When it's time to search for a new job, begins a whole new situation in the life of yours, and your siblings. Every new interview is harder, every hope is smaller. And time goes by... So your motivation to create a really hard effort needed for this process who starts with writing a perfect resume fells and you take a risk of being stuck in an endless circle who's being often in modern days.   

And just these modern days have a solution for that, that we present in this article – best resume writing services in your state!   


Developed business across the US was given just that what is a need for stressful and preoccupied workers unprepared for all the steps they must pass away over and over again. When this problem comes to reality, isn't be a perfect solution to letting all to a pure professional who's solved the puzzle called writing resume for an interview guaranteed a thousand time over.   

This time we presenting you one more good list of companies worthen trust, knowledge and success rate necessary to be peaceful when comes to finding a proper business position for you.  


All you need to have in Illinois is patience, intelligence, and adjustment. Things such as motivation will always be there and all you should remain positive in thought even if you'll doesn’t have expected success in a first. Remember, a job in the US is always there and they just waited to find a proper worker. With good resumes chances that will be you is dramatically raised. 


And from the most important is – do not fall in the depression when first, second or third time isn't the right time. Being light spirit and motivated gives you an opportunity to not give up whatever is against you and brings productivity and creativity to the highest possible level, which means your resume will be a best possible business biography. With that filled, resume writing services will give you the much easier, better and faster-finished project, which make you a highly satisfied. Remember, being positive is key!   


After the brief presentation of companies, you should and need to write down more details necessary to find an ideal service for your needs. Let's begin: 


  • Workpapa 
  • Competetive Edge Resume 
  • Resumedics 
  • A Better Resume Service 
  • Employment Boost 
  • Acclaimed Resumes 
  • AAA Targeted 
  • Resume Strategy 
  • Resume Target 
  • Write Resume Services 






We think that is being honest the main task of building trust in companies. And if we said that we have fully checked quality in some company, that provide 20 years experienced services at many levels, you should really consider and for the end, check yourself that statement.  


For a, we must say, the honorable price you'll expect a set of professional skills necessary for present-day challenges, such as drawing attention with your resume In a bunch of hundreds more with creativity, professionality, and fine setting and writing experience. When it takes only 30 seconds or less to check a one, in the end, there is a no other solution than searching help from companies like Workpapa, who provides a 24 hours support and 24-48 hours turnaround for your personal business masterpiece. We said personal for a reason because what they write isn't independently from your wishes, thoughts, and guidance.   

Of course, there is an option of rewrite your resume and specialized Career Chance Evolution service provided from experts in charge of completely change, design and prepare your new business personality which will fit well in new opportunities opened for you.   


Pros: Simplicity of steps to contact and get feedback with finished work is fascinating, just as good video reviews seeable on a homepage of the website.  

Cons: Mostly online communication might not be suite for someone face-to-face liked person, even if that don’t have an influence in quality and fast end of the resume. 

Turnaround: 24-48 hours 

Cost: from $50 

Phone: not stated 





One man, graduate in the largest city of Illinois, Chicago, guided by knowledge and a patriotic feeling goes to the army and after six years with a rank of Staff Sergeant, begins with a successful, 20 years long career in logistics. Sounds strange, maybe unreal, but that is a story behind the founder of this company, who with great reviews seeable on a homepage provide resume services.    

With all possible questions, desires, and request of yours, together you passing the steps to the writing a best suitable resume for your skills, education, experience, business expectations and etc.  

Pros: With a bunch of other options and useful tools such as “LinkedIn Profile Development”, “Cover Letters” or “Federal Format Resume” you’ve almost surely cannot resist to not choose some of them as an extra improvement on your job searching mission.  

Cons: A quite old-fashioned website might be a negative sign for some clients, such as that you are not a big company or you're not taking a step with the modern technology advantages, etc. 

Turnaround: not stated 

Cost: $80 

Phone: (630) 229-5955 





A fresh start is what you'll deliver in your life with this kind of employment that left you completely relaxed with quality of resume, and drastic chances for an interview. But Resumedics not letting you too long in that position, and deliver even more – 24 hours turnaround in person! In their hands, Kevin Kokinda will bring you your dreams much closer whenever you want in Illinois. With that solution you as fastest as possible you will be informed about every inch and important note needed for a bright future with a professionally written resume.   

Pros: Discounts for some groups such as military, seniors, fantastic turnaround time with resume personal in your hands for a day, that’s enough to say just one simply – bravo for the creator of this project.  

Cons: Fewer reviews might indicate to not many clients that this company provided, which isn't needed to by a problem for a small company with good results. But people talk, and they might rethink their cooperation with Resumedics when they do not see more, real and satisfied testimonials.   

Turnaround: 24 hours 

Cost: $125 - $350 

Phone: (309) 453-5261 





The physical location of the company is important, even in technology era when all gently goes virtual, this giving confidence, a bit of trust and in a whole different view, when is the order to decide what is your ideal resume co-worker.  

With a full of ninth places across Illinois (plus one in Indiana), you will be surely amazed by this offer we're showing to you.   

