List of 10 of the Best Resume Writing Services in Nevada

A resume is the only professional documents in your life, which keeps evolving as long as you are not retired from your job. A resume as you all know is first medium for marketing yourself for any job that you are applying for. This resume creates the initial link between the job seeker and the Hiring Managers. 

If you go by the hiring industry standards, it takes a recruiter only 10-12 seconds to go through the screening process of any resume that enables the recruiter to get the candidate shortlisted for any job position. This is why you must always have your professional resume drafted by an expert. Have you ever given a though about how much time you spend discussing things at work? All day would long, would be the answer that is popping in your head. If you can invest so much time in just your work, Why not invest a little attention, time to create a resume that’s get you the dream job.

You are all aware about how fierce is the competition to get a job these days and failing to secure that one position just because of a bad resume is just not acceptable. All the individuals spend ample amount of time at what shall be content of the resume rather than how it should be framed. This is where the professional resume writers’ step-in. They create your resume keeping my about your strong suits, qualification and list of achievements, thus making your chance of getting shortlisted for a very probable. To be honest, it is quite difficult to select a good resume writing services in a place like Nevada where there are many. So, to make things simpler for you we have compiled a list of 10 of the best Nevada resume writing services. In this article we will talk about resume writing las vegas, a better way resume some providers that do resume builders and some of the cheap resume writing services for you the reader under the umbrella term nevada resume writing services.

Below is the list of the 10 Best resume writing services in Nevada:

  1. Workpapa

WorkPapa was founded in the year 2005 by Jonathan Hedvat. He decided to set the resume writing business in Nevada after going through a survey conducted by him with job seekers mentioning their problems of not getting shortlisted even after having the required skill set. He figured out that the problem was with their resume. The format, language and the manner in which the resume was drafted was not going hand in hand with the recruitment industry requirements of any company. He soon thought about having a pool of professional resume writers to overcome the recruitment woes. This is what led him to form A site which proved a game changer in the Nevada resume writing services.

The experts at Workpapa take a note of your interests, professional experience and the area of expertise over calls. Once your details are noted down, they start preparing the first draft of your resume. They share the drafted resume with their clients within 24-48 hours which is very fast when compared to its competitor in the market. They have provisions for unlimited revisions until the client is fully satisfied with the resume. Workpapa drafts resume for people belonging to all the categories ranging from beginners to executive level. They craft a state of the art resume for you to standout for any job you are applying for. Workpapa not only deliver you the best in a business resume but they even guarantee you to get a 30-day interview period. They even have a refund policy in place for unsatisfied clients. If you already hold a resume, Workpapa even provide you with the free feedback services just like other nevada resume writing services.


  • Create state of the art resumes from scratch to make you stand out in crowd of people with ordinary resume.
  • 30-day Interview Guarantee
  • Provide cover letters for particular job you may be applying for.
  • Refund policy for customers who are not satisfied with their resume even after unlimited revisions from our end. 


  • Workpapa does not have any physical offices located in Nevada, but you can always leave a message for a callback for resume related services & nevada resume writing services. 

TAT: 24-48 Hours

Price: $75-$110

  1.  Advantage Resume & Desktop Publishing:

Advantage Resume & Desktop Publishing doesn’t have very great website but once you go through their testimonial sections, their work speaks for themselves. It is one of the best amongst the Nevada resume writing services. They have framed over 55,000 resume so far and claim to the attention of the Hiring Managers within the first 10-15 seconds, thus enhancing your chances to get a call back from the employers. Their clients have provided some overwhelming feedback for the services they have opted for. Advantage Resume & Desktop Publishing is the name to reckon with when it comes to resume writing services in the Nevada Area. 

Pros: Advantage Resume & Desktop Publishing claim to offer the best turnaround time for any resume requested with them. They create the resume in quick time without even compromising with the quality.

Cons: The disadvantage associated with Advantage Resume & Desktop Publishing is the Turnaround is not crystal clear to its potential client. This turns out to be frustrating affair for a person who wants the real time status of the drafting process of their resume without making a call over the phone.

TAT:  24-48 hours (Sometimes more without any notice)

Price: Not Mentioned.

Contact Number: (702) 234-4632

  1. A Better Way Resume:

A Better Way Resume is operated by Steve Miller who himself is a certified Resume Writer and provider of nevada resume writing services. Due to his attention to the slightest of the details while crafting any resume makes him quite popular amongst the Nevada resume writing services. The website for A Better Way Resume doesn’t wow you at first but the reviews, sure does justice its compelling work for its client. This company crafts your resume as per your needs and accomplishment and even provides you with a career counseling for free of cost. 

