In this competitive working environment, you must stand out at all times. Today resumes play an essential role in our professional life. We know for a fact that an excellent resume can help in forming a brilliant impression. Also, most employers take help of an online medium to search for potential candidates. So, a nice resume must consist of specific keywords to appear in most searches. 

But,even though you have a way with words, sometimes it better to get things done with the help of a professional. A professional writer will frame your skills and experiences in an eye-catching way. 

Searching for the most viable option can be a painstaking task. But, we have made things easy for you. Here is a list of some exceptional resume writing service providers. You can browse through this and choose the most suitable option for yourself. 

let's get started with the list without any further delay.

If you are running late, here is a quick list of all the legitimate resume service providers located in and around Perth, Australia:

  1. Workpapa
  2. Perth Resume
  3. resume Jedi
  4. Foot In The Door Professional Resumes
  5. Successful Resumes
  6. Resumes For Dudes
  7. TheresumeCenter
  8. Oil & Gas Resumes
  9. Mining Resumes
  10. Lloyd White 

These are one of the most viable options. You can get in touch with anyone of them and have a top-notch resume delivered in no time. 


Workpapa came to life in the year 2002. We aim to cut the hurdles that occur between a potent job seeker and brilliant opportunities. We are a team of skilled individuals that helps you back up great job opportunities. 

Workpapa has a couple of packages that you may choose from according to your needs. No matter whatever career you are willing to direct your ways to, Workpapa always have your back.

Pros: Your resume is generally written by a professional who belongs to your locality. Why a local professional? Local professionals have a better understanding of market trends and requirements. So, he will be able to curate the best possible resume for you.

Cons: Workpapa is not actually located in Perth, thus face to face interaction is not possible. 

Procedural time: It generally takes up to only 1 business day to complete a resume. Besides, you can get necessary changes done within a span of 1 or 2 days. 

Price: Workpapa is a fair priced website, it's basic package starts at $65.


Perth Resume is one of those companies that focuses on high customer satisfaction. They prove themselves every time with excellent results. Perth resume makes sure that your resume stands out from the rest and gives a positive impression of you. 

Apart from having a good experience in the field, the company also comprises of a skilled team. Perth resume is a reliable and genuine company to head up to for your resume related needs. 

Pros: Perth Resume offers you a great set of packages. As a result, choosing according to your needs become easy this way. Also, resume writers are recruiters and HR professionals. Thus, they are well aware of the contents of a great resume. 

Cons: Finding a fault here is hard here, as most of the reviewers have mentioned it as an exceptional company. Anyhow, we do feel that it can be a little pricey for some.

Procedural time: It takes up to 2-4 business days for 1 resume.

Price: Platinum Package costs $259, and Gold Package costs $199. There are few other options as well, and you can look for it over Perth Resume website. 

resume Jedi

resume Jedi holds an experience of about 2 decades. This alone makes it one of the trustworthy option. The company has different professionals for specific tasks. Thus, you can get all sorts of resumes written by them at any point. 

resume Jedi is located in Perth and a few other locations in India. Also, it offers excellent solutions for both business organizations and individuals

Pros: A face to face interaction is good for the understanding of both the parties. You can visit resume Jedi during the business and brief them your needs. 

Cons: resume Jedi covers a wide range of industries, the list is available on the website. Even though the coverage is vast, there are still certain industries that fall out of the list. If your career does not belong to the list, you may switch to other options in this list. 

Procedural time: The procedure takes about 3-4 working days. But, if you are running short on time, you can request for faster delivery. It will only cost you some extra bucks, and you will have your resume within 48 hours.

Price: It starts at $279 and goes up to $349, extra dollars for cover letters.


Foot in the Door, a fantastic resume writing service provider is located in Perth. It has been in the business for quite some time and has gained an enormous amount of experience as well. 

The Foot in the Door professionals makes sure that you have a satisfying experience. Also, the company offers different plans for different categories. Thus, they have definite options for different groups, such as students, professionals. 

Pros: Students and Freshers can find good deals over the website.

Cons: We couldn't find much, but the price of the service seemed to be an issue for some. 

Procedural time: Delivery time is not mentioned. 

Price: Starting from $250


As the name says, the company does help you land into your dream jobs. Successful Resume has phenomenal reviews all over. With an experience of over a decade, you can expect great results from Successful Resume. 

Successful Resume is filled with people who have great experience in the field. Most of the members are either HR professionals or has excellent knowledge about the market. 

It is a viable choice for plenty of reason. Apart from skill and experience, they also have good market relations. Successful Resume can be a good start for your career. It will help you create that has appropriate keywords and suits your personality.

Pros: The web is full of fantastic reviews about the company. The quality of the content you receive is one of the significant advantages.

Cons: Time taken by the company to deliver the first draft is more compared to other companies on the list. 

