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New Jersey, located in the north-eastern part of the United States, is not only a beautiful state with attractive locations, but is also a very fast city, which is always moving forward. The city has a lot to offer, and in the journey of its upward graph, there are innumerable employment opportunities that will come your way. If you are on the hunt for a good job, if you are trying to land a target, if you really need to stand out in the tough competition, it is very important to have an outstanding resume. Besides looking at the achievements and qualifications in a resume, companies are often looking at the style and way in which the resume is written. The resume should not only be highly professional but also create an impact through its writing. 

A resume is the USP to get the perfect job suiting your talents and capabilities. Therefore you must consider writing a resume with some extra effort. Now you might have the best experience and capability suiting the job, but often your resume does not reflect that properly. This might cause your resume to get lost easily into the sea of applications and resumes of people competing for the very same job. The art of resume writing requires experience, knowledge and skill.  If you are exhausted of losing opportunities, it is time to update or create a unique resume. To do so, you should look into resume writing services that provide a highly professional resume which is suited to your personality and often guarantee more job interviews through their exceptional services. 

New Jersey offers a number of Resume Writing Services, and if you are confused about choosing the best services,  here is a concise list of 10 best resume writing services in New Jersey:

  1. WorkPapa
  2. Find My Profession 
  3. NJ Resume Writing Solutions
  4. All About Writing
  5. A Word’s Worth
  6. Grammar Rewords Resume Writing Service 
  7. Chameleon Resumes
  8. RH Resumes
  9. Career Connections NJ 
  10. Resume Synergy

Find a detailed review of each of the above resume writing services below:

  1. WorkPapa

WorkPapa is one of the most highly recommended services to opt for in case of resume writing. Getting a job is a complete process, from preparing a resume, getting an interview and finally achieving your dream job. Resume being the very first step, WorkPapa has the complete knowledge and experience of making a resume suitable to your personality and to the standards of your dream job. They have been creating such resumes for the last 15 years, and thus you can repose your trust in them without any inhibitions. Their experience gives them an edge over many other resume writing services as they have developed a deep understanding of the technique and style of writing eye-catching resumes over the years. They specialise in creating resumes and cover letters of exceptionally high standards.

They offer a great deal on their packages, which are not only customizable but also provide keyword optimization. These packages include:

  • Resume Creation
  • Career Change Evolution
  • Resume Rewriting

WorkPapa will give you your ideal resume within a span of 24-48 hours, which is faster than most services that take at least a week or more. With such a fast turnover, there is no chance that you will miss out on the best job opportunities coming your way. To add to this, WorkPapa confidently gives you a 30-day guarantee for an interview. The rapidity with which WorkPapa works is one of its best qualities and ideal for someone looking for immediate and urgent job requirements. 

  1. Find My Profession

Find My Profession is one of New Jersey's leading and most renowned resume writing service company. Their services cover not just C-level and executive resumes but also the ones for those just about to begin their careers or even IT and engineering resumes, federal resumes and other professional resumes. Find My Profession strives to make sure you get the best by hiring the most accomplished writers to work on your resumes. To top it all, they allocate a writer suited to your specific profession so that you get the best assistance from someone who is well versed with the dynamics and possesses a clear understanding of your exact requirements.  This company  provides a ‘60-day interview guarantee' which means you get to ask for your resume to be rewritten, free of cost if you aren’t totally confident about it.

Find My Profession eases your load by setting up and managing your LinkedIn profile, writing cover letters, helping you prepare for interviews, etc. Something which we cannot miss is their incredible career finder service. Being true to their name, the company helps you find yourself a suitable profession and the perfect job. This idea was brought into being by the founder Mike Podesto who realised the dearth of and the subsequent need for a service/company which saves your precious time and effort in this fast-paced world by doing the stressful work of hunting for jobs for you.  The people at Find My Profession provide complete assistance to you every step of the way to help you land the right job. 

  1. NJ Resume Writing Solutions 

If you are on the look for a good resume writing service in the New Jersey, NJ Resume Writing Solutions is an ideal choice to avail. Operating from local areas of Summit and Chatham, NJ Resume Writing Solutions aims to provide individual and personal services for resume writing. Their resume writer, Jack Outwater is an Ivy League graduate, has a masters degree in Counselling and is an outstanding professional. With such an experienced writer, your resume is sure to stand out. They have clients from a variety if fields right from finance and management to education, real estate, IT, international sales, supply chain, acting, photography among several others.

As opposed to the bigger companies, at NJ Resume Writing Solutions, you get the opportunity to get your resume written right from scratch instead of simply putting information into common templates. The writer here, not only is interested in hearing your story but also understanding your goals, hence analysing the best way to put together a unique resume. Besides writing your resume, they also assist in writing cover letters and job search. The clients are working directly with the writer, Jack Outwater, and hence involved in the old process. They try to follow your schedule and allow flexible meeting timings. The best part is that you can contact them at any time for a free consultation. 

