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The military is one of the few institutions which is renowned for its rigorous training regime. Almost every former soldier says that the training which he received while in armed forces has played a critical role in his life and some believe that the time which they spent in the army was the best phase of their life. 

Military life is based on discipline, selfless service, placing others before self, and doing what needs to be done. These qualities become a part of life for most army men, and due to this reason veterans of armed forces are sought by many corporations for the valuable skills which they bring to the table. 

A business corporation as an organization can benefit immensely from the qualities which are found in people with a military background. Most veterans and businesses are aware of this fact, and a vast majority of retired veterans go for a career in federal/state governments, and business organizations to put their skills to the best possible use. 

Ex-Veterans face several problems when making a military to civilian career transition. Career transition is often a complicated process, and this is especially true for veterans who have to practically change everything in their life to make a successful military to civilian transition. 

Very few veterans have an idea about the job search, the interview process, and how to write a resume or resume which will land them their desired job. To make this task more comfortable, we have identified some of the best military resume writers, which will help you create the perfect resume for your military to civilian transition. 


WorkPapa is a leading resume writing service which also offers excellent military resume writing services. They have been in the market for almost 2 decades and are regarded as among the best military resume writers. Work Papa’s founder Jonathan Hedvat created this site after gaining firsthand knowledge of the issues faced by job seekers in the job search process. 

They have a dedicated team of writers, some of whom are themselves veterans of the armed forces and are aware of the difficulties faced by veterans making a career transition. 

Pros: WorkPapa has thousands of positive reviews left by satisfied clients. They have a team of writers for several industries and are one of the best military resume writing services online. 

Cons: None

Turnaround: Not Stated

Cost: $145 - $203+

Phone: Not Stated

Empire Resume

Empire Resume is one of the top-notch resume writing services which is run by a Veteran himself. Phil Gold, the founder of this company, served in the USAF as a Captain and also has a Ph.D. in Business Administration. He is well aware of the issues faced by veterans in the military to civilian transition and is the right person for writing a military resume or resume.

Pros: Empire Resume offers top-notch military resume writing service along with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you do not get an interview within 30 days, then they will revise your resume for free. If you still don’t get an interview after 60 days from the first version, then they will again rewrite your resume for free. 

Cons: Empire Resume has only one writer, i.e. Phil himself. So, in case of a higher workload, you may have to wait a bit longer for getting your resume done. 

Turnaround: 3 Business Days 

Cost: $199 - $299 

Phone: (801) 690-4085

SDC Resumes

SDC Resumes is another popular military resume writing service on our list. SDC Resumes specializes in military resume writing and is based near Fort Braggs, which is the largest military installation in the US with 50,000 active-duty personnel.

SDC Resumes has hundreds of positive reviews and is considered one of the best military resume writing service. They exclusively work with veterans to chart a plan for their military to civilian transition. In addition to military resumes, they also provide civilian resumes, federal resumes, and cover letters. 

Pros: As one of the few military-focused resume writers, SDC Resumes works exclusively with military clients, and more than 80% of their clients are from the military. They can be of great value to a veteran of armed forces who are looking for help during his military to civilian transition. 

Cons: Their turnaround time is perhaps the longest as a typical resume is delivered in 4 weeks. The site also feels a bit outdated, and they don’t work on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays. 

Turnaround: 4-5 Weeks 

Cost: Not Stated

Phone: (910) 257-1460

Blue Ridge Resumes 

Blue Ridge Resumes is another military resume writing service on our list which offers a customized resume writing service for ex-veterans who are undergoing a military to civilian transition. 

Blue Ridge Resumes is a recent entrant in the world of resume writing as it was founded only in 2013. Although it has built a stellar reputation for its services in a short amount of time since it has been online. It’s the right choice for ex-veterans, and they have several testimonials from happy and satisfied clients. 

Pros: Blue Ridge Resumes has a well-defined process for crafting a resume, and all of their writers are Certified Professional Resume Writers (CPRW). 

Cons: They have a bit lengthier turnaround time as compared to other services on this list. 

Turnaround: 5-7 Business Days 

Cost: $220 

Phone: (434) 288-0801

Forces resume Services

Forces resume Services is a resume writing service based in the UK. As the name suggests, they exclusively work with serving and ex-serving members of the UK Armed and Uniformed Services. 

They have helped hundreds of ex-servicemen land prestigious jobs in a wide range of sectors such as Engineering, Aviation, Logistics, Transport, Manufacturing, Construction, Administration, Finance, Security, Hospitality, Marketing, Health, Training, and Learning. 

Pros: Forces resume Services is one of the best military resume writing company in the world and is ideal for anyone who has served in the UK armed forces. They offer several packages on their site, which are designed to give maximum value to veterans, making the military to civilian transition. 

Cons: Forces resume Services works only with current and former members of UK armed forces, so it seems that only veterans based in the UK can avail their services. 

Turnaround: 7-10 Days

Cost: £125 - £299 

Phone: +44 07715302312

A Platinum Resume

A Platinum Resume is another popular military resume writing service on our list. They are based in Colorado Springs and are run by Kara Varner, who is a Certified Advanced Resume Writer (CARW), a Certified Professional Resume Writer (CPRW) with the Professional Association of Resume Writers and Career Coaches, and Colorado's only Certified Resume Specialist for Military to Civilian Transitions (CRS-MCT), and a Certified Employment Interview Coach (CEIC).

Kara has more than 20 years of experience in the federal government, civilian, and corporate positions. Kara has also worked for the Department of the Army, and the Department of the Air Force in employee relations, training, supervisory, and social services roles and is familiar with the issues faced by ex-veterans during military to civilian transition.  

Pros: A Platinum Resume has a professionally qualified and certified military resume writer on their staff, which is quite uncommon in the resume writing industry. 

Cons: Turnaround time and pricing are both on the higher end, which makes one wonder whether this is the right choice for someone with limited budget or time. 

Turnaround: 8-10 Business Days. You need to pay extra for fast delivery within 24-72 hours. 

Cost: $387 - $1,227

Phone: (719) 339-2659

Find My Profession

Find My Profession is an industry leader in the world of resume writing and operates a global network of resume writers. They have several experienced military resume writers working for them and are a well-known brand in the world of resume writing. 

Find My Profession also offers a 60-day interview guarantee, which means that they will rewrite your resume within 60 days of your initial order free of cost in case you are not satisfied with it. 

Pros: Find My Profession will give you direct access to an assigned writer who will have a firsthand experience in the industry of your choice. For ex-veterans, this means that you will be working with someone who has himself served in the military has worked in any related role. 

Cons: The service is a bit expensive when compared with other similar military resume writing services on this list. 

Turnaround: 3-5 Business Days

Cost: $395 - $895 

Phone: (831) 888-0967

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I am very happy with my resume, I could not have written it better myself. Delighted with the excellent service from Workpapa. Both my resume and cover letter were brilliantly revamped! Great value for money and also very quick turnaround with the express service if you are in a rush. Service was excellent and on time.

Abigail Lewis

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Absolutely exceptional service received from signup to delivery and follow up. Gratified with the quality of the service.
The job I got offered is a perfect match for my skills and qualifications which your services so professionally and eloquently made visible.

Sandra Rae


Amazing, I would recommend to anyone.
Work papa was efficient, friendly, highly helpful and very knowledgeable.
I am very satisfied with the output and recommend workpapa to anyone looking for a professional resume writing service.
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