Top 5 Best China Resume Writing Services

Explosive growth in the Chinese economy has meant that there is a constant demand for competent personnel. At the same time, Chinese businesses have their own requirements and expectations as far as folks working with them are concerned. 

Among the various factors making a difference on this front is the quality of resume which is submitted. It really has to be up to the mark, as per expectations of Chinese businesses and their hiring managers.

This is of course much easier said than done since Chinese businesses have really unique resume expectations, which also have a cultural background and perspective to them. Accordingly, it is always advisable to hire specialist China resume writing services which can ensure that your resume is tailor made to the needs, requirements, and expectations of Chinese enterprises.

Therefore, below we share what are clearly some of the finest China resume writing services out there so that you can make the best choice for yourself.

  1. Workpapa

A global leader in the resume writing services realm, Workpapa . They offer Chinese teach resumes, Chinese resume template latex, job resume in chinese, Chinese resume template, work resume in Chinese for free even if you ask them.

Pros: A very well established global resume writing service which already has immense experience in serving niche markets around the world. It is really tough to go wrong with Workpapa.

Cons: Workpapa is not based in China, so any personal interaction with the firm for a custom resume requirement may not happen. The question, however, is whether that will really be necessary.

Turnaround: Workpapa is really adept at turning China resume writing services around in as little as 24-48 hours.

Cost: Workpapa offers various china resume writing services including ones that cater exclusively to the Chinese market, starting at $64 only.

Phone: +17329963224

  1. Excel resume

When it comes to China resume writing services, Excel resume lives up to its name by really excelling in them. That is because it has an active pulse on the Chinese job market since eons and knows exactly what recruiters are looking for. By tailoring these product offerings well, Excel resume is able to stand out emphatically and be a force to reckon with as far as niche Chinese resume writing requirements are concerned. They have many

Pros: Exclusive tailored resumes not typically seen with other resume writing services such as migration resumes for example which specifically cater to folks looking to migrate to other places, for instance execs looking for suitable job opportunities in China for example.

Cons: Like Workpapa, Excel resume is not based in China but again it really would depend on you as to how far it really matters.

Turnaround: 4 to 5 days on all resume packages.

Cost: $70 to $140 depending on the resume package.

Phone: +91 9899 644 084

  1. eChinacities

Not strictly a resume writing service, yet eChinacities does echinacities have Chinese resume template doc, we don't know. You may be able to get some ideas on job resume in Chinese and Chinese resume templates.

Pros: The guidance and information provided here is of very high quality. Even as a beginner, you will know exactly how to go about things.

Cons: Strictly speaking, this is really not a China resume writing services but rather a platform on guidance for that.

Turnaround: Not applicable.

Cost: Not applicable.

Phone: Not applicable.

  1. Crisp Resume 

Australia based Crisp Resume

Pros: Services at Crisp Resume remain affordable with a wide variety of reasonably priced China resume writing services & packages on offer. Moreover, the enterprise is open 24 hours 7 days a week which is also, no doubt, a big advantage, especially when you need a resume in a jiffy at short notice. They have a variety of ch

Cons: Like other resume writing services we have listed above, this one too is not China based. But again we would reiterate that this may not necessarily have a negative impact especially when you are based remotely.

Turnaround: 2 days.

Cost: From $99 to $269.

Phone: 1800 768 475 and +61 4888 55 333.

  1. ResumeCoach

Like eChinacities, ResumeCoach provides top-quality information on producing tailored Chinese resumes. Of special relevance is the way it clearly spells out the differences between American and Chinese resume writing services. After all, many American prospects don’t realize the subtleties that are at play here. By pointing out these differences, ResumeCoach is certainly making a powerful impact.

Pros: Anyone on the lookout for China resume writing services simply cannot afford to overlook ResumeCoach under any circumstances. Their quality of information as well as experience is practically second to none. We especially found the ability to create a resume or Chinese resumes from scratch on the platform to be tremendously useful for anyone looking to make an impact with a Chinese employer.

Cons: This is more inclined towards being informative in nature rather than being a direct China resume writing services per se. Of course, this may not be a “con” for you per se!

Turnaround: Not really relevant in this instance.

Cost: Not specified.

Phone: Unknown.

So above, we have listed what we reckon at the top 5, best China resume writing services. Which one are you likely to deploy for your own Chinese resume writing services requirements? 

If you are looking to work in other parts of asia, workpapa also helps with resume writing or resume writing in Japan.

Try Japan resume writing services .



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