Top 10 New South Wales Resume Writing Services

New South Wales is the most populous state of Australia which is located on the east coast bordering Queensland, Victoria, and South Australia. It’s capital, Sydney is the largest city in Australia, which also serves as the cultural and commercial capital of Australia. 

New South Wales accounts for almost 30% of the Australian Population and generates 33% of the national GDP. Many national and international companies are headquartered in the state. NSW effectively serves as the engine of economic growth for Australia, which is further proved by the following statistics:

  • NSW accounts for 81% of Asia Pacific finance and regional insurance offices
  • 80% of domestic and foreign banks are headquartered in NSW
  • 60% of manufacturing businesses operating in Australia have their regional headquarters in NSW
  • NSW also accounts for a whopping 76% of all information and communication technology (ICT) regional headquarters
  • It also serves as headquarter for 80% of multinational pharmaceutical companies in Australia
  • It also serves as home to Australian Stock Exchange and Reserve Bank of Australia

It’s clear to see that a state with such a high economic activity will attract talent from across the world. New South Wales has been a destination for economic migrants and job seekers for many decades. It attracts recent graduates of Australian and Foreign Universities, Mid-Career professionals, C-Suite Executives, Federal, and State government employees.

Many job seekers who arrive in New South Wales often have to write resumes, prepare for the job interviews, and get career counseling to land their dream job. Finding top-notch resume writing and career coaching services can be a hurdle for most job seekers as they have no idea about the local job market.

So, we have decided to make the task of our readers easy by compiling a list of top 10 New South Wales resume writing services. We’ve carefully compiled this list to ensure that you don’t have to conduct all the research by yourself and have included only the best resume writing services in our list. 


WorkPapa is a leading resume writing service which has been serving clients in all industries since 2002. It’s founder Jonathan Hedvat has decades of experience working with job seekers and is aware of the problems which job seekers face while searching for a job.

Indeed, WorkPapa was established after conducting numerous surveys which asked job seekers what they think was missing in the job search process. Jonathan used all the information gathered during polls and surveys from job seekers to create the ideal resume writing service, which was aimed to fulfill all the needs of a modern job hunter. 

Pros: WorkPapa has been online for almost two decades now and has hundreds of positive reviews from satisfied customers. It’s quite affordable as their resume writing services are a bargain when compared with other companies on this list. 

Cons: The website seems a bit outdated, and the design is a bit old. They also haven’t provided turnaround time or phone number. 

Turnaround: Not Stated

Cost: $145 - $203+ 

Phone: Not Stated

resume People Australia

resume People Australia is another leading New South Wales resume writing service on our list which has offices in Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, and Adelaide. resume People Australia offers a full suite of resume writing services along with LinkedIn profile writing and can also optimize your Resume, Cover Letter, or LinkedIn profile for keywords of your choice. 

resume People Australia also offers Targeted Cover Letter Writing, Selection Criteria Writing, and Academic resume Writing services along with their resume writing services. They have a well-qualified team of 58 professional resume writers who have written 19,120 resumes to date. 

Pros: resume People Australia is one of the most well-reputed resume writing services in New South Wales. Their prices may seem a bit on the higher end, but hundreds of positive customer testimonials seem to justify a bit higher rates charged by them.

 According to a survey conducted by resume People, their average client gets 2.6 times more job offers, 3.4 times more job interviews and a 24% salary increase after using their resume/resume writing service. 

Cons: Some reviewers have complained of a breakdown in communication midway and the need to change writers during the resume writing process. 

Turnaround: 48 hours

Cost: AU$249 – AU$899

Phone: 1800 934228

Arielle Executive

Arielle Executive, as the name suggests, is a resume writing service which focuses exclusively on resume writing and career coaching for Executives, MDs, and GMs of large corporations. They know their target audience well and have created a service offering based on their needs. They’ve clearly stated on their website that they work exclusively with senior business leaders so you must contact them only if you are looking for an Executive level job. 

They also offer personal branding services, LinkedIn profile optimization, Interview Coaching, Personal website design, and digital PR services. According to a recent survey conducted by Arielle Executive, their clients receive, on average, a salary increase of $43,000 per annum after using their resume writing services. 

Pros: Arielle is one of the best resume writing services for senior business leaders. Indeed, their exclusive focus on Executive resume writing ensures that they can deliver top-notch quality to their small clientele. 

Cons: As this is a resume writing service aimed at senior business leaders, so the pricing is expected to be a couple of thousand dollars, which makes it quite expensive for recent graduates or mid-career professionals. 

Turnaround: Not Stated

Cost: Not Stated

Phone: (02) 8294 9090

iTouch Professional Solutions

iTouch Professional Solutions is a 3-time winner of Recruiter of the Year Award given by Reed PLC, Lifetime Achievement Award by The Australian Employment Guide along with several other awards. It’s one of the few resume writing services which is recognized throughout Australia and has thousands of positive reviews from happy customers. 

It was established by Roland Coombes almost two decades ago who has himself worked as a Recruitment Consultant and has helped thousands of job seekers in finding their dream job. 

Pros: iTouch Professional Solutions has written resumes for more than 7,500 clients in the last two decades. It is considered one of the premier resume writing services in the state of New South Wales and has a well-defined methodology for crafting the ideal resume. 

Cons: We couldn’t find any significant fault with the site or their methodology, but it’d have been better if they had provided an idea of the turnaround time or the number of revisions offered. 

