Best Resume Writing Services in Washington DC

The whole group of Washington DC along with its DMV companions have a lot happening there. They are modern metropolitan cities along with buzzing jobs and career opportunities. DMV stands for DC, Maryland, and Virginia. In such a job market, you cannot get through without a strong resume. To help you through this professionally, there are several resume writing services in Washington DC and around. They design resumes in a way that proves your marketable worth in the best possible way. 

You can just go through the names now and then go into more details. The Top 10 agencies are:

  • WorkPapa
  • Find My Profession
  • Blueprintgreen Coaching & Consulting
  • Your Next Jump
  • Jim Weinstein
  • Klaxos
  • DMV Resume Services
  • Your Edge for Success (YES)
  • GPS Professional Coaching
  • Liz Strom
  • J M Advisory Services
  • Erin Banda Coaching
  • Goose Creek Coaching and Consulting
  • Strategic Life Coaching
  • SCx consulting
  • The Career Strategy Group
  • Resume Writer by Nick
  • Career Services by Elle
  • Your Signature Resume
  • Resume Demand

Resume Writing Services in Washington DC

Here we have taken into consideration job seekers not only in proper Washington D.C. but also in the other DMV areas. Such areas include Arlington, Fairfax, Bethesda, Alexandria and more. Although finding a good Resume writer can be quite a job already, you will be more than happy to go through this list of the best service providers in the region. 


This is the best in the industry of resume writers. Have you applied for many jobs but feel that there is something missing? It is time now that you reach out to the people who can help you with the best solutions. WorkPapa has been in the industry for the past 15 years. They can help you with the best resumes for any industry that you need to apply for. They are mainly based online and therefore cover any region including the DMV region. 

Pros: They have skilled writers who will understand your needs and bring out the most amazing resumes. They can guarantee you an interview call within 30-days. They can also work to provide you with urgent resumes in need. They are also experts in designing cover letters. Apart from all these, they also provide personality counseling and other additional services. 

Cons: Some of the writers may not have access to all of the customized tools and you cannot choose your own font as well. Some of their tools are a little hard to use. 

Turnaround: 1-2 Days

Cost- $64-$100+

Phone: N/A

Find My Profession

They are one of the country’s top-quality resume service providers with headquarters in the US itself. They guarantee you a resume that will fetch you offers almost instantly. The best fact about Find My Profession is that they have personnel that is trained with information about almost all industries. So, if you approach them, they will not team you up with a random person. They make sure that your resume is being put together by someone who has a complete idea of your niche and can understand the position you are aiming for. 

Pros: They are arguably more reliable and cost-effective than its competitors in the market. They will assign a personal resume writer for you and you can also communicate with the person directly. They create a resume with a 60-day promise of fetching you an interview call. 

Cons: You need to know that you cannot easily meet the resume writer personally. It is because they are not exactly based in Washington D.C. Also, Find My Profession is more suitable for people looking for more senior positions. 

Turnaround: 2-5 days 

Cost: $395- $895 

Phone: (831) 888-0967.

Blueprintgreen Coaching & Consulting

This company works on a motto that aims at bringing out people from the unhealthy work environment and place them where they would love to work. How innovative and attractive is that? The motto itself is enough to make you reconsider this company’s profile and they are also quality resume writing service providers here. 

Pros: Chrissy Macken is known to be a woman of values and is in-charge of this organization. She is involved in several environmental and social improvement missions. Therefore, if you can relate to her, you will definitely choose personal value over monetary value. 

Cons: They give you more of a career coaching and not a direct-to-the-point resume. It is up to you as to what you want.

Turnaround: N/A

Pricing: N/A

Phone: (301) 244-8063.

Your Next Jump

They are a dynamic bunch of professionals who have staked a claim in the Washington DC market of resume writing. They are very clear about the fact that on an average an employer will not spend more than half a minute going through your resume. It, therefore, has to be so catchy and strong that the employer is either forced to spend more time on it or come across something impressive within half a minute. 

Pros: Your Next Jump offers you more than just resume creation by professionals. They will make it possible that you interact directly with your resume creator. Also, they provide career coaching, analysis and even train you to develop your online bio portals such as LinkedIn. 

Cons: If you consider at one go, they might seem a bit pricier than the rest of its competitors. However, if you take into consideration their full package of service, they will seem worth the price. 

Turnaround: N/A

Pricing: $750 for one package. 

Phone: N/A


Jim Weinstein

Jim Weinstein is a man of high education and experience which goes as high as 20+ years in the Harvard MBA section. He is a popular psychotherapist as well as a business executive. You cannot go wrong with such talent at all. Weinstein can be the best possible person if you are confused about your decision making. 

Pros: He will easily navigate within your thoughts to reach a conclusion. He will advise you with the best possible ideas on which career-path you should opt for. 

Cons: He is not the correct person if you are stuck on a flat rate resume writing service. Jim charges as per the number of sessions required to complete the whole career counseling. He will only design a resume after his last session with you. 

Turnaround: 2-3 sessions

Pricing: $400+ 

Phone: (202) 706-3788. 



