Miami, Florida is famous for many reasons, its beautiful beaches being one of them. But, it is one fact that Florida has some excellent job opportunities as well. Yet, most people fail to get one perfect job because of a not-so-perfect resume. Well, you do not have to worry about it anymore. We have found a treasure for you.

Miami has some really great resume writing service providers. So, if you are having difficulties with your resume and job-search, all these service providers can help you big time. 

However, if you live anywhere near Miami, you must read along further. 

We are aware that life isn't all about beaches and beauty in Miami. One does a lot of hard work to earn a quality living. But, there are still individuals who miss out on great opportunities because of little negligence. Unfortunately, people tend to ignore the effect of a resume. But, you must know that it is something that can make or break your image in front of the employer. A 30 second look on your resume can either get you the best or leave you wherever you are. 

If you have been stuck with a resume that is getting you nowhere. Well, worry no more, this list over here is for all you Miami people. All these service providers are a part of some great stories. So, you can entirely rely on them, and they are all very affordable. 

But before going further, we must know what care the characteristics of a good resume. 

Characteristics of a good resume?

We won't waste your time explaining why resume plays an important role in your career. Most of us already know about it. So, without adding anything extra, we will cut to chase what is essential. Below listed are all the points that you must know before creating a resume. These are:


You cannot get the finest opportunities with an average looking resume. Average looking resume will only take you to ordinary jobs, and we are most confident that you don't want that. So, to get into an exceptional opportunity, you must have a professional-looking resume. 

If you are getting your resume written by a professional writer, then, you probably do not have to worry about it. However, you still need to be cautious because not everybody who claims to be a professional is a professional.


Employers have a lot in their hand, so they just give a glance to your resume. So, they only wish to brief information. Thus, you must try to keep your resume as brief as possible. Short paragraphs and more usage of pointers can help you in getting the right opportunities. 

A professional writer generally makes everything briefly detailed. So, this is one of the reasons why your chances of getting a job increase with professional writers. 


Adding a summary of yourself will also help the employer to know more about you. Since the employer cannot meet you in person, he will most likely form an image of you through your summary. So, you do not just put any summary. You must write a summary that defines you as a person.

This is all the information you need to create a good resume. However, there is more to this list, but these are the most important ones. Most resume writers are aware of all these points. So, if you are not sure of your expertise with words, consider hiring a professional writer. 

Now, let us gain back our focus on resume writing services in Miami. We have researched thoroughly to make sure you are only reaching the best. Here is the list of all the resume writing companies you can consider for future purposes. These are:

Here is a list of all the exceptional resume builder:

  1. WorkPapa
  2. Resume Writing Group
  3. Resume Academy
  4. InterviewMe Too 
  5. Higher You
  6. Get A Job Resume
  7. LilyPad Resume
  8. Resume Karma 
  9. Write the Resume

You can visit any of these websites and get the perfect resume written for yourself. But, have a detailed look at all these resume builder to take a wise decision.


No matter what your location is or what is your educational qualification. Workpapa is always there to help you. We are a global company and undoubtedly one of the best in business. 

What makes us stand out is our highly professional writers. We have writers from different areas of the world. Thus, our writers are well versed with your market trends. Not only they are exceptionally skilled, but all of them are dedicated individuals. Our writers are earnest about their jobs, as a result of which you get a resume that gets you a job. 

Our mission is to provide every job seeking individual a fantastic experience; with us and with their job search. 

PROS: We believe in giving you the best possible service. Also, our motto is to help you and not to burn your pockets. So, all the services listed on our website will be affordable for all working and non-working professionals. Apart from affordability, unlike our fellow service providers, we give you unlimited revisions. So, don't worry, if you do not feel satisfied even after two revisions, we won't charge you anything for a couple more.

CONS: It really breaks our heart to state that we are not physically located in Miami. So, we will never be able to establish a face-to-face conversation with you. However, we will make sure that your resume does not have to face any adversity because of our location. We will assign you writers that reside near your location only. So, in this way, you will have a resume that is closely related to market trends.

