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Ohio is a well-known midwestern state, located between Pennsylvania and Indianapolis. It enjoys a bustling economy and offers excellent employment opportunities to professionals. But in order to land that dream job, you need to have an impressive resume that captures the imagination of the recruiters. Though there are plenty of job opportunities on offer here across various niches, it is also true that the number of applicants vying for that coveted position is also high. In such a situation, it is pertinent for you to describe your key skills and experiences appropriately. This will help the recruiter understand your specialities and determine your suitability for the position. If you do not want to lose out on your dream job just because your resume did not highlight your skills fittingly, you must avail resume writing services offered by professionals who can help you get your dream job effortlessly. 

Resume writing is a difficult job and has to be done with perfection, precision and smartness. Employing a professional resume writing while you set out on the quest of fulfilling your ambitions is a wise choice to make. Choosing a good resumes service company is as important as writing your resume. If you are wondering where to find a professional writer who can add weight to your resume or how to get your resume noticed among thousands of applications, you have clicked the correct link. There are numerous resume writing companies that offer first-class services to create and enhance your resume. However, it is always desirable to choose the best among the best.

We have listed 10 best companies offering seamless resume writing services with a descriptive review of the company. Be free of any worries because these services will take you one step closer to your dream job.

  1. WorkPapa 
  2. Find My Profession
  3. Buckeye Resumes
  4. Dream Life Team
  5. Briefcase Coach
  6. Raven Career Development
  7. The Writing Genius
  8. John Hancock Resumes
  9. Second Glance Resumes
  10. Windhof Communication

Here is a detailed review of the above companies' services, which will help you make the best decision for your resume writing requirements. When it comes to writing impressive resumes, you ought not take any shortcuts. With the increasing competition in the job market, it is pertinent to make your resume stand out from others. With the recruiters being busy with multiple hiring tasks at a given time, you must ensure that your resume is drafted by experts only. These experts have plenty of experience in curating high-quality resumes which are designed to impress the recruiters. Most of these writers come from HR background and are therefore able to create resumes according to the expectations of recruiters and ensure that not only do you get multiple interview calls but also land your dream job.

1. WorkPapa

WorkPapa is one of the best resume writing services in Ohio with an esteemed experience of 15 years in the same field. They have a very clear understanding of the job seeker's requirements, owing to their years of creating excellent resumes and proudly claim cover letters and resumes as their speciality.  They believe in creating a transparent relation between the employer and the job seeker through the resume. Their range of products and services include-

  • Resume writing
  • Resume read notification
  • Resume builder
  • Salary negotiation builder
  • Resume templates etc.

WorkPapa is comprised of professional writers who guarantee to fulfil your resume requirements just within 24-48 hours. With such a speedy service, you are sure not to miss out on the job opportunities coming your way. What makes WorkPapa a favourable choice is that they provide you with a 30-day guarantee. This helps you to trust your resume needs in them without any second thoughts. Besides sensible rates for general services, they also offer customizable packages starting at 85$. The packages include: Resume Rewriting, Resume Creation and Career Change Evolution involving professional rewriting, formatting based on your personality and keyword optimization. WorkPapa also ensures a 40% probability of getting more interviews. 

2. Find My Profession

Find My Profession is a highly rated professional resume writing service based in Ohio. They a global corporation with exceptional services in creating constructive resumes. They offer a wide range of services to choose from and cover a huge range of career fields to cater to all kind of resume needs. They have an impressive success rate with the guarantee of which they ensure an interview within a period of 60 days. They boast of 100% professional resume writers who have immense expertise and knowledge in more than 85+ fields. To keep you as a part of the entire process,  Find My Profession keeps you in light about your resume writer and even allows one-on-one phone consultations. They guarantee you to have a completely unique resume, which is all custom-created. 

Find My Profession is also very easy to connect with and provides very elaborate services from involving phone consultations, drafts and revisions before the final product is ready. They offer customizable packages to choose from. Some of their best services include:

  • C-level Resume Writing
  • Executive Resume Writing
  • Professional Resume Writing 
  • Entry-level Resume Writing 
  • IT/ Engineering Resume Writing 
  • Federal/ Government Resume Writing

In addition to completing the entire resume, they also work on LinkedIn Profile Services.

3. Buckeye Resumes

For more than three decades, Buckeye Resumes has been preparing job-winning resumes for its clients in Columbus, Ohio. They are willing to do whatever it takes to produce an exemplary resume for you–including working on spare work cycles and weekends, thus making sure that you land a job as fast as possible. One of their unique selling points is the wage bargain service once you land a job (or already have one). Their art of salary negotiation can help you start your career at a wage higher than you expected, an automatic incentive to your work life. Buckeye Resumes has a noteworthy consumer referral frequency of 75%. Furthermore, the writers work with the job seeker at a personal level to create quality resumes best suited to the career goals of the client. Buckeye Resumes proudly claims to be the resume service of "every person." 