Turnaround: Not Stated

Cost: AU$195 – AU$480 + GST

Phone: 1800 450 527 

My resume Consultant

MY resume Consultant is a leading resume writing service provider based in Sydney, New South Wales. It’s run by Lena Kuekens and Jacqueline Ty who have more than a decade of experience as resume writers. Lena also brings HR, and recruitment experience to the table as she has worked in several corporate roles.

My resume Consultant offers resume writing, cover letter writing, LinkedIn profile writing, and selection criteria services. They take clients from all industries except with some specific niches in the legal and medical sector.  

Pros: My resume Consultant has quite favorable reviews and has helped their clients land prestigious jobs at some notable employers such as Commonwealth Bank, Telstra, IBM, Qantas, and Australian Government. 

Cons: The website is quite basic and doesn’t provide any information about turnaround time, pricing, etc. You need to call them to get a custom quote. 

Turnaround: Not Stated

Cost: Not Stated

Phone: 0450 157 502

Resumes to You

Resumes to You is another leading New South Wales resume writing service on our list which is based in Sydney. They provide resumes tailored to your individual needs, which will highlight your academic and professional achievements. 

They also provide help with LinkedIn profiles, government, and non-government selection criteria. They have several positive reviews left by their past customers and are considered among the best resume writing service providers in the whole NSW region. 

Pros: They are among the few resume writing services which provide resumes optimized for ATS or applicant tracking software, which are often the mean reason why your resume is not selected for an interview. Their prices are also quite affordable as they have made a conscious effort to provide quality service at affordable rates. 

Cons: They don’t seem to offer a free consultation over the phone as is the case with several other new south wales resumes writing services.

Turnaround: 3-7 days 

Cost: AU$129 – AU$359 

Phone: 1300 761 626

Successful Resumes

Successful Resume is a leading provider of resumes, cover letters, and other recruitment-related services in Australia. In addition to New South Wales, they have a presence in all Australian states such as Queensland, South Australia, Australian Capital Territory, Western Australia, and Victoria. They also have an international presence through their 41 offices, which are located in more than 7 countries such as New Zealand, Singapore, India, and Hong Kong, etc. 

In addition to resumes, they can also help you with cover letters, interview preparation, LinkedIn Profiles, Selection Criteria, Business Writing, Career Coaching, and Outplacement Services. 


Pros: Successful Resumes have helped hundreds of thousands of people over the last 25 years and are a recognized name in the world of resume writing. They have thousands of positive testimonials and reviews from happy customers. 

Cons: The sit doesn’t mention the pricing or turnaround time, and you have to initiate a resume inquiry to start the resume writing process. 

Turnaround: Not Stated

Cost: Not Stated

Phone: Not Stated

RevUp Your Resume

RevUp Your Resume is the only Newcastle based resume writing service on our list. This is because the Greater Sydney Area accounts for two-thirds of the population of New South Wales. RevUp your resume has a qualified team of resume writers who specialize in writing resumes for:

  • Interns, Trainees, & Apprentices
  • Skilled Trades
  • Consultants
  • Career Changers
  • Directors & Senior Executives
  • School Leavers & University Graduates
  • Military to Civilian Transitions
  • VCE, TAFE, & University Students

Pros: RevUp your Resume offers a whole host of services at affordable prices. They are considered the best resume writing service in the city of Newcastle. You also have the option to optimize your resume with keywords of your choice. 

Cons: The site is a bit difficult to navigate, although everything else is fine. 

Turnaround: 3 Business Days 

Cost: AU$108 – AU$318

Phone: +61 7 5660 6568

Client Centric

Client Centric is a late entrant in the world of resume writing as the company was established only in 2013. Although, you must not allow their date of establishment to mislead you into thinking that they are inexperienced. Their team members have more than 5 decades of combined experience among themselves serving in various roles such as management, Consulting, IT experts in industries as diverse as psychology, and engineering. 

Client Centric has carved a niche for itself in the short amount of time since it’s the establishment and is today regarded as one of the best resume writing company in the entire New South Wales region. 

Pros: Client Centric as the name suggests has a client-centric approach, and the company provides personal attention to each client. Besides resume writing, you can also get help with cover letters, Interview Preparation, 1:1 interview coaching, selection criteria, and LinkedIn Profile. 

Cons: The only thing which goes against them is a lack of history going back decades as the company was formed just a few years ago. They have several positive testimonials from their clients on their site, but it’s difficult to find testimonials and positive reviews about them on third-party websites. 

Turnaround: 3-4 Business Days 

Cost: AU$285 – AU$745

Phone: 0415 559 233

Katie Roberts

Katie Roberts Career Consulting is a full-service career consulting agency staffed by qualified and well-experienced professionals who have extensive experience as recruiters, HR managers, resume writers. They are also known for their excellent resume writing services. 

Katie Roberts provides entry-level to executive-level resume writing for job seekers in Sydney and the New South Wales region. Their resume writing process follows a well-defined methodology, and past clients describe their resume writers as highly collaborative who are always ready to go the extra mile for ensuring your success. 

Katie Roberts also provides other services such as Interview Preparation, Career Counselling, LinkedIn Profile writing and optimization, cover letter writing, selection criteria, and biographies. 

Pros: They have a countrywide presence with offices in all major cities of Australia. You can visit any of their multiple offices in and around the Sydney Metropolitan Area. 

Cons: There is not enough information on their site about their writers or the industries in which they specialize. 

Turnaround: 5-7 days 

Cost: AU$295 – AU$595

Phone: 1300 644 890

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