PRICE AND TURNAROUND TIME: A basic resume writing service will cost you $68. Nevertheless, your resume gets ready with 48 hours. So, you can reach us even if you are running short on time. 


Resume Writing Group has its origin in a small city in Florida. In no time the company was able to make a right name for itself. So, if you live anywhere near Clermont, Resume Writing Group is more like a jackpot for you. What makes this company different is, if you do not get a job within 45 days, they are ready to return all your money. Great work calls for a long time, and Resume Writing Group takes about three days to complete a resume. 

PROS: Resume Writing Group has written an enormous amount of resumes in the past. This is one of the reasons why it stands out from all the other companies on the list. Perhaps, you can take full advantage of this experience, and get the perfect resume for yourself. 

CONS: Provided that the company has an amazingly fast service. But, the most you can expect is a two or three day delivery. This is a little heartbreaking. So, if you are falling short on time, look for other options on the list. 

PRICE AND TURNAROUND TIME: It takes up to 3-5 days for the company to complete your task. Besides, you can choose from different packages starting from $89 to $199. Higher the value, the premium is the service. 


Founder Jessica worked for six years in a resume writing company. So, only after being an expert, she decided to come up with her own company. Now, she helps get the perfect resume and also teach you different ways to excel in an interview. Not many companies provide such services. But, to get the most excellent service, you will have to pay a hefty amount. 

PROS: People do love the speed of the service. For people who are always late and do things at the last moment, Resume Academy is the right destination. You can certainly expect a resume as fast as 6 hours. 

CONS: Its price has been an issue for most of the clients. However, nobody can constraint from giving extra bucks for the quality of service the company renders. 

PRICE AND TURNAROUND TIME: Price starts at $99 and further goes up to $350. By ordering the fastest service, you can expect an article in 24 hours. 


InterviewMe Too is one of the excellent resume builder we came across. The internet is flooded with great feedback. So, if you reside in Florida and want to get your resume written, you may keep this into consideration apart from WorkPapa. However, services here can undoubtedly burn your pockets to a terrific extent. Your expenses might go up to $500 to $1000, which is a lot of money. Even though the services are quick, making such huge investments can be difficult for freshers.


If you feel that your resume just needs a bit of correction, well Higher You is the best place for you. People have showered the company with 5-star comments all through google. So, doubting the quality of content is not really an option here. The only fall back here is, Higher You do not give you the benefit of phone interviews. This can certainly be a cause of concerns to many clients. So, if you are looking for a phone call interview as a part of your service. You may consider other options on this list. Undoubtedly, it is one of the best resume writing service available in Miami. 

Job hunting is a tough task, and Higher You understands it really well. It is well aware of all the feelings you must be going through these days. Not just the emotions, they know how hard it is to create a resume and cover letter. However, the company is very much ready to take the burden off from your shoulders. With great expertise and skills, they will help create the best resume. When everything is done with professional help like these, you might end up being hired by the best company in town. 

PROS: Higher You is considered one of the best for various reasons, quality being one of them. Another reason is the great range of services. No matter what you are looking for, you can get it all at Higher You. From Cover Letters to Digital profiling, they provide it all at for a decent prize. 

CONS: Higher you provide services for students as well. But, the price range of the services can be a cause of concern for most students. The basic service costs $99, whereas if you go for a premium service, it costs $250. Undoubtedly, the services are quite expensive.

PRICE AND TURNAROUND TIME: We are not sure about the turnaround time. But, the website definitely listed the services and their prices. The services starts at $99, and premium services goes up to $550. However, every investment made here is worth it. So, if you have the resources, think no more. But, this is out of your budget, you can look for other options on the list. 


The company completely justifies its name. So, if you are tired of your job hunt, don't give up without trying, Get A Job Resume. Get A Job Resume has been in this business for quite some time and holds good knowledge about the industry. Also, writers working at Get A Job Resume are certified, resume writers. So, you must have an idea by now about the quality of content you will get. 

With loads of great reviews, the company is bound to give you an experience you have never had before. Apart from being exceedingly skilled, all these writers are very professional. You will not feel overwhelming while associating with the writers. 