  1. All About Writing

Owned by ace writer Christa Riddle, All About Writing is a New Jersey-based writing services company which also renders other services like editing and proofreading not only for resumes but also for academic papers, essays for admission and other professional and individual needs. All About Writing promises you top-notch services by guaranteeing high quality content, personalised with regards to your specific requirements. They completely circumvent the general and basic content which comes off as repetitive and may deter the impression that needs to be created. They believe in maintaining the uniqueness of both content and services and have hence engaged the most professional writers to live up to the same. Their clients are widely spread across New Jersey and the United States.

The resume writing services also entail writing resume's, cover letters and LinkedIn profiles to get you instant responses from employers and recruiters and help you create an impact. As mentioned above, they also help in editing and proofreading your resumes to ensure it is devoid of any errors. Their business and academic writing services are extensive and impeccable too, contributing most positively to your overall experience. 

  1. A Word's Worth 

A Word's Worth is one of New Jersey's best resume writing services. Working under the exceptional expertise of Nina Ebert, A Word's Worth has been in operation since 1989. Besides being a great resume writer, Nina Ebert is known for her career coaching and as the author of some outstanding works including books, blogs and articles. With such a coveted guide and writer, your resume will be taking an eye-catching form, bringing you closer to your dream job. Besides outstanding resume services, they can provide you with cover letters, LinkedIn profiles and careful career counselling, which are all a necessary part in the journey towards your ideal job.

At A Word's Worth, the process of writing the best resumes does not involve long forms and pre-made templates. It encompasses personal meeting and interviews for analysing and assisting the person. They conduct a proper assessment of the client's goals, aspirations and skills so that the resume brings out the best personal and professional attributes of the client. They target clients who are:

  • Professionals and executives
  • Mid-level managers
  • Nurses, teachers, social workers and other health professionals 
  • Candidates looking for career transition
  • Students with basic employment experience etc. 

Other reasons to seek their services include their creative designs, expert writings, scannable digital formats and other features that will help you get the best resume in the most convenient way possible.

  1. Grammar Rewords Resume Writing Service 

Grammar Rewords Resume Writing Service provides extensive assistance in creating the best possible resume. Their resumes services are worth taking note of. In trying to be a part of the fast-moving crowd, people often forget to concentrate on the fact that the most eye-catching resumes are those which are constructed in a “simple, inviting and organized manner". At Grammar Rewords, your resume is given attention to its simplest details and created in the most personalised way possible.  They claim their mission to say your story and say it correctly. They make sure that the reader stops and reads your resume before moving on to the next one.

Grammar Rewords ensures that your resume has no grammatical errors, correct punctuations and such fonts and syntax which will automatically grab the reader's attention. For your convenience, Their resume writing services are divided into cost-effective packages from which you can choose according to your requirements. Some of their packages include-

  • Resume Facelift: Provides a basic resume critique and work on resumes which are already made but require proofreading and formatting.
  • Resume Rejuvenation: Besides the above services, you can add and rephrase new content, offers to reword and comes with suggestions of new layouts.
  • A to Resume: This package helps you create your resume from scratch, involving the whole process, from interviews and consultation to the final product.
  • Resume All Day: This is their deluxe package and offers supreme services, making job seekers into an ideal candidate.

  1. Chameleon Resumes 

The team of Chameleon Resumes under the leadership of Lisa Rangel has been recognised by Forbes as a Top 100 career website for its outstanding resume writing,  LinkedIn profile development and job search coaching. They have a highly experienced team of writers who have a combined experience of over 80 years in recruitment and human resources, giving them an upper hand in understanding the requirements of the job seekers and that of employers. Such a first-hand experience will only yield results that will make a resume stand out. According to Chameleon Resumes, a recruiter on an average will not spend more than 6 seconds before moving on to the next resume. In fact, for one job there are nearly 250 or more applications and makes the competition very tough.

In order to make the six seconds worthwhile, Chameleon Resumes will create a resume that will not only accentuate your qualities and achievements but also have a unique style of writing. Having provided their clients with jobs in both professional and executive positions with excellent companies, start-up firms and even Fortune 500 organisations. The resumes are written with great precision by executive resume writers who make sure to incorporate an achievement-driven language besides keyword optimizing the entire resume. For getting a better understanding of their resumes writing skills, you can look at samples of resumes on their website.

