Opinions vary from individual to individuals about whether a person should hire a professional resume writer or not. However, it is always better to hire a professional writer, and there are plenty of reasons for it. We will anyway discuss this in details later in this article.

Searching for a fantastic resume writer in India can be a huge task. Probably because the Indian service market is massive. When you go in search of one good option, you will surely come across many. Thus, making a wise choice becomes difficult here. But, don't you worry, we have sorted things out for you. To save your precious time, we have researched and made a list of 10 best resume writers India. 

These writers have been in this business for quite some time and know precisely how to catch your employer's attention. Now, if you are running short on time, you can go through the list and avoid the detailed descriptions below. 

With no further, let's walk through the list of best resume writers India. These are:

  1. WorkPapa
  2. Monster India
  3. Avon Resumes
  4. Get Set Resumes
  5. Excel resume
  6. Make My Resume
  7. Naukri.com
  8. Book Your resume
  9. Uppercase Resume
  10. Resume Master

Undoubtedly, all these names on the list will solve your resume problems to a greater extent. All of these companies are professional, and you can reach out to them at any point in time. However, before going any further, we must know about certain things. Do you know why you must hire a professional? Are you aware of the characteristics that your professional writer must have? Knowing such a thing is equally important, as not everybody who claims to be an expert is actually an expert. But, don't worry, we have your back this time too. Before discussing details about the companies, we will first make you understand what you must look for in the market.


Right now you must be in the middle of conquest whether you should hire a professional or not. In my opinion, you must hire a professional writer. Why? Because things get relatively easy when you have an expert by your side.

There are several reasons, and all of them are listed below. So, let's not waste any more minute, dig right into the advantages of hiring a professional writer. These are:


Your employer will not spend more than a minute on your resume. If he/she could not grasp the valuable information quickly, chances of you getting an interview lowers. Such things happen when you try to write your resume on your own. However, when a professional resume writer creates your resume, he keeps in mind the ideology of an employer. So, you are most likely to land yourself into an interview. 

Quality of content also gives an impression of the quality of your work. Grammatical errors in your resume will only show your lack of focus, which is certainly not a good character trait. 


It is an undeniable fact that resume writing can be an excruciating task for some of us. So, if you are one of those, it's time you shift your burden to the professional. Moreover, this becomes important when you know little about the career you are pursuing. You might know all about your work, but at the same time knowing about the industry is essential too.

A professional writer has worked for various industries and holds knowledge about your industry too. The writer will be able to brand and market you more effectively. 


Most resume writers have a way with words. They attractively highlight your skills and abilities. One can even think of these words as a trap for employers, they fall for it most of the time. So, your chances of getting a job increases when you hire a professional writer. 

However, these services might sometimes cost you your one week's salary. But, it will definitely help you get a higher paying job too. So, in any way, this is one sensible investment. 


Having an up-to-date resume is important; it opens many doors for you. Only the person that belongs to your line of work can understand the trends of the market. This is where resume writing experts come into the picture. Most of them are pretty much aware of all the market trends and resume writers specialize in this context.

We don't buy old clothes while shopping, we look for what is running in the trend. Similarly, employers wish to bring new information to the company, instead of the same old expertise.

So, even if you are a highly experienced working professional, you can still get rejected because of your resume. A resume writer will paraphrase your resume in a way that it will look new. Besides, the writer is going to add trending information too. 


You are a product, and your resume is a marketing tool. If you do not use this tool effectively, you will most certainly lose some fantastic opportunities. You can have hundreds of reasons for not hiring a resume writing professional. But, you cannot deny the fact that only a resume writer knows how to exhaust the capabilities of your resume entirely. 

Professional writers understand what a resume genuinely is, a marketing tool, and what is convincing to grab the attention of the enrolling boss inside seconds. This is huge for you to get to the resulting phase of the securing strategy.

These are all the points in favor of why you should hire a resume writing professional. However, the choice still lies in your hand, and you can still back off. 

Now, if you have decided to hire a professional resume writer, there are certain things that you must keep in mind. A professional writer must have these qualities, and if he/she lacks these qualities, you must not waste your time with them. 


You know the resume writer you chose is a professional writer if they have these qualities. These qualities are:

  1. Should be able to write short paragraphs: We know for a fact that employers have to go through way too many resumes every day. So, it's better to have short, interesting paragraphs about you. Instead of having long and highly descriptive paragraphs. A great resume writer is capable of creating short and captivating paragraphs. If not, he is definitely not the one for you. 
  2. Industry experience: It is essential to hire a professional with an excellent qualification. But, in the same manner, industry experience plays an important role too. However, it is no necessity that only a person having higher experience than you is capable of writing your resume. He will still be able to understand your profile and put it into words adequately. However, it would not be wrong to say that a person with 10+ experience in your industry will understand you better than a writer with only 5+ experience. All we want to say is, do not go for a writer with vague or no experience at all. 
  3. Hardworking and Sincere: These two are must-have traits; all individuals must show sincerity and hard work for their work. We have heard of the quote, "hard work pays off," well it does. However, if someone constraint from doing so, it will not turn out fine in the long run. It would help if you did not consider associating with a writer that is not truly sincere towards deadlines. 
  4. Strong Communication Skills: Strongs communication skills is the key element that all resume writers must. Your resume will not end up good if your writer has poor writing or communication skills. So, to make sure that the writer is good with words, you can certainly ask for a couple of samples. This will help you understand his writing style and communication skills. 
  5. Up-to-date with Industry trends: Since you want to stand out from the crowd, your resume must include things that others do not have. So, it becomes important to have trending skills in your resume. This is only possible if your resume writer has information about what is going on in the industry. Moreover, it is one of the essential traits because it can affect your resume. So, make sure your writer has relevant information about your industry, and they are continually learning more about it. 

These are all the traits you must look for in your resume writer. If you are sure that your writer already has, voila you are good to start. However, if your current writer lacks in any one of these traits, it's time for you to change your writer. 

Now, we have discussed enough about what you must look for in your writer. You have probably made your mind regarding your need to hire a professional writer. So, we won't make you wait any longer and dive right into the important part. Below is the detailed description of all the resume writing services India. You are sure to find your match in this massive list of exceptional writers. 

WorkPapa is one of the top-notch resume writing service providers. We have been serving exceptional quality resumes and contents to its client for over a decade now. No matter, if you are just setting foot in the industry, WorkPapa has all the right solutions for you. 

WorkPapa is filled with professional writers; all of them have a brilliant industry background. Unlike most resume writing service providers, WorkPapa aims to create a resume that suits your personality. Its primary objective is to help it's client the best available opportunity. So, if you weren't able to get yourself an interview, WorkPapa is just the right place for you. 

So, if you are looking to giving your career a massive boost, WorkPapa is there to help you. If you are not convinced enough, you can check our work samples to analyze to quality we offer. 

You get a professional looking resume at an affordable value. Not just this, you can in touch with them any moment, if you feel your resume needs some correction. WorkPapa provides you services that you would like to prevail repeatedly. 

The only fallback here is, WorkPapa does not really have an office here in India. This makes it difficult to establish a face to face interaction. However, the quality of your resume will still not get affected by this. 

PRICE: Starting from INR 4622 to INR 6471

WorkPapa needs only 49 hours to draft the first copy of your resume. 


Monster India was initially famous as a job-search website. It has now expanded to various other sectors as well. Like any other service, Monster India also aims to provide just the best kind of services to its users. 

The company claims to give a boost to your job search with the help of resumes they provide. Also, the fun part is that you only have to pay a nominal amount to get the work done. Services at Monster India is nothing like a hefty investment. So, even if you are a starting out, you will not have a hard making this investment. 

You can choose from different packages available on the career service section of the website. All of them are priced differently, select the one that suits your pocket.

Monster India is more like a one-stop-shop for you; you can search for jobs, and get your resume created. However, with all the reviews we came across online, Monster India has sometimes failed to stand on to client's expectation. People do expect some return after any investment. The quality of the service was occasionally put to question.

PRICE: Packages start from INR 599 to INR 749. So, more you pay, better you get. Also, it is no huge investment, you must consider buying the premium plan. 

The turnaround time is not mentioned anywhere on the website. So, you may consider speaking with the company before buying a plan. 


Avon Resume is one of the leading resume writing service providers in India. They have gained their reputation over time because of the exceptional behaviors towards its client. Also, just like WorkPapa, Avon Resume is also a global company. Over the years it has served somewhere around 26 countries, which is huge. No wonder they have hundreds of positive reviews over google. 

The company is a specialist in writing an executive resume. With plenty of services to offer, the company aims to help job-seekers in getting the best job. They believe in making the job-seeking section marketable and hirable. Professional Writers associated with Avon molds your resume in a way that it makes you ready to catch the next best job opportunity. 

A downside we came across while reading the reviews is, they persuade to buy more services. Since Avon is offering a wide range of service, they might want to sell more. So, there are times when the customer felt that they are being persuaded to get into something expensive.

Price: Prices are slightly on the expensive side, so you must choose according to your budget. The packages range from INR 1999 to INR 19999. 


Get Set Resume is yet another amazing choice if you want to hire a professional resume writing service. It came to life in 2011, and since then it has made many faces smile. One significant reason why people love Get Set Resumes is because of their knowledge. Knowledgable and skilled writers make the resume look much attractive and job worthy. 

Get Set Resumes has received many recognitions. There is hardly any list of professional Indian resume writers that does not contain this name. So, you can undoubtedly rely on Get Set Resumes for all your resume-related needs. 

The company offers plenty of services apart from resume writing. If you are looking for LinkedIn profile improvement, Get Set Resumes does it for you. There is a total of 15 services offered by the company. So, making a wise choice is going to be way too tricky for you. 