PROS: You must be wondering that the cost of the services would not be anything close to your budget. However, we are delighted to state that the services will fall into every kind of budget. This is one really affordable options on the list. So, if you have a tight budget, Get A Job Resume is a right place for you.

CONS: We found out that the website charges you a certain amount for showing results of top job search site. In contrast, all this information is available for free on other websites. So, this seemed like a drawback to us. 

PRICE AND TURNAROUND TIME: Generally, it takes only a couple of days for the first draft. However, the company gives a tentative time of 5 days, which is pretty long as compared to other companies. Apart from that, you can enjoy most of the services at around $80. 


It is started by an individual who holds a great experience of drafting cover letters and resumes. Chris Savoie has never stayed at home without a job for more than 30 days. So, this clearly explains his capability of delivering quality content. He truly feels that all of his experience has come from writing his resume and cover letter. But, you do not want to pull this stunt, until and unless you are confident about your writing skills. 

LilyPad is more like a one-person army, Chris handles most of the tasks. So, you do get a resume that is created just for you. 

PROS: Since, Chris is the only person behind the company, all your queries are answered quickly. Most of your questions are answered within 24 hours. Keeping everything aside, Chris ensures that you get double job offers with your edited and more professional resume. He provides you 60-day guarantee as well.

CONS: One of the things that might bother anyone is, Chris only take up one work every day. So, this can certainly be a matter of your luck. If you are not the first person to get in touch with him, you might have to wait for the next day. Other than that, the turnaround time is pretty long too. 

PRICE AND TURNAROUND TIME: LilyPad Resume undoubtedly has a very long turnaround time. It takes around seven days for the first draft to reach you. Also, it is a bit pricey too, like you will have to pay $160 or more to avail the services. 


This is yet another amazing Miami based organization. It has made to the list for obvious reasons. However, it is not merely a resume writing service provider. You may certainly expect a lot of other excellent services from the company. 

You can guess it by the name that they are counselors as well. So, if you feel pivoted about your career, you can get in touch with them. They have been helping people all across Miami with their psychotherapy. 

PROS: There is no better place than Miami Career Counseling for getting career related advice. All these people are professionals and highly skilled, doubting their knowledge would be a big crime. 

CONS: let's just say that the website lacks useful information. We tried to find the price and turnaround find on the site. But, everything we tried was a big fail.

PRICE AND TURNAROUND TIME: Not mentioned by the founder. You will have to get in touch with the company to get detailed information. 


Resume Karma believes in the theory that, you only get opportunities when you create them. So, to help create an opportunity Resume Karma is willing to provide it's best service. They will help you create a resume that grabs your employer's attention right away. The motive behind it is to help you get the best salary in your field. Also, we did come across great feedbacks from all the past clients. So, you can trust the company in terms of reliability.

PROS: They are versatile in their job. Resume Karma does not write for only a particular industry; you can expect resumes on all industry. They have prior experience in every kind of niche.

CONS: undoubtedly, there is too much information available over the website. As a result, you might end up really confused. Apart from this, the services are a bit costly too. 

PRICE AND TURNAROUND TIME: Even though the website is flooding with information, it fails to provide information about the turnaround time. However, you need to pay at least $199 to enjoy resume writing services. This price goes up if you choose a premium plan of resume writing. So, you must select a plan that suits your budget. 


Write The Resume is a Miami raised resume making organization. If you're planning to work one-on-one with a resume writer in the Miami zone, Write The Resume can outfit you with that tweaked organization. They are stirring up a reputation and steadily gathering customer reviews, so you'd reinforce a business from the earliest starting point.

PROS: Not many people are familiar with the name, but it is very affordable. Also, you must know that the quality of services provided at such nominal prices matches the quality of top-notch service providers. So, this is undoubtedly the best budget-friendly option available in Miami at present. 

CONS: There was not much information over the web, so, we could not find anything significant against the company. 

PRICE AND TURNAROUND TIME: Your first draft will reach you in 4-5 days. Besides, the cost of the service would be somewhere around $199.

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