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Irrespective of how knowledgeable you are in a particular field, without the right resume, you can remain a job hunter for years. Crafting a unique resume is never an easy job, the steps and intricacies involved can leave you hanging even on occasions when your level of expertise surpasses the requirement of the applied field. 

With 100 of resume writing services available, finding the right experts for the job can get very tiring, our list comprises of the top resume writing agencies within the Minneapolis area with full descriptions of the services offered, Pros, Cons and the prices attached. If you are within the Minneapolis area and the right resume expert is what you desire, then you wouldn’t want to miss out on the information contained in this article.


Workpapa takes the top spot in our list due to the remarkable writing service they provide. Unlike most other writing agencies, Workpapa ensures that every client is provided with the desired resume within 48 hours after payment is processed. Numerous writers are available at the resume writing agency ensuring that the technicality and quality involved in the desired resume wouldn’t be a problem. Unlimited revision is also offered to clients with 30 days interview guarantee. Workpapa has been in the business for over 15 years, their customers base, level of expertise, customer reviews and the samples attached to their site has provided them with the top spot in our list.


Provides unlimited revisions

Samples are available on their site for clients to review 

Pricing starts at $50 

Fast turnaround time 


No brick and mortar office in the state

The Contingent Plan

A contingency plan would certainly be needed if you plan to land the desired job in Minneapolis. The contingent plan resume writing service has a lot of 5-star rating to its name, its ability to craft job-winning resumes have provided it with the second spot on our list. The resume writing service does not only provide its users with a portfolio but also provides coaching guide to ensure that every client that makes use of their service would be able to stand the tension attributed to an interview. Job hunters are also provided with numerous opportunities to explore. 


Provides exceptional resumes 

Provides Career coaching service  

 Turnaround time of 2-5 business days 

Pricing starts at $100


Offers too many services due to their extensive offerings for employees and employers 

No brick and mortar office in the state


Celebrities have publicists; novels have authors…” and successful job seekers have professional resume writers. Operating with a motto as mind catching as these, certainly, you wouldn’t have a hard time comprehending the Rez-Builder exceptionality in the field. The resume writing firm provides its clients with numerous professionals ready to craft a remarkable resume at all times. The Owner Pete Lavelle is a military veteran skilled in the act of making you look your best at the sight of any interviewer. 


Turnaround time is stated on their site {7 days} 

They have a Minneapolis based office 


Prices are not stated

Turnaround time is quite long 

Career Management Resume Services

Like most other resume writing service available in the state, the Career Management Resume Services operates based on quality and remarkability. The writing firm is not solely based in the Minneapolis area so you wouldn’t be able to enjoy a face to face interview section but the online presence and efficient customer support they provide would enable you to get your resume in the fastest and smoothest way possible. Career Management Resume Services has been operating in the US for over 45 years, possessing lots of positive reviews on numerous sites, while their turnaround time might not be stated on their site, their reliability isn't one that can be questioned.


Remarkable writing service 

Free revision and evaluation is offered


Pricing is not stated

Turnaround time is not stated

Hired Resume Service

Geared based on providing every client with the remarkability required, the writing firm provides a lot of resume writers with real-time interaction throughout every step of your resume creation. The agency built its reputation on the basis that it understands the technicality required to make modern-day resumes provide the desired result. Professionals in almost every field are offered the opportunity of exploring its services due to the affordability attached although the turnaround time is a bit disappointing.  


Skilled in providing exceptional resumes 

Pricing starts at $149

Turnaround time is stated on their site 


The 10 days turnaround time attached to their service is quite disappointing 

Savant Coaching

While the desired goal is to land the perfect resume in good time, Savant coaching would provide you with room to explore lots of other opportunities at the same time. The resume writing and coaching firm also provide its clients with therapeutic, academic, and career coaching helping them attain as much credibility as possible in the job market. The agency provides clients with lots of writers ensuring that every job is finalised in good time, although their turnaround time is quite long when compared with lots of other writing services in Minneapolis but the quality attached to their resume services is definitely worth the wait.


