When it takes to create your own business biography, known as a resume, a many option comes to the list. But all what you actually want is to make possible your desires for a perfect and suitable job. In that case, you know that a fully professional, high-quality and unique work is the best possible way to your dreams comes to reality.    

We don’t know everything, and we cannot know every inch of specifies in modern criteria who brings a very brief, precise review and an instant decision to accept or refuse some resume. Relatively new business brings a solution to our problems with professional, registered resume companies ordered to provide a maximum from your personality and help you with that, and also others services necessary for your fastest path through the finding a work.   


The job of this article is also to help you so you can choose the best company that can deliver just what you’ve expected, and more, so we made a list of eight excellent suggestions you can meet in next couple of lines, but before we need to present them briefly:   


  • Workpapa 
  • Elite resume 
  • Excel resume 
  • resume Solutions 
  • resume Store 
  • TOP resume 
  • Craft Resumes 
  • StandOut resume 






A full-balanced company is one of the most important things that give them success and good ratings. So what can we say about services that provide resume/Resumes reviews, rewritings, writings with 30 days guarantee and non-stop support service? All you need to be relaxed is here, and you be sure that any suggestions, ideas or changes will be accepted because professionals have an own style, and one of their finest characteristics is to listen and know what is exactly need for every client at is own.   

Pros: Better isn't always expensive, and should be grateful when you find a company that delivers great services in practice way, at a reasonable price.   

Cons: A phone contact cannot be found on the website, which might be a problem for someone who wants to work with writers in person.   

Turnaround: 24-48 hours 

Cost: from $50 

Phone: not stated 



  1. ELITE resume 


As a name of the company said, most of us go through life with hopes that can reach a top level in business, social relationships, personal achievements... and this feeding of your ego doesn’t have to be a bad thing. On the contrary! Searching for your own best is one of the best lessons you would learn. And we need to start from somewhere, right, so why we can be elite NOW? No, we don’t think of number on your bank account, because truly elite is in the mind. Always 100% ready, responsible, exact. Elite resume is the company for that kind of people, no matter they have least or executive level of the previous career.  

Pros: A pretty good price range in all package suited for almost everybody. And based on hundreds of executives launched on the market, is the great choice for the business entries. This company simply know how to make an executive, businessmen.  

Cons: They are should be more reviews and basic information's, in this state website, looks little too much of all in the first sight.   

Turnaround: not stated 

Cost: from $61 

Phone: +44 20 8089 2635 



  1. EXCEL resume 


When you have more than a hundred reviews from your customers, the reputation of serious, trustable and high-quality, who is us to not believe and mention that? Today isn't easy to trick you anybody, as well as very hard to amaze and make a unique service in a sea of similar companies. Therefore, Excel resume succeed in that and all their results speak alone.   

Pros: They have huge respect in each client individually, so clients can always be sure that their resume is going to be an original piece of work without a tiny possibility of templates, patterns or other tools that exist in general.   

Cons: They are full resume based, but some attractive tools as rewriting or reviewing of resume is missing. 

Turnaround: 2 days 

Cost: from $70 

Phone: +61-402-190-426 



  1. resume SOLUTIONS 


A truly good company doesn’t just have work done well, they teach you how to continue on yourself after you step back on the business scene. Or we can say, they work as resume Solutions, who besides all business levels provides tips that are useful and adjusted for everyone who wants to have a great career in future business.   

Pros: An excellent balanced preparation speaks about self-confidence that company gives to you, so they not stopping on perfect writings and advises for you, after guarantee job invitation with interview coaching and LinkedIn training you'll be in whole new, upgraded business person.   

Cons: A poor look of the website with some missing information for such a serious company, which might give a totally wrong first impression.   

Turnaround: not stated 

Cost: not stated 

Phone: 087-1223308 




  1. resume STORE 


We still don’t find a perfect resume company, but this can be more than expected for almost everyone. Proves speaks – based on Trustpilot rating, resume Store is on the top of the list as a small in-house team of enthusiasts devoted in their job, which delivers set of high-quality services with a fantastic turnaround of 24 hours, unlimited revisions and interview preparation for all business levels. You would ask with reason, what should I need more?   

Pros: Yes, besides all lay an ongoing job search strategy, which brings you in a top-balanced process from the start and a guarantee of having all your positives in an action called seeking and catching your business dreams.   

Cons: A website is simple, practice and old-fashioned creation, which cannot be that bad but some clients expect more effort in the modern era from that level of the company. 

Turnaround: 3-5 business days 

Cost: from $83 

Phone: 0207 112 8146 




  1. TOP resume 


Good companies are working together, so when you need some of them on the TOP resume homepage on the partnerships list, you will be sure about everything we say about them. In another side, the finest pieces of reviews bring you closely a what impact this company had on their fully satisfied clients.   

And when you in all that add experiences of getting an even better job contract with terms they cant possibly imagine, a whole picture of more than 800 (!) testimonials comes to the light as the most positive invitation to join them in the future.   

Pros: Free resume analysis offers you more than just brief and dry explanations because this service can help you in a detailed discussion with employees to discover in which you making mistakes, what you need to improve and what should be added to your work so that can be a good enough for other companies. Top resume helps you in a way that on the and you can be confident enough to create and send your own work as itself.  

Cons: There is a 60 days guarantee you will succeed in your mission, which can be a lack compared to some other companies who offer half of that. 

Turnaround: About an week  

Cost: from $143 

Phone: 087-1223308 





When you have a chance to meet and choose your resume writer before him getting on a job, that’s open a lot of possibilities such as total relaxation of both sides and understanding, as well as an understanding of wishes and vision how customers biography can look and what is actually need to make them special.   

Craft Resumes knows this before we wrote down and for years providing to trustable clients.   

Pros: A beautifully designed website which gives fully comfortable fells in a second you meet with him. Also must notice price discounts as a very good reason to have them on your bookmark.  

Cons: Only two testimonials is a mistake that makes people rethink about cooperation with this company.    

Turnaround: not stated 

Cost: from $129 

Phone: 087-1223308 



  1.  STANDOUT resume 


When writers praise one another, that is a good sign, which is exactly seen when wee first look at this company homepage. That need to deserve!   

One of the greatest varieties of StandOut resume is making an entry improvement just through working with specialized, high-educated professionals whose guidance and experience can be crucial to expanding clients knowledge, self-confidence, and skills suitable for a wanted business position. You will receive a maximum service begins with tips, phone conversations, and before that existing resume free review which will be a quite journey when you can teach a lot about yourself and be capable to fill all “holes” to the finish line, so in the and you'll become a self-aware and for the whatever new challenge is taking on to you. 

Pros: Andrew Fennell with a long experience in journalism and career in the most-respected daily journal across the UK as well as many others achievements in the 10+ careers of his team speaks for itself and why you should always consider this company. 

Cons: A website looks little messy, which might leave a bad taste to some clients, and we can find info's about turnaround time. 

Turnaround: not stated 

Cost: from $83 

Phone: 0203 290 3160 












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