  1. RH Resumes 

RH Resumes works under the expertise of Rebecca Henninger, a Certified Professional Resume Writer with experience in marketing and communications. She works with clients not only in New Jersey but all throughout the world, to create resumes, customized and created with perfection, ideal for grabbing the eyes of hiring managers and recruiters. With the motto to make your resume irresistible, Rebecca does not provide you with a mere resume, but a polished marketing piece that will get your phone ringing. Their resumes are customized according to the client's skill sets and experience, bring out the next in you in through the best possible words. They specialise in C-level resumes along with with resumes for IT, Human Resource executives, Executive Assistant, School Administrator, Event Planning, Technical Architects, among several others.

Rebecca believes in highlighting the professional strengths of the individual for supreme results. RH Resumes follows an organized path to create the ideal resume encompassing three broad steps- Research, Creation and Approval. This process involves gaining thorough knowledge about the client, use of questionnaires and consultations and preparing drafts before the creation of the final resume, which is duly approved by the client. They even provide unlimited revisions for the first fourteen days after receiving the first draft, allowing you to get the satisfaction and perfection you are looking for.  While you trust your resume to be written by RH Resumes, you can focus your energy upon finding an ideal job, be tension free about the quality and language of your resume and have the guarantee that your investment has been worthwhile. 

  1. Career Connections NJ 

Career Connections NJ is one of the top resume and resumes writing services managed entirely by career counsellor and resume writer Lauren Markon. Lauren has the first-hand experience in the concerned field, having worked for almost 19 years with a number of reputed companies. Her clients include students and fresher’s to C-level executives and other professionals. She has been involved extensively in conducting workshops on resume writing, delivering speeches and being part of discussions on ways to find a suitable career option for oneself focusing particularly on the enhancement of interview skills and managing an eye-catching LinkedIn profile. She is also a career consultant who provides experiential advice to guide you towards your desired career path based on a clear understanding of your aptitude and what you are looking for.

Career Connections also tries to link its clients to job search-related fairs and events to help them browse through an array of job opportunities. The company also stands out in its resume writing services for the one of a kind personalised service that it provides- Lauren meets up with and talks to each and every client individually, and through a one on one discussion, attempts to understand their particular requirements across a span of time, making sure of establishing an interpersonal relationship with them to be able to cater to their needs efficiently. Upon satisfaction, clients can also expect interview preparation and training to help build confidence and create an impression. 

  1. Resume Synergy 

Resume Synergy provides comprehensive resume writing services in New Jersey, New York and North Carolina. Founded in 2007, Resume Synergy has  been creating exceptional and outstanding resumes for the past 12 years. Resume Synergy is the supreme of Brenda Greene, a reputed author, editor and job market expert who has a deep understanding of the need of individuals to find the best job befitting their skills and experience. She has also written and co-authored a number of books on the best tips and strategies to write perfect cover letters or get your desired jobs or to efficiently ace a job interview. The other writers in Resume Synergy are Marie Hanscomb, who focuses on writing resumes for those in the field of fashion, education, communications, etc., and Joe Murray, who provides career coaching.  

Together this team of accomplished professionals at Resume Synergy works to write a unique resume. Through their collaborative efforts and streamlined process, Resume Synergy create the resume that will get you job  interviews in no time. 

To make their services efficient and hassle-free for their wide base of clientele, they follow a systematised step by step process for creating the compelling resume that you are looking for. This process includes: 

  • Contacting Resume Synergy.
  • Discussing, in details, your job interests and the specific field you want to work in.
  • Discussing your old resume, which can be updated or other details that will help them create your resume from the very beginning. 
  • Reviewing the drafts and formats of the new resume.
  • Looking into other options like LinkedIn Profiles.
  • Creating an apt cover letter to enhance your resume during the submission process.
  • Receiving interviews for which Resume Synergy can provide training and practice.

Following these concrete and simple steps, you will find yourself closer to your dream job in no time and have a resume that put you in the spotlight.

With Resume Writing Services, you will have your money invested in the right place, and it will be a judicious decision for getting better jobs at the earliest. By availing these resume writing services, you will discover where and how your resume was going in the wrong direction and how you can stand out in a crowd with the right one. Further, most resume writing services offer job search coaching and additional services which, if you avail, can be an added advantage in the process of job hunting and career changes. If you are still a little worried about purchasing the services, you must visit the websites to check their reviews and samples which will surely compel you to get your resume written by a professional. 

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I am very happy with my resume, I could not have written it better myself. Delighted with the excellent service from Workpapa. Both my resume and cover letter were brilliantly revamped! Great value for money and also very quick turnaround with the express service if you are in a rush. Service was excellent and on time.

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The job I got offered is a perfect match for my skills and qualifications which your services so professionally and eloquently made visible.

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Amazing, I would recommend to anyone.
Work papa was efficient, friendly, highly helpful and very knowledgeable.
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