Procedural time: The company generally asks for 5 working days to write the first draft. But, if you cannot wait that long. In that case, you can request them to speed up the process. They do so by connecting with various other professional connections. 

Price: Price of the services are not mentioned over the website. 


Resumes for Dudes is indeed one of the top-notch resume writing service providers. With loads of positive feedbacks, it is a must-consider kind of option. 

You can either get your existing resume corrected or ask the professionals to write up a new one for you. Besides, you can also get your previous resume analyzed for free. You can later ask the writers to make the necessary changes for you. 

To get started with a fresh resume, you only have to fill up a questionnaire. It will have your career-related questions that will help your writer in writing your resume. 

Pros: Quick turnaround is one of the most pleasing things about the company. 

Cons: The service looks much focused on the male job-seekers.

Procedural Time: It generally takes up to 3-4 working days. But, the company also offers faster delivery options, where you can receive resume within 24 hours. 


The resumeCenter provides all kinds of resume related solutions. Right from LinkedIn profile writing to brilliantly framed resumes. It offers almost everything you look for in an excellent service provider. 

resumeCenter writes your resume, keeping in mind your background. As a result, your resume matches your personality in an extreme possible way. resumeCenter is a Perth based company so you can visit them at any moment and ask for help.

Pros: Job search does not end with resumes, you need to clear out the interview as well. resumeCenter provides interview coaching as well. Apart from this, industry-specific resumes are a cherry on the cake. 

Cons: It is good to know in before what we are indulging in. But, we were looking for some samples all over the website but could not find any. 

Procedural Time: The website of the company claims to have a quick turnaround time. No exact duration is mentioned anywhere on the site. 

Price: You will have to get in touch with the company to know their packages and pricing policy, as we could not find any price package over the website. 


Oil & Gas Resume is an exceptional service provider that focuses on oil and gas jobs. It won't be wrong to state that this is the best option available for people seeking jobs in the Oil and Gas industry. 

Oil & Gas Resume has been in the business since 1995, which makes it no less than a veteran of the field. Apart from resume writing, the company helps you to prepare for interviews as well. 

The website offers 3 packages, and you can choose the one that suits your needs and budget. The price may not suit your pockets completely, but the benefits are worth it.

Besides, the company also gives you a 30-day interview guarantee as well. They are supremely confident that the resumes will help you in getting your dream job.

Pros: Oil & Gas Resume provides interview coaching as well as career coaching as well. You can visit the office during the working hours and consult the professionals. Also, the Oil & Gas Career News over the website will keep you updated about the job opportunities. 

Cons: The website is dedicated to the Oil & Gas industry. So, you must head to other options in this list if you do not wish to make a career in this field.

Procedural Time: Time is not mentioned by the company anywhere over the website. You may contact the company to know such details.

Price: The starting range lies between $375-$475, which further goes up to $1095


It is evident from the name that the company's primary focus is on the Mining jobs. It is not much different from Oil & Gas Resume, and only it focuses on a different industry. 

Mining Resumes are performing exceptionally for 21 years, which is a big deal. The company seems to have gained a lot of experience and expertise in the field. 

The primary motto of the company is to create a job-winning resume for all mining job seekers. The individuals associated with the company are recruiters and industry professionals. So, they exactly know what employers look for in a resume. 

Pros: You can seek free career advice at Mining Resume.

Cons: Mining Resume is a bit too heavy on a fresher's pocket.

Procedural Time: The time is not mentioned anywhere over the website. 

Price: Range between $375-$675


We can clearly understand by the name about the companies basic moto. It specializes in meeting its client's requirements. Thus, it provides solutions for both the job seekers and employers. 

Client Centric Executive Employment Solution has adequate expertise and experience in the field. It has been a part of many job success stories as well. 

Your little formal qualification is not a problem anymore. Client Centric writers will highlight your skills in a way that it will catch the employer's eye. 

Besides, if you are confused about your career, you can connect with the team and seek career advice. 

Pros: Client Centric Executive Employment Solution is a set of calm and composed team. They will help you out with your drafts and career choices. 

Cons: We could not find work samples over the website. 

Procedural Time: It will take up to 2-5 for your first resume draft.

Prices: Ranges from $290-$765 

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I am very happy with my resume, I could not have written it better myself. Delighted with the excellent service from Workpapa. Both my resume and cover letter were brilliantly revamped! Great value for money and also very quick turnaround with the express service if you are in a rush. Service was excellent and on time.

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Absolutely exceptional service received from signup to delivery and follow up. Gratified with the quality of the service.
The job I got offered is a perfect match for my skills and qualifications which your services so professionally and eloquently made visible.

Sandra Rae


Amazing, I would recommend to anyone.
Work papa was efficient, friendly, highly helpful and very knowledgeable.
I am very satisfied with the output and recommend workpapa to anyone looking for a professional resume writing service.
Excellent attention and highly recommended

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