This company is popular and that is the main positive part of it. They have amazing goodwill in the market and this makes them even more of a favorite with clients and customers. They have the skills to give competition to all other top-notch resume writing services in the DMV area. 

If you feel that your resume does not need to be overhyped, they are the best people to approach. They have a promising clientele who have got opportunities in the best organizations. 

Pro: They can make a very simple profile look sophisticated enough to fetch you an interview call. 

Con: A few of their offers are a little more expensive for some people. 

Turnaround:  1-3 days. 

Pricing: $399-$949. They have another low-budget package that costs around $150. This includes career consultation over the phone, a review of your resume as well as other career analyses. This package does not include resume writing. 

Phone: (703) 679-7719. 


DMV Resume Services

As the name suggests, DMV means D.C., Maryland, and Virginia and thus this agency offers services all around. The agency is owned and managed by Ms. Kim Love. Apart from owning the agency, she also writes the resumes. She has a good name in the market and is known to take great care of her customers individually. She has been in the business since 2008 and has become better with time. 

Pros: You will find very good reviews about Ms. Love on Facebook and other social websites. Besides, she even offers her customers a rush service in case of urgency. In that case, the turnaround time is about 4 hours. None of the other agencies can get back to you within such a small span of time.

Cons: The problem of DMV is that Ms. Kim Love is the only person who writes the resumes. In case she is not available on a particular day, you cannot expect to get your resume done in a hurry. 

Turnaround:  3-5 days

Pricing: $149- $1,219. For urgent resumes, the cost can be up to $1,000. 

Phone: (240) 441-9899.


Your Edge for Success (YES)

So many good reviews and their experience in the resume writing business, YES has secured a position in the list of the best agencies. They mainly operate in the metro-Washington region and are more than a decade old in this industry. Apart from writing resumes, they also offer interview coaching as well as the development of social profiles. 

Pros: The founder of this company is Katherine Metres Akhbar and she has been a renowned writer throughout. She has received a lot of recognition for her tips on resume writing. 

Cons: They do not have the trendiest website but their services are enough to speak for them.

Turnaround: 5 working days

Pricing: $299 for a traditional style resume and $499 for a modern style resume. 

Phone: (202) 740-3032. 


GPS Professional Coaching

If you are finally tired of facing continuous rejection, it is now time for you to assess where you are going wrong. GPS will help you understand the same and you can double-check this after you check out all the good reviews from previous clients. 

Cons: The problem with them is, however, the fact that you will have to contact them directly for any updates. Till then you will not know their charges nor will you know the exact turnaround time. 

Turnaround: N/A

Pricing: N/A

Phone: (571) 357-5771. 


Liz Strom

She is a local woman who has been highly acclaimed for her career services as well as her life services. This popularity has made her company even more favorable for all D.C. people. If you are only interested in getting a resume done, she has facilities for just that. 

Pros: You can also get a new cover letter and also attend one of her career or life counseling programs. 

Cons: She handles the whole process single-handedly so a pre-booking is always required. 

Turnaround:  3-5 days.

Pricing: $200-$400 for a resume kit and an additional $100 if you want an urgent delivery within 48 hours. 

Phone: (765) 400-1177.

J M Advisory Services

They are mainly based in Arlington, Virginia and is managed by Janet C. She has a total experience of more than 30 years as a Human Capital Manager in the Federal Services. She is an expert in giving you the correct career advice, especially about Federal Services. She will give your personal counseling and then write a new resume for you. She is the one who does all the writing and there is no one else. She will have sessions with you and finally give you her feedback as to where you should apply and how.

Pro: She works alone and therefore offers customized services to her clients. She also has discount options for military and police officers. Her career counseling session is FREE of cost.

Con: She works all by herself so get your booking as soon as you can. Also, there is no specific turnaround time as she will progress with your resume once she is done with her sessions.

Turnaround: N/A

Pricing: $299 approx. for a customized resume and lesser in general.

Phone: (703) 999- 6692

Erin Banda Coaching

This is not a typical Resume writing agency. Here Erin gives your life and career counseling. She is trained in lifestyle coaching and personal development and she runs an institution for professionals especially. She, and her brand, in association with Moksha Living, offers professional personal and life counseling to people in a 2-month long session. You can learn a lot about life and find a new path after attending a complete session from her.

Pro: She is an expert in what she does and there are almost no dissatisfied clients. You can read reviews on social sites to double-check your decision.

Con: She will not write a resume for you. This is not a Resume Writing Agency

Turnaround: A session lasts for 2 months

Pricing: $175-$400 for a month

Phone: (603) 988- 8740

Goose Creek Coaching and Consulting

This company was established in 2010 by Jayson Blair who was diagnosed with Bipolar disease later. He successful runs this agency that offers mental, psychological and moral help to clients apart from career counseling and resumes writing services. You can come here and let go of everything in front of the experts here. There is no one to judge you here and they will listen to all that you have to say. They will come to a conclusion once they have heard all your problems and design a course as per their assessment.

Pro: You can reach out to them for a lot more than just resume writing and career development sessions. They offer expert sessions for people who are differently-abled or diagnosed with mental disorders. The resume writers here are academically qualified in this subject and will help you when you are confused about which career to choose.