Steve Miller started his initial days by creating resumes for various level people starting from the beginners to the executive post. But, he is now confined to drafting resumes for only senior level executives. He graduated in the year 1974 with a degree in business administration which sure has helped him evolve in the resume writing business.

Pros: Being from a Business Administrator background and a provider of nevada resume writing services, he sure knows how to make the perfect resume for the executive level clients which help them getting shortlisted for the role they may be applying for. He even offers job placement for the executive level candidates.

Cons: The disadvantage associated with A Better Way Resume is that it does mention any turnaround time for the resume neither does it provide any rates for this. This sure is set back any client who might in some budget constraint while getting their resume framed. Its great they are providing nevada resume writing services.

TAT: Not Mentioned

Price: Not Mentioned

Contact number: (702) 471-0100

  1. Find My Profession:

Find My Profession is one of the top notch resume writing services in the Nevada area. They are located in the Nevada Area. They claim to be global player in the resume writing business which has it’s headquarter in the US. Their website mentions that, they even provide resume which are effective in converting the job opportunities in job offers. 

The expert at the Find My Profession do not care where you stand in the current situation, they only want to help you with their services, thus by finding you a way to make money. They have the quite some experts in Nevada resume writing services who have exposure of clients for over 70+ Industries.

The bulk of the clients for Find My Profession lie in the bracket of executive ranks only. It also has some other clients searching for the job in the federal or IT fields as well. 

They provide a 60-Day guarantee to get an interview for their client so that you know that we are quite dedicated to our job of creating the best in the class resumes.

Pros: Their professional writers has exposure to over 70+ industries in the market and are very well aware of the requirements for various job positions. They provide unlimited revisions on their resume draft until the client is fully satisfied.

Cons: They lack any physical presence in the Nevada State area and also the entry level services provided by the Find My Profession team is very expensive compared to its competitor in the market.

TAT: 3-5 Working Days

Price: $395-$895

Contact number: (831) 888-0967

  1. Strategic Resume Group:

Strategic Resume Group is very strange in providing their services for its client but if you look at the resume it surely tells you a different story altogether. They have some great reviews posted by the clients on its website which are very encouraging for any new client. They provide a very popular deal which goes by the package name of “The Greatest Resume” in the Nevada resume writing services. In this deal, the client gets the best possible resume by some of the very best professional resume writers by highlighting your area of expertise and boasting about your accomplishment in the professional careers. To top it off they have package on public relations, which literally offer you a job opportunity based on resume. In this package you simply need to sit back and relax, while the team at Strategic Resume Group does all the leg work.

Pros: They are very particular about making any commitments with their clients so they have turnaround time which is quite fast when compared to peers in the market. This TAT is their one of the best selling point amongst its clients. 

Cons: The instructions provided by them to explain the packages available on their website is very complicated for some of the clients.

TAT: 48 Hours

Price: $149+

Contact number: (702) 589-4718

  1. THI Consulting:

THI Consulting is basically is consulting company which has recently forayed into the resume writing services in the Nevada region. The company was founded by Denise N. Cook who is doing her PhD from the University of Nevada, LA. Ever since she has started this company, she has been loaded her client with many resources which only enable them to move ahead and succeed in life. THI Consultant has surely made its name amongst the Nevada resume writing services. They provide the clients with various packages which involves coaching on career, mock interviews and resume creation deal. They not only help its client to groom themselves but also improve their chances of getting selected for any job which is class apart stuff over its competitor.

Pros: The team of professional resume writers at THI Consulting provides a very competitive rate for its resume writing services which is sure to boost the career of any individual in positive manner. 

Cons: Once you visit their website you might want to change your decision on hiring them. This is because they haven’t had any update to their website for quite some time now. Though, they are very active over the facebook all day long. 

TAT: Not Mentioned

Price: Not Mentioned

Contact number: (702) 350-2140

  1. InkGeeks: 

InkGeeks is sure to woo you with its best in the business website. You get hinged onto it the moment the homepage is loaded on your screen. InkGeek is the part of Nevada resume writing services which successfully speak volumes about its resume writing services by offering a variety of deals by maintaining its core value of providing the highest quality of content. They don’t just recruit any professional resume writers who are certified but their team consists of people who are pursuing Phd. Their ability to make notes of the even the small request of the client and drafting the resume in an impeccable fashion makes them very popular amongst the people in the Nevada region.