Career coaching, academic and therapeutic services are also offered  

Pricing starts at $160

Turnaround time of 7 business days  


Does not possess the best of rating on Yelp

Beard Avenue

Beard Avenue is an agency fully focused on career coaching. Individuals who are looking for an instant resume service might not fancy the services rendered by this firm due to their lack of an instant resume package. Before you can obtain access to their resume service, you would have to enrol for the coaching career geared to provide you with a better footing in the job market. The Beard Avenue possesses a tremendous amount of 5-star rating on numerous review site making it obvious that its remarkability isn’t one that can be easily undermined.


Provides career coaching service

Possesses lots of 5-star reviews


Turnaround time is not stated on their site

Pricing is not stated

Does not offer a one time/instant resume service

ABS Associated Business Services

Getting the best resume writing firm when on the quest to land a mind-blowing job in Minneapolis can be as hard as searching for a needle in a haystack, while ABS Associated Business Service does not stand without its flaws, the writing service they provide isn't one that you would like to overlook when quality of the essence. Military, government job resumes, Legal Document Preparation, Data support, administrative support and lots of other technical resumes are provided at the writing agency with numerous writers available to ensure that the resume is delivered in good time. 


Upcharge service can be paid for resumes needed within 24 hours 

Excellent resume writing service 

Lots of experts are available to attend to your every need


Pricing is not stated on their site

 A Plus Resumes

A Plus Resumes is a Maplewood based resume writing service. founded by Maria Deshler the writing firm has served the state for over 15 years. Deshler’s expertise is rated among the best in the city with numerous job hunters attesting to the uniqueness attributed to the resume writing service they offer. The A Plus Resume offers a 30-days satisfaction guarantee providing its clients with a rewrite in situations where the job-done does not meet the client’s requirement. 


Provides clients with a free rewriting option

30 days satisfaction guarantee

Quick turnaround time of 3 days 

Pricing starts at $150


Website is not as sophisticated as that of most of their competitors 

Prototype Career Service

Prototype Career Service is a career coaching firm based in Minneapolis. Due to their specialization in career coaching, clients are not readily provided with the opportunity of grabbing a resume from the firm at any time, before the resume writing service is proffered, you must have experienced the career coaching service available to ensure that the job market wouldn’t leave you hanging even with the right resume is at hand. Prototype Career Service has established a reputable name in Minneapolis due to the huge number of career training opportunities they provide but the turnaround time attached to their service can get frustrating at times.


Offers career coaching service 

Pricing is duly stated on their site {$375-$645}

Offers job search workshops and business start-up training

Turnaround time of 7 to 10 business days 


Long turnaround time 

Quite expensive for fresh graduates and job hunters 

Find My Profession

Find My Profession is a global resume writing service offering lots of individuals in the US and abroad with the opportunity of exploring the Job market with high hopes that the stand out service they possess would be acknowledged. Lots of writers are available at the Find my Profession writing agency enabling you to get the desired quality in good time. The writing agency offers its clients a 60 days interview guarantee while offering an affordable service to its users. Unlike most other resume writing service available in Minneapolis, Find My Profession offers every client a unique professional writer ensuring that the desired expertise is provided.


Offers personalised writer to each client 

Fast turnaround time of 3 to 5 business days 


Quite expensive for fresh graduates {$395-$895}

I.A.M. Resumes

I.A.M. Resumes is a Minneapolis resume writing firm whose reputation has skyrocketed in the state within their past 14 years in business due to the remarkable research strategy attached to the services they offer. Every resume crafted is focused on numerous specifications meant to provide the client with the desired marketing strategy. The right career move may require you to take immediate action but if your Employment Toolkit is in disarray, you will not be prepared to meet the competitive challenges ahead, I.A.M. Resumes is geared towards helping its clients overcome the competitive challenges ahead. 


Puts every marketing measure into consideration before crafting any resume 

Possesses a lot of A+ ratings 


Pricing and turnaround time is not stated on their site 

Resume Writer USA

Resume Writer USA provides resume writing service in almost every state in the US, with lots of positive reviews attached to its name, the writing firm is among the few that would provide you with the desired quality in good time. Support is always available ensuring that every required information is processed in good time. Individuals on the quest to land a military or federal job in the Minneapolis area are provided with the opportunity of exploring the top-notch resume service they provide. A blog highlighting numerous tips that would help you land your dream job is also available on their site.


