Top 10 Melbourne Resume Writing Services

Melbourne is the second-largest city in Australia, which is ranked second only to Sydney in terms of economy. It has almost 5 million residents and hosts headquarters of some of the leading companies in Australia such as ANZ, BHP Billiton, National Australia Bank, CSL, and Telstra. It’s estimated that 5 out of the 7 largest Australian companies in Australia are based in this city.

Due to the high concentration of national and international business organisations, Melbourne has a booming job market and attracts job seekers from across the country and the wider Oceania region. 

A booming job market is of no good if you can’t take advantage of it and find a suitable job for yourself. A professional resume writer is crucial for writing a resume which will get the attention of HR managers and will help you land your dream job. 

We have compiled a list of Top 10 resume writing services in Melbourne to make it easier for you the task of creating an ideal resume. A well-crafted resume can land you the job which you want and is one of the most crucial elements of any job-hunting process. 

Best Resume Writing Services in Melbourne

Here is a list of top 10 resume writing services in Melbourne which we will discuss in detail below:

  • Workpapa
  • Melbourne Resumes
  • Arielle Executive Melbourne
  • Resumes Enclosed
  • Alpha Resumes Melbourne
  • ITresume Writers
  • Resume Right
  • resume People Australia
  • resume Saviour
  • Wordsmith Consultants
  • Find My Profession (Sponsor of this article) is a non-Melbourne based resume writing service. It offers fast writing services for job seekers and career climbers such as resume & resume writing, cover letter writing, LinkedIn profile writing, selection.

They have quite affordable packages, their main office is and you can save by buying a package which includes a professional resume, LinkedIn profile writing, and cover letter writing. 

Pros: They offer complete personal branding packages at quite affordable prices. 

Cons:  The site is located in Los Angeles, CA yet they have successfully done Aussie resumes before.

Turnaround: Not Stated 

Cost: $100-$200

Phone: +17329963224

Melbourne Resumes

Melbourne Resumes is a leading Melbourne based resume writing service. It offers specialised services for job seekers such as resume writing, cover letter writing, LinkedIn profile writing, selection criteria writing services, career training, and job interview training. 

They have quite affordable packages, and you can save by buying a package which includes a professional resume, LinkedIn profile writing, and cover letter writing. 

Pros: They offer complete personal branding packages at quite affordable prices. 

Cons:  The site lacks an FAQ section and also doesn’t mentions the turnaround time, or several revisions included. 

Turnaround: Not Stated 

Cost: $299-$999

Phone: 03 9005 8062

Arielle Executive Melbourne

Arielle Executive is one of the most prominent resume writing services in Melbourne, which focuses solely on C-Level Executives, Senior Leaders, & Board Members. It’s the founder, and MD Irene McConnell is an official member of Forbes Coaches Council- an invitation-only community for world’s most reputed career coaches. 

According to their client survey, the clients receive an average $43,000 pay rise after using their service. The site focuses on executives and offers a complete personal branding suite, including LinkedIn profile writing, Digital PR, Websites, and Interview Coaching. 

Pros: They offer a host of services all aimed at job seekers and can help you in establishing your brand along with resume writing. 

Cons: The site seems to be geared towards C-level executives, and the pricing is also expected to be on the higher end. 

Turnaround: Not stated

Cost: Not stated

Phone: (03) 8658 2244

Resumes Enclosed

Resumes Enclosed is another Melbourne based resume writing service which has been in existence since 1995. They have excellent feedback from clients and offer a whole host of services such as resume writing, selection criteria response, cover letters, interview workshops, and interview skills training. 

Resumes enclosed has helped thousands of clients during the last two decades and is regarded as one of the best resume writing service based in Melbourne. 

Pros: They offer resume writing for a large number of industries and also provide free initial consultation not offered by many other resume writing services. Turnaround time is quite short as the website states that you can expect the first draft within 24-48 hours. 

Cons: Resumes Enclosed seems to be focused solely on resume and business writing as the career coaching options listed on their site doesn’t sound as if they are expert in this area.  

Turnaround: 24-48 hours

Cost: Not Stated 

Phone: (03) 9882-0411

Alpha Resumes Melbourne

Alpha Resumes is the brainchild of Jon Gorgioski, an expert wordsmith who has 7+ years’ experience as a resume writer. Jon has an extensive background working as a coach and trainer in the corporate world. 

You also get a cover letter, editing & revisions, along with free personal consultation ranging from 30 minutes to 60 minutes with their packages. It’s also possible to order a LinkedIn resume at 50% discount if you buy any of the resume writing packages from Alpha Resumes. 

Pros: Alpha resumes have been highly rated by past clients, and features sample resumes for each of their packages on the website. You can also find answers to all the questions which you may have in their FAQ section. 

Cons: The only disadvantage which we can find is the length of time required for producing a resume as the website states that it usually takes 1 to 2 weeks on average to craft a resume. 

Turnaround: 1 to 2 weeks 

Cost: $299-$499

Phone: 0430 195 859

ITresume Writers

ITresume Writers as the name suggests is a resume writing service which specialises in writing resumes for people in the IT and Telecommunication industry. It’s considered among some of the best resume writing services in Melbourne and caters to a specific niche.