The team has experience to handle over 1000’s of technical documents while still managing their academics. 

Pros: They don’t just provide you with nevada resume writing services which just fits into any template rather they customize each one their resume while keeping in mind about the requirements of its client. The in-depth resumes give them an extra edge over their competitor in the job market.

Cons: InkGeeks services are of premium quality but their turnaround time for the resume is certainly not the best in the business. They don’t have any deals with faster delivery option of the resume; rather it takes more than 4-5 working to even get the first draft of your resume which can be quite annoying for its customers. Not bad for nevada resume writing services.

TAT: 5-7 Days

Price: $79-$150

Contact number: (210) 610-2213

  1. AAA Resume & Writing Service:

AAA Resume & Writing Service is one of the many resume writing services in the Nevada resume writing services region. Once you search for them over the internet, you will be headed towards a website which is not pleasing to the eyes but is able to do job for its clients. The nevada resume writing services company offers very minute details to all the resumes that are being drafted here and their nevada resume writing services . They point out the statement that it is your resume that sets the path for you to get the shortlisted and it must be drafted in the best possible way. The nevada resume writing services company can very well fit in the phrase that mentions never judge a book by its cover. They might not have the best website in this business but they sure know how the job is done in the most perfect manner. The client review says it all about their work in Nevada resume writing services

Pros: They provide discounts and special rates for the military personnel and federal employees without compromising with the quality of the resume. It highly recommended for people from the above mentioned industry must consult them for their resume creation. 

Cons: The review by the clients is always in the mediocre zone which can be improved by addressing the issues mentioned the clients.

TAT: Not Mentioned

Price: Not Mentioned

Contact number: (702) 794-4565

  1. Washington Proofreading and Editing Services

Washington Proofreading and Editing Services is a resume writing services in the Nevada region. Their name does confuse its potential customers at first but once you go through their website, all your doubts would be cleared instantly. Due to the low number employees and the size of their company, their service comes at affordable rates amongst all the Nevada resume writing services. The reason behind the affordable rate is that they are still in the initial days and would want to make a name for themselves instead of making money out of it. They are available to their clients’ phone calls as well.

Pros: The reviews for their nevada resume writing services posted by their clients over their facebook page are very reassuring despite their lack of website. Needless to say that the lack website doesn’t let them compromise with quality of resume that they frame for their client. 

Cons: The only way their client can reach them is through their facebook pages which can a very annoying thing for a customer to do. 

TAT: Not Mentioned

Price: $25/Hr

Contact number: (702) 670-1352

10. The Resume Geek

The Resume Geek is one of the companies whose growth has been sky rocketing by each passing day in the Nevada Region. When you go through Yelp to check the status of the website, it might be bit confusing for you about the existence of the company but don’t you worry about that. The website has been revamped and looks very stylish and, unique and eye catching at the first glimpse. It was founded by Leia Mashaka, performing nevada resume writing services, who hails from the human resource domain and is aware about the power of good resume.

Pros: The branding is very neatly done by the founder here and keeping the price in the mid level range only make her services of resume writing even more desirable. This is the reason why The Resume Geek is amongst the most preffered in the Nevada resume writing services. 

Cons: The extra $50 for making your resume SEO and ATS- compatible is quite on the higher side. Most of the other companies in this list does the SEO compatibility for free of charge. 

TAT: 5 Days (Express Delivery available-24-48 Hours)

Price: $150-$260

Contact number: (562) 208-2968

What should be parameters for choosing the best Nevada resume writing services? 

Your resume must not only consist of factual based content but need to appear attractive and appealing to the eyes as well. This is what gets your chances of getting shortlisted for any job, very high. Try to get your resume made in the neatest way possible listing out all your achievement and skill sets. This is sure to grab the eyes of any HR and Hiring Managers for the recruitment process. To make this job easier for you, the above mentioned list of 10 best Nevada resume writing services will help get you crafted a resume for dream job. 

Out of all the above companies Workpapa stands out to be clear winner in nevada resume writing services it does it premium services provided such as refund policy, unlimited revisions and a 30-day interview guarantee. The company was created to solve the basic problem of the job seekers to get through that initial screening process conducted by the HR and Hiring Managers. The only possible way to go past that challenge was to create an impeccable resume which highlight all your skills and achievement. Getting through the screening process has never been an easy task but with Workpapa resume writing services, you are sure go past stage each time you apply for a new job. 

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