Lots of professionals at your beck and call

Top-rated resume service 

Pricing starts at $40-$395


No brick and mortar office is available in the state 

Simply Great Resumes

Who wouldn’t love the prospect of walking into an interview with a resume that is exceptionally great. The Simply Great Resume writing service is geared towards providing its clients with the opportunity of walking into any company rest assured that their resume would put them on the desired footing. The writing agency focuses on resume writing services for fields like accounting, finance, engineering, healthcare management, IT, general management, marketing, operations, and sales. While they are geared to provide exceptional resumes, the pricing attached to their services can be frustrating for job hunters and fresh graduates.


Provides resumes with exceptional quality 

Price is plainly stated on their website {$799-$999}

Turnaround time of 1 week


The price attached to their service is quite expensive.

Feather Communications (Eau Claire)

Unlike most other resume writing service in our list, the Feather Communications (Eau Claire) is a resume writing agency is owned by a freelance writer skilled in the act of crafting remarkable resumes and cover letters for job seekers in the Minneapolis area. The Colfax based resume service has a lot of 5-star reviews attached to its name, Dr Heather is the founder and only writer available in the agency, you would have to schedule an appointment on time if you would like to patronise the resume writing service she offers.


Has a lot of top ratings on different sites. 

Quality is guaranteed.


Pricing and turnaround time attached to her service is not stated, you might have to put a call through to get that information. 

Resume Specialist

Resume specialist is owned by Vicki Bacal a well-trained specialist in the cat of crafting unique resumes. Operating in Minneapolis for over 20 years, the writing firm has provided over 15,000 resumes to individuals leaving around the Minneapolis area. The Resume Specialist services include cover letter development resume preparation resume writing career coaching and interview tips. The A-rated resume writing service is recognised for its ability to highlights its client’s strengths and achievement by providing the desired marketability in every possible way. 


Provides an eye-catching resume that ignites every job search

Aids in job search guidance and direction discussion


Pricing is not stated on their site 

Turnaround time is not stated 


Focused on crafting keyword-based resumes. Resume 101 writing service is geared to help every individual highlight his/her strengths in the most eye-catching way possible. With lots of writers available in the writing firm, providing the needed overhaul in your resume wouldn’t be a problem. The Resume180 is focused on working with you whether on a face to face basis, phone or email ensuring that a job-winning resume that highlights your unique individual career story, focuses on your achievements, and stands out to recruiters and hiring managers across all industries is created. 


Possesses numerous experts in different fields 

Provides an A-rated resume service 


Pricing and turnaround time is not stated on their site.

Total Career Advancement

Total Career Advancement is one of the few resume writing services that speak the same language as its name. The writing firm operates on the basis of providing every individual with job-winning and career-advancing resumes. Based in New York, a lot of individuals nationwide make use of the service rendered due to the incredible amount of 5-star rating attached to their name. TCA is among the oldest resume writing firm in the country, a lot of individuals fancy its service due to the unlimited revisions and reliable form of payment attached.


Offers free revision

Possesses lots of experienced writers 

Pricing starts at $48 


Turnaround time is not stated

Class A Resume 

The level of expertise and knowledgeability that the Class A Resume service possesses is one that can hardly be reckoned with by any other writing service in Minneapolis. The writing agency has been in operation for over 30 years, with no visual office in the state, you would have to make do with the online service it provides. Lots of experts are available at the writing firm ensuring productivity in the shortest time possible. Making use of the Class A Resume writing service would provide you with experts in numerous fields, although the agencies website does not provide clients with the opportunity of exploring their writing samples but with the A+ ratings they have garnered over the years, their reliability isn’t that one that can be questioned without appropriate reasons.


Exceptional writing service

Possesses lots of experts in different fields 


Pricing and turnaround time is not stated 

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Client Reviews

I am very happy with my resume, I could not have written it better myself. Delighted with the excellent service from Workpapa. Both my resume and cover letter were brilliantly revamped! Great value for money and also very quick turnaround with the express service if you are in a rush. Service was excellent and on time.

Abigail Lewis

Logistics Manager

Absolutely exceptional service received from signup to delivery and follow up. Gratified with the quality of the service.
The job I got offered is a perfect match for my skills and qualifications which your services so professionally and eloquently made visible.

Sandra Rae


Amazing, I would recommend to anyone.
Work papa was efficient, friendly, highly helpful and very knowledgeable.
I am very satisfied with the output and recommend workpapa to anyone looking for a professional resume writing service.
Excellent attention and highly recommended

Michael Jones

Marketing Analyst

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