are certified professionals. 

You get to choose from 3 packages, it has been catered keeping in mind your needs. 

Price and Turnaround Time: The beginner's package starts at $199; this further goes up to $599 as the profile of the client increases. 


The founder of the company holds an experience of around 12 years as a consultant. He most certainly knows what can help you to get one fantastic opportunity.

HR Connexions promises you to provide a resume that totally sells you. This certainly seems right because we did come across a tremendous amount of positive reviews.

Price and Turnaround Time: HR Connexions charges you only $75 to $145. Total time for the process is 1-3 working days.

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