A Better Resume Service speaks about just three steps needed for your complete and perfect resume. They prefer a personal meeting between client and writer so they can after relax conversation make an best deal of how resume supposed to look. After your suggestions and notes and merging ideas with a writer, you'll soon get back with work done. 

Pros: Discount of $25 for the scheduling online is very pleasing to hear if the price of services is one of the biggest concerns of yours. Symbolically is a 25 is a number of years (not a small number!) in this business for this company.   

Cons: You select office, time, you have all guarantee that job will be done, but someone simply just doesn’t have time for that and prefer a quick and easy online solution. 

Turnaround: not stated 

Cost: From $75 

Phone: 1-800-730-3244 





Professional – as word and website design is what first of what we notice when going in. Seems quite right based on 15 years of experience, but what experience! List of associates speaks for itself. They provide a fast and free resume review and, in their moto, fastest is better, so you can expect in either way of service a brief, clear and quick solutions.   

One of the best professionals working for one of the top company makes satisfied even the most requestable clients, and fully modern approach guarantee taking all the best in technology to provide your expectations.   

Pros: Beautifully designed website speaks for effort and professionality level seeing on the first sight. Their base is global with an office across all the US, from Chicago to NY.   

Cons: They are an expensive one, but if the services are worthy it might be a deciding fact to choosing another one service company.   

Turnaround: a week (RUSH service available) 

Cost: From $199 

Phone:  888-468-6495 






Once again we have all-round business here, where you can find all you need for your perfect resume, and also your perfect resume! List of companies successfully taken their clients makes a fantastic review for itself and we quick can see why – from the entry to the highest level, they are the finest packages fitting all your requirements. And it all works by high experts. With interview coaching option you surely can be fully prepared to do all that are expecting for you. When they job is on the line, worries is none.   

Pros: A line of red cards on the bottom of the homepage will be one of the best things you'll read this day, maybe more! Even you do not choose this company for cooperation, they are provided a set of remarkable articles that can solve most of your dilemmas, problems or misunderstandings. One great reason to choose them in the end.   

Cons: Website looks like a personification of “creative chaos” and they are some who don’t like that. Even with the best effort, we just cannot find some important information, and in all others, it's bad either if they are “hide” or simply doesn’t shown on the website. 

Turnaround: not stated 

Cost: not stated 

Phone: 847-260-7851 





When one company is completely dedicated to every client individually, that means that the company admires them, and have trust in own services. And just that, trust is one of the most important things to choose a proper resume company.   

Building a trusting base of clients with reliable services and great professionals is what's make a truly successful company. When you enter on the website you’ve seen most of the resume-common services you would imagine, and all are there, just for you, individually. Even the well-written information with must-read set of advice for all new job seekers.   

Pros: A great added services such as free consultation and interview preparation can really make a client full-ready which AAA Targeted makes a much more than a just resume writing services company successfully active over 15 years.   

Cons: A lack of website options for the proper resume instructions brings the client to the phone call option, which might be a problem when client need a simple, quick and effective service which a lot of conversation is surely isn't. 

Turnaround: 5-7 business days. 

Cost: $160 - $320 

Phone: (773) 907-8660 




The first impression is critical, and they can't be right more. Finding a perfect way to draw attention and get noticed is often a crucial fact for the resume checkers. Resume Strategy fast showed to clients that are they understanding the needs of modern time – which is the strategy, to create a sample, own, original and successful product. With all that we can believe in sooner hiring promise from the homepage, and we advise to try their services.   

Pros: A much more services added to resume writing such as Coaching in many directions and a fine way to free review your own resume work. You can also see detailed information and biography of Sheldon Helfgot, a Resume Strategy founder and his innovative look on this kind of company, which might be of the real help to the understanding of they services. 

Cons: A pretty poor look of the website, which lacks cost and turnaround info. 

Turnaround: not stated 

Cost: not stated 

Phone: 847-253-5333 




With they you are sure that they have resources to devote your work in full – with over 18.000 recruiters Resume Target is the largest private network on that kind across North America. If that is not enough to make you decide, there is a strategic job search plan, so one more headache can be solved with the help of granted professionals. In the office, or chat with an expert, entry or executive... there are all options and to you is to decide which path you’ve wanted to go.   

Pros: Lovable approach to the clients, style of the website in generally speaks about really great and experienced company, and we must mention an excellent number of services you’ve received in a basic package for a fine price.   

Cons: Not so many, but in compare with a bunch of other companies who offers 30, a 90 days interview guarantee might be a minus from the clients. 

Turnaround: 3 business days 

Cost: from $199 

Phone: 312-579-0632 




It sounds relief when you heard that someone devoted his life to services you actually need. And when you know that someone has a Master’s degree in English, is a long-time writer and loves his job, which is providing any kind of writing services, that is much, much better. Simple, professional and made with serious knowledge and experience is just everything you need when comes to writing a resume.  

Pros: Excellent long-term cooperation possibility is inevitable if you decide to search for help from that option. In the future you will always remember and just cannot forget the team that provides that number of great services and you'll for sure contact them again. 

Cons: Many things are passed to be mentioned on the website, such as maybe most important details of time needed to work be done and price needs to be paid for that service. 

Turnaround: Not stated. 

Cost: Not stated. 

Phone: (847) 806-6619 




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