One thing that you must take into consideration is the massive number of writers. The company has many writers, so you might not get similar quality content all the time. This happens for a simple reason; every writer is unique in their way. So, there is a chance that your friend had a fantastic experience, but yours might not be that good. 

Price: Packages for a fresher start at INR 699 and further goes up to INR 9999. Your first draft will take up to five to seven days. However, if you want a faster delivery, you can get it within three days. But, you will have to pay extra for express delivery. 

  • EXCEL resume

Excel resume is undoubtedly one of the best resume writing services in India. It blossoms with phenomenal customer review over Google. Excel resume has a current rating of 4.9 stars, which is hard to get and maintain. The ratings itself speaks for the company's performance. 

What makes them stand out is, they write each and every resume that comes to them. So, every client gets their original copy of resume, that is specially written just for the, Who would not like to have such a service. 

Apart from rendering the best service, Excel resume is also great in terms of affordability. This is yet another factor why people have repeatedly been taking assistance from the company. We all look for an affordable option that serves good quality, Excel resume provides you with all of this. 

The only fall back here is, if you want your resume early, you will have to pay some amount. Whereas, there are companies that do not charge anything for such services. 

PRICE: Packages starts from INR 4999 and goes up to INR 9999. Your first draft is most likely to reach you within one or two working days. 


Make My Resume is a company that caters your resume related required according to your preferences. Not many companies put a significant focus on developing a resume that suits your personality. Make My Resume concentrates on every tiny detail and delivers just the right kind of resume to you. 

Make My Resume is positively glowing with glorious reviews from its clients. Also, the company gives you complete assurance that the best professional writers of India only handle your resumes. 

We certainly cannot ignore the expertise of the company. No other company in this list has worked with 30+ international clients. This alone makes Make My Resume one of the best options available in India. So, don't hesitate to approach Make My Resume if you are looking for a job opportunity over the seas. 

Good things take time, and so does Make My Resume. The turnaround is really long. In our opinion, this is the only drawback the company has. 

Price: Packages range from INR 1199 to INR 4999, which is slightly affordable than other options in the list.


Naukri.com is yet another famous online job-search portal. People have been using it for ages to find the best job opportunities. Undoubtedly, it has helped many people get the job of their dreams. However, just like Monster India, Naukri.com is also offering extra services to all of its clients. They realized that most people fail to get the best opportunity because of an improper resume. So, they finally came up with resume writing services. 

Professional writers generally handle all these services. Also, the prices of the services suit almost all kinds of budget. So, if you have a tight budget, Naukri.com services can be a wise choice for you. 

The online portal offers resumes in two formats, text, and visual format. Text resumes consist only texts and nothing graphical. However, the visual format consists of visual elements that seem attractive to look at.

We did not find any sample over the website. So, we are still not sure about the kind of experience one will have with the company. 

Price: Starts at INR 1700 and goes up to INR 7850 for executives. Information about the turnaround time is not mentioned over the website.

  • BOOK YOUR resume

Book Your resume is one of the unique resume writing service providers in India. There are plenty of places for experienced professionals, but only some for freshers. Book Your resume is one such place that focuses on entry-level professionals. This is great in our opinion, as freshers already have to deal with a lot already, shifting such burdens can bring up some productive results. 

Since it's major focus is over fresher, the price of the services are pretty affordable. So, if you have a tight budget, Book Your resume is here to relieve you. Besides, it has free services for people who are just starting out. This is undoubtedly an excellent initiative for almost all freshers.

We are still a bit doubtful about the quality because of a couple of reviews. These reviews said that the company copy-pastes the matter in the resume. If it does, this is undoubtedly a matter of concern. 

Prices: The basic plan for freshers is free, and prices for executive service can go up to INR 4000. The turnaround time is five days, so make sure you keep time in your hand before approaching the company. 


Uppercase Resume is started by a student who graduated from a university in America. He realized the fact that many people miss out on opportunities because they do not have a professional to guide them. 

Even after being new to the industry, this is one of the best service providers. Uppercase Resume is best known for its revision period. The company assists you in every possible way up to 90 days after your first service. No other company has a revision period this long. 

However, the turnaround time of the company is the only downside. It takes up to four to seven days for your first resume draft.

Price: Basic services are offered at INR 500. 


Resume Master is undoubtedly one of those companies that put in all the efforts to give you the best experience. Great services at an extremely affordable price are what defines Resume Master.

They have been in the business for quite some time now. As a result, they are well versed with industry dynamics. Also, you can even avail free resume analysis from the official website of the company.

Something that makes us sad is the resume revision period. You only get to have a period of 30 days. If you do not come up with an issue within 30 days, you are going to end up with a bad resume.

Price: It starts from INR 499 and later goes up to INR 6750. Also, your first draft will reach you in five days. 

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