List of 10 best Gold Coast Resume Writing Services:

It is a well-known fact that a resume for any person plays in vital role in getting noticed by any hiring manager. An impressive resume sets you apart from your peers.

The details of any resume shall be considered paramount while creating one. The resume must consist of the basic in-depth details of the candidate with the specific skillset highlighted clearly for the hiring manager to take a notice of it.

There is a saying which mentions that First Impression is your Last impression becomes very aft while crafting the resume. The resumes must be crafted in such way that the career documents must comply with the precise format and the requirements of the content for the any job description.

Finding the right company to frame one for you is not an easy task in- itself. If you are from Gold coast, Australia, you would find it even more difficult to choose a company to go for your resume writing. Gold coast resume writing services offers you to choose from various vendors which can deliver your resume within time and with quality assurance guaranteed.

Below is list of top 10 resume writing services present in Gold Coast compiled for your reference to make this task of getting your resume writer easier for you:

1. WorkPapa

When it comes to framing an in-depth resume for you in, Workpapa outclasses everyone in this field. They have a team of thorough professionals who guide you through each process right from the signup to delivery of your resume to following up on it. Their employee pays high attention to your skillset and thus create a state-of-the-art resume for you. They have phenomenal resume writers who works along the whole process of the resume for you. They tend to make note of your strong suits in any niche and highlight it for the HR and Hiring manages. The quality assurance guarantee from them make this deal even better. In the Gold coast resume writing services, WorkPapa holds a special position amongst its clients.

They assure you for 30 days interview guarantee which sets it apart from its peers. WorkPapa also offers a refund policy for its clients along with no extra editing charges for 30 days. To top it off they have a turnaround time of 24-48 hours from the time you submit all your details. They do offer various package deal for their clients according to their requirements. For more details you can visit their website to know more about the services offered by them. They claim to be best resume writing services in the Gold Coast region.

Pros Over its competitor:

  • Guaranteed 30 days interview
  • Refund policy available for the clients.
  • Expertise for any industry type resume (Examples: Executive, Nursing, Mining, Teachers etc.)

  • TAT for Resume:  24-48 Hours
  • Price for Resume: $75- $99

2. Select Resumes:

Select Resumes is another player who is known in the Gold Coast resume writing services. They help you take a positive step for your career. They provide the following type pf services for any client. Below is the list of some types of resume services provided by Select Resumes: 

  • Position Tailored Resume
  • General Industry Resume
  • Executive Resume Writing
  • Resume writing for Particular Selection of Job.

They claim to help you get your next job interview based on the resume frames from their end. You might want to know How? They mention that they know what any hiring manages need from their job description. They provide you with a team not only listen and make notes of your past work but also help you highlight your major skillset in the process. The people at Select Resumes makes sure that you are 100% happy with the result of your resume.


  • The turnaround time is more than 5 days.
  • They don’t provide with any edit post the completion of the resume.
  • They don’t provide any refund to you.

TAT for Resume:  48-72 Hours

Price for Resume: $130 - $ 199


3. First Impression Resumes:

They claim to have over 15 years of experience in the Gold Coast resume writing services. They consider and follow a conventional era resume writing technique. They tend to take the notes from their clients and make resume based on that. First Impression Resumes have created resumes for over 1000’s of clients. They only specialize in the labor market which sets it apart from its peer competitors. The company requests its clients to fill forms in the formats provided from their end on the website. This way they ask you to upload your certifications and documents associated required for the creation of the resume. They assure to provide guidance all along the resume framing process. 

They also offer a plan where you can edit your old resume just by asking their resume writers. The resume writers will get in touch with and ask you to upload your old resume and the changes that are required to be made. The writer after a period of 90 hours will furnish you the revamped resume for you. The quality of this type of resume is not at par with the industry since only parts of edit are made in the old resume.

In another service provided by First Impression Resumes, they claim to write your resume from scratch. This process takes bit more time and the charges are high as compared to its peers like Workpapa etc.


  • Costly services when compared to its peers
  • Sub-Standard Services.
  • No Refund Policy.
  • Too Many deals to offer. 

4. Hermont Recruitment Australia: 

They are a recruitment agency. They ventured into the Gold Coast resume writing services thinking about the business associated with the resume writing industry. They claim that they are very much aware of the what any HR or Hiring Managers notices in any resume. They provide you the following types of resumes as per the 

  • Resumes as per Australian Market standards
  • Customized and tailor fit resume for clients.
  • Resumes checked by Experience recruiters. 
  • Professional resume writers are assigned to have a good understanding of you career and goals related to it. 

TAT for Resume: 72-96 Hours

Price for Resume: $159-$210

5. Top Flight Resumes:

The professionals at Top Flight Resumes assure you to deliver high quality resumes for any industry you wish to penetrate into. When a client visits or contact their website for resume writing service. They happen to follow it with communications over email and call or if the person is comfortable, they would fix a consultation for any client just to learn all the details about their career goals and ambition in life. This way they create a very strong understanding between the client and company. They insist to develop resume with various visual designs and relevant content along with your certification. This way the resume represents you in a strong position in front the hiring managers. Once your resume is finished, they ask you to make the payment for the same. They mail you one hard copy of your resume on your postal address and a soft copy is sent to your email.