ITresume writers offer resume writing, LinkedIn profile writing, Cover Letter writing, interview preparation training, and career coaching services. They also provide personal branding services and have 1:1 coaching program on communication and career development. 

ITresume writers have a transparent onboarding process which you need to follow. You will first need to fill out a career analysis questionnaire and send your most recent resume to them. Once they have this information, they will immediately start work on creating a personalised resume for you.

You can generally expect 3-4 drafts from them as they offer editing & revision along with 3 drafts in most of their packages. You need to approve a draft only when you are satisfied with it. 

Pros: It’s among the few resume writing services which cater to IT and telecommunication industries specifically. ITresume writers have created thousands of resumes and has hundreds of positive reviews from past customers. 

Cons: It’s a bit on the higher end in terms of pricing and may not be suitable for people who are just starting their career or are not from the IT or telecommunication sector. 

Turnaround: 1 – 2 weeks 

Cost: $695-$895

Phone: +61 3 9010 6115

Resume Right

Resume Right is another popular Melbourne based resume writing service on our list, which is highly acclaimed and has tons of positive reviews. They offer resume writing, LinkedIn profile writing, interview coaching, and career planning services. 

Resume Right’s founder, Keith Mackay, is a former recruiter himself, and the company boasts an experienced team of several career coaching consultants and resume writers who have decades of experience. You can search for the writer who specialises in your industry and get a personalised resume. 

Pros: Resume Right offers almost all the services which a job seeker may need. You can choose the type of resume or service, and you can also get career advice from them depending on your career stage. 

Cons: Their basic packages come with quite limited options as compared to the higher-priced packages. 

Turnaround: 2-7 days 

Cost: $299-$1398 

Phone: 1300 97 87 66

resume People Australia

resume People Australia is a leading resume writing service which has offices in Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, and Melbourne. It offers several services aimed at jobseekers such as Resume writing, LinkedIn profile optimisation, Selection Criteria writing, Academic resume writing, and Targeted Cover Letter writing. 

resume People is among the largest resume writing and career coaching consultants in Australia and has helped thousands of people in finding their dream job. You will get the first draft within 2 business days, and resume people offer unlimited revisions. So, you can be sure that you will be able to ask for modifications and alterations until and unless you are satisfied. 

Pros: resume People offers quality resume writing services at an affordable price. They have an experienced and skilful team of writers who specialise in several industries. Turnaround is also quite fast as you can expect the first draft within 2 business days. 

Cons: None

Turnaround: 2 Business Days

Cost: $249-$399

Phone: 1800 934228

resume Saviour 

resume Saviour is another leading resume writing service on our list, which specialises in resume writing. They also offer several other services such as Resume audit & Critique, Selection Criteria, Job Interview Training, and Career Counselling etc. in addition to resume writing. 

Catriona, the founder of resume Saviour, has more than 2 decades of experience as a resume writer. The company has several other experienced resume writers who specialise in different niches. 

Pros: Prices for their basic packages are quite affordable. They offer almost all the services which a job seeker can need to land his dream job. They also have some basic packages priced under $200 for simple tasks such as LinkedIn profile writing. 

Cons: Turnaround time is a bit lengthier as the website states that you will get the first draft within 7-10 days of placing your order. 

Turnaround: 7-10 days

Cost: $299-$2897 

Phone: 1300 08 07 06

Wordsmith Consultants

Wordsmith Consultants specialises in resume writing for executives, managers, and professionals. The company has been in existence for over 20 years and has a skilled and qualified team of resume writers, which can offer comprehensive job application support. 

Wordsmith Consultants also offers personal branding services which are considered must by professionals in several industries. There are several positive reviews about this resume writing service, and they also seem to provide one of the most aesthetically pleasing resumes in Melbourne at affordable prices. 

Pros: There are several beautifully designed resume samples available on the company’s website. Prices are not too high if compared with their competitors. 

Cons: Visually appealing resumes may look attractive at first glance but using too many graphics may render them useless as Applicant Tracking Software systems used by HR managers may have troubled reading keywords in your resume. 

Turnaround: 3 days

Cost: $199 - $499 AUD

Phone: 1300 525 483

Find My Profession

Find My Profession is a global company which also offers resume writing services in Melbourne through their team of highly qualified resume writers who have experience of writing resumes for almost all industries. Find My Profession will hook you up with a resume writer who has experience in your industry. 

Find My Profession is one of the few resume services which has proven expertise in writing resumes for Executives, C-Suite, Government/Federal and It Professionals. It also offers a 60-day Interview Guarantee as they will rewrite your resume for free if you are not satisfied with the number of interviews you’ve got with your resume.  

Pros: Find My Profession is a global resume writing service which has thousands of satisfied customers across all countries and industries. It has specialised resume writers for almost every sector. 

Cons: It’s not physically based in Melbourne, although they claim to have a highly skilled team of writers based in the Melbourne metropolitan area. 

Turnaround: 3-5 Days

Cost: $595- $895

Phone: (831) 888-0967

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The job I got offered is a perfect match for my skills and qualifications which your services so professionally and eloquently made visible.

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Amazing, I would recommend to anyone.
Work papa was efficient, friendly, highly helpful and very knowledgeable.
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