Cons: They have quite a few formalities that you have to go through and also a few sessions that you have to attend. They will charge you according to your requirements. If you are looking for a flat rate, this is not the place for you.

Turnaround: N/A

Pricing: Depends on your requirement and their assessment

Phone: (703) 574-6271

Strategic Life Coaching

Another unconventional Resume writing Agency, they focus more on your overall development. It was established in 2013 by Stephane Allinquant who is an expert strategic life coach. He gathered all his experiences from his own life and founded this agency to help others lead a normal and happy life. He helps his clients find the right direction when they are confused. Apart from this, he also has experts in the Resume writing field. They focus on your qualities and achievement in life and will design a resume that will draw maximum attention.

Pros: Being life coaches, they can read your wants in a perfect manner. They will listen to your wants and requirements and then design and write resumes just for you.

Cons: They focus more on personal development so if you want an outright resume writing agency, you can go through some other options too.

Turnaround: N/A

Pricing: N/A

Phone: (703) 239-3509

SCx Consulting

Established in 2018, this company has made a place for itself in such a short time. They are very efficient in what they do and can guaranty your business calls in a short time span. They provide career development and career counseling services along with Resume and Cover letter designing. First, you will have a 15- a minute interactive session with an expert in which you will be informed about the various services they provide. Next, you will have to fill up a questionnaire and then you will be redirected for further steps.

Pro: Shenett S., the principal owner of this agency, handles clients personally. She is known to be extremely honest with her feedback and so you know exactly what you should opt for. Moreover, this agency also offers you LinkedIn development services. So, the complete package consists of a resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn development services.

Cons: They will have to be approached over the phone or skype initially. You will then be directed to the rest of the course. You will not know any definite package that they offer you otherwise.

Turnaround: N/A

Pricing: N/A

Phone: (240) 801 5967

The Career Strategy Group

This agency was set up in 2006 and now is managed by the CEO, Laura M. Leibovich. They help people find suitable jobs even when the market situations are not very good. They are expert career counselors who also help in resume designing as well as offer placement solutions. They have several happy and satisfied clients over the years and you are sure to be content with their services too. If you are sick and tired of posting your resume in portals for several days, it is time you get some help from the Career Strategy Group.

Pros: They have a guaranteed success rate. They have a 100% success rate when it comes to providing placement solutions.

Cons: You have to keep your follow-up constant till the time your problems are resolved. Keep on contacting them over the phone or in person.

Turnaround: N/A

Pricing: N/A

Phone: (703) 942-9390

Resume Writer by Nick

This agency was established in 2016 and mainly based out in Alexandria, VA. Nick had started this agency post his popularity. He was just helping his friend work on their resumes when they were all out of jobs during the recession. He was a communication student and was soon applauded for his knack at this. He started getting more opportunities and finally started this agency. Here he provides the best resume writing solutions customized according to your requirements.

Pros: Nick is a friendly guy and it is comfortable working with him.

Cons: He writes and modifies resumes all by himself so getting an appointment can be difficult at times.

Turnaround: N/A

Pricing: N/A

Phone: (516) 321-0096

Career Services by Elle

They have been in the industry for several years now and are experts in career counseling and resume writing services. They provide Resume writing services in respect of about 100 industries. They focus on your marketability and design your bio in a way that employers find you eligible and contact you soon. They have many happy customers and this agency has become a common choice of people in the DMV region.

Pros: They also provide career counseling solutions and all this over the internet which makes it easier for people to contact them.

Cons: N/A

Turnaround- 1-3days

Pricing: $225-$400

Phone: (267) 521 1551

Your Signature Resume

They are in the business for the past 15 years and have several achievements and awards under their name. Your Signature Resume is mainly based in Naperville, IL. They are known to be one of the best Resume Writing agencies in the nation and guarantee you interviews within the shortest span of time. They work on expert resume writing, personal consultation sessions, and placement solutions.

Pros: They have expert writers who will first listen to your requirements and then customize your resume in the required way.

Cons: They do not offer additional services and social business platform developments.

Turnaround: 3-5 days

Pricing: N/A

Phone: (630) 470-9663

Resume Demand

Resume Demand was started 7 years back and they are not based in the DMV region. However, this has not restricted them from being popular all around the nation. The reason for this is that they are a web-based company and can successfully offer business to anyone and anywhere. They have expert resume writers who can communicate personally with you and write your bio according to your requirements. They have some very good reviews about them on social sites that can convince you even more.

Pros: They have easy and affordable hourly rates to suit your requirements.

Cons: You cannot meet the person writing to you personally. You have to constantly keep track of your order over the phone or the internet.

Turnaround: N/A

Pricing: N/A

Phone: (313) 583- 9848

This is a compact list of 20 best lot of Resume writing services in Washington DC and the greater DMV area. You can, however, check out other services and then compare. That will make it easier for you to come to a conclusion. All of these offer you great services not only in respect of resume writing. They offer additional services such as career development, personal counseling, life coaching and much more. Now you can breathe and relax and consult with one of them for help regarding your life and career.


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