They deliver the resumes in 3-4 days once you have provided them all the information. They charge around $150 to $180 depending upon the type of resume that you want.

TAT for Resume:  72-96 Hours

Price for Resume: $130 - $199

6. Five Star Resume Services:

The Five Star Resume Services is one of the many Gold Coast resume writing services. Their office is in the Gold Coast region, they tend to offer you quality resume writing services. The resume writing task is considered a daunting task. Their team of expert resume writers help them create resume as per the client skillsets and their requirements based on any given job. The writers assure to put in right words on the papers which escalates your chances of getting selected for any job interview. They portray the achievements and the success of the candidate in a simple yet efficient way. 

The Five Star Resume Services consider the money spent on getting your resume written must be considered an investment rather than expense. As they say that, A good resume has the power to get you into an” Interview”, the “Job that you are searching for” and thus put you into “bracket of higher income”. They offer various options for you to pay once your resume is ready with them. They believe in good things comes at a cost so their charge a bit high compared to its peer in the market.

TAT for Resume: 72-96 Hours

Price for Resume: $179-$250

7. Sarah Cronin Consulting:

Sarah Cronin Consulting is another resume writing services in the Gold Coast Region. They tend to start writing your resumes from the scratch and deliver them with quality. They create documents that are very much authentic and distinctive in content and that are special, unique and branded to any client. To get started with them you need contact them or choose a package from their services offered. Once you have communicated with them, an expert resume writer will get in touch with to ask you about career goals, best course of action needs to taken and current situation scenario for you. Once these things are done, they send you details of the payment to be. When the payment is made, they start on creating your resume straightaway. Once your resume is completed, they would send you and ask for review. They only offer to make two edits per resume which is very less compared to its competitor.

TAT for Resume: 3-3.5 Weeks

Price for Resume: $210-$270 (Tax Excluded)

8. Express Resumes:

As we all know that search for any successful job is simple task for a few, but it is considered a long, stressful and difficult journey for others. Getting selected by the HR and Hiring Managers are the first step based on which your interview is scheduled. The above-mentioned task is only possible if you have compelling resume on your hands which speaks high volumes about your skillsets and other professional qualities and recognitions. Therefore, it is quite necessary to have great resume. This is only possible if you take help from professional resume writers. The Gold Coast resume writing services provided by Express Resume is one company that can get your job done. 

They provide you the facility to fix an appointment as per your convenience. They schedule the meeting as per your choice of place so that you don’t have any problem in getting your resume job done, making them quite flexible as per the needs of its client. They make a list of all the qualities, certifications and other personal details to create your resume in the best possible way. Once they have completed the resume, they send it over to you for review and any edit that is to be made. They give you a MS word copy or a PDF copy of your final resume only when you are 100% satisfied with their services. Customer satisfaction s their main motto.

TAT for Resume: 72-96 Hours

Price for Resume: $130-$199

9.  Careers Advice:

The Career advice company which offers the Gold Coast resume writing services will creatively unravel and match your skillsets and experience with the job requirement that you have been applying for. They are the award-winning company is this business and know the basic things required for any client or candidate to be selected for an interview. This makes Career Advice a go-to resume writing services in the Gold Coast region. 

In simple words we can say that a resume is a personal marketing tool to sell yourself for different jobs available in the market. The only things that sell better is the product associated with it and how well it’s been described. In this case our most powerful tool is a great resume. People at Career Advice first try to collect all the information on the client and then frame an engaging resume out of it. The details include your past work history (if any), aspects of the role you were previously which you like the most and the natural abilities. All this information is gathered over phone or F2F meeting whichever is suited to the clients need.

 After having all the information, the resume writer pens this information into words that will define the person. They create resume which help the client secure an interview for the job they have always wanted to. This is how they resolve the basic requirements for any resumes by getting you into interviews.

TAT for Resume: 4-5 Days

Price for Resume: $165-$247

10. Resume and Typing Centre:

The Resume and Typing Centre in Gold Coast provides you with all kind’s services required to create the best resume. They provide you with the following services:

  • A personal service for you: They assign an expert writer to get your resumes done.
  • They provide resumes at reasonable rates that fits your pocket with quality resume. 
  • Their budget resume gets you excellent result when applied for any job in the form of interview. 
  • They allow you to advertise your skills, experiences and the values that you will be adding to any company when you join them.

TAT for Resume:  72-96 Hours

Price for Resume: $99-$160

Why must you go for the best Resume Writing Services?

By all the above-mentioned descriptions by each company you must understood by now that the need for any resume is to secure you an Interview. The better the resume the better are your chances are there to grab an interview for any job you have applied. 

Going by the current status of job in Australia, 750,000 candidates are applying for around 150,000 jobs in the market and the number of people are unemployed in the Gold Coast region is 26,000. This stat is an eye-opener for all the people of Gold Coast that they must be perfect with all aspects starting from the very first thing which is the resume. 

The resume defines the abilities and characteristics of an individual to get a chance for the job. The Gold Coast resume writing services provided by Workpapa is really considered the best in the business due to its unique style of resume writing and by the representation of the candidate by the expert resume writers. If you are looking for that dream job and if you don’t have any idea where to start from? Look up for Workpapa to solve your problem by creating an impeccable resume that will speak volumes about your qualities and capabilities. This will help you get one step closer to your dream job by getting you an interview with the 30-day period.

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