They have a dedicated team of two generations of writers along with job search coaches and professional consultants. They put in all efforts to match up your expectations, working towards one goal only – the success of the job seeker. Some of their services you might want to check out are:

  • Certified Resume Services
  • Professional Cover Letters 
  • Interview Coaching and Training
  • Salary Negotiations 
  • Job Search Assistance 
  • Job Board Posting

4. Dream Life Team

Founded by one the nation's top executive resume writers from Cleveland, Ohio, Rebecca Bosl, Dream Team Life is set out to help people come closer to there goals by providing exceptional resume writing services. They have a great success rate and proudly showcase the testimonials of their clients. With a 60 day guarantee of bagging a job interview, you will be compelled to avail their services. They make sure that your resume is created and personalized in such a manner that it will stand out and get noticed. Before creating a resume, you might also find it helpful to take the Career Discovery Coaching of 2-4 weeks, especially for those who are unsure about the path they have chosen. This coaching throws light on the perfect career and industry so that you are aware of what you are stepping into and flourish by being prepared in advance. 

Dream Team Life to have or fulfil some necessary requirements like-

  • Clear job target
  • Compelling personal brand
  • Stunning executive resume 
  • Optimized LinkedIn profile 
  • Master-level networking
  • Great job search strategy

By excelling in the above fields, it will be easy for you to land your dream job. Dream Team Life works with a very exclusive clientele, 86% of who are high-earning individuals with nearly 20 years of knowledge and experience. 

5. Briefcase Coach

Briefcase Coach is a Columbus based resume writing service founded and operated by former corporate recruiter and branding consultant, Sarah Johnston. She enables practitioners to unravel out of old-fashioned work search moulds and experience the more contemporary ways of landing a job. This company provides services to a wide range of high-achieving clients looking for great career opportunities. Among several services, Briefcase Coach has an outstanding resume writing process that will make your resume unique and creative. They have a clear understanding of what a good resume is and follow through important guidelines to make a fitting resume. They also understand the diverse requirements and needs of diverse people and work on a one to one basis. 

Briefcase coaching claims that their resume writing skills are different from other companies because they don’t follow the conventional method of using templates and filling forms. To create your resume, they discuss your achievements and strengths in length and assess your long term goals. They provide a fully completed resume within 7 business days after consultation and draft work. One of the best parts of availing their services is the varied price ranges for different ranks of job profiles. You can easily schedule consultations with them by visiting their website.

6. Raven Career Development

Raven Career Development was founded by James Onieal in 2010. Ever since it has been offering personalized services to those seeking a career in the aviation sector. The services offered by them aims to bring the client on the right career track and help them reach their professional goals. They have an excellent resume writing service, which is highly impactful and beneficial. Raven Career Development has reviewed numerous resumes in the aviation sector and to make each resumes unique, their process of resume rewrites involves multiple steps. To make a good resume, Raven Career Development makes sure to use simple and reader-friendly words, keyword optimization and highlights your experience in the order of their importance. 

The process of resume rewriting or creation is one with a number of steps to ultimately create the ideal resume. The process begins with a quick scan or review of the old resume to analyze your details following which you will be called for an interview. The interview takes place on a one-on-one basis and involves discussion on your professional background. This helps them to take extensive notes for creating the perfect resume. It is followed by resume drafts and the final update. With their expertly create resume your career will definitely fly high.

7. The Writing Genius

The Writing Genius is a writing service company true to its name. With its top-notch writing services, you should definitely consider their services for best resume writing. They put the need of the customer as the topmost priority to provide them with a convenient and hassle-free service. The variety of their services relating to resumes include:

  • New custom Resume
  • Resume decision
  • Government resume services
  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Custom cover letter

The Writing Genius is an exceptional company which will also manage your social media profiles to prepare you for opportunities coming your way from all directions. These services include:

  • LinkedIn Profile Enhancements 
  • Facebook Business Profiles
  • Twitter Page Management
  • Pinterest Page Development

The Writing Genius is the correct choice for your resume writing because they provide tailored alternatives to their customers, which is usually not in case of other similar services.

8. John Hancock Resumes

In business since 2003, John Hancock Resumes is a Certified Professional Resume Writing Service. Their services extend to many parts of Ohio including Lexington, Louisville, KY as well as Cincinnati. Owned and operated by Wesley Pearce, a highly experienced professional resume writer, his experience speaks highly of the company’s success. They have a great experience having worked with professionals from a variety of careers. The service provided by them is thorough and fulfils your needs. They recognize an individual attempt to bring to the table, exceptional qualities and services, that will help a company grow. With this acknowledgement, their services encompass all types of resumes, including resume rewriting and creating the resume from scratch. The services allow one-on-one service catering to your specific needs on a personalized front. In addition to 45-minute consultation services for a complete analysis of the needs of the client, they are also known for their high patience and unlimited revisions. 

With nearly 15 years of experience, John Hancock Resumes has systematized their resume writing services into a step by step process, so that the final product stands out among the ever-increasing competition.  

9. Second Glance Resumes

Applauded and acclaimed by Thumbtack.com as the “Best of 2015”, Second Glance Resumes is a top-notch writing services provider. Their services aren’t restricted to resumes for corporate jobs only but branch out to a variety of fields including education, healthcare, insurance, culinary arts, etc. They are equipped with the ablest and adroit group of writers who ensure you get the best, be it for a career starter or a C-level job position. As the name of the company itself suggests, they aim at helping your resume get that ‘second glance’ from employers and work towards this goal with utmost sincerity coupled with a clear understanding of the changing dynamics of writing to suit your needs. They also provide other services like writing cover letters, managing LinkedIn profiles along with conducting top of the range professional resume writing workshops to help you to steer clear of all the competition. The team of writers here including the owner and executive writer Kiersten Troutman, are members of the National Resume Writers Association and hence extremely accomplished and renowned and seek to nurture the highest level of quality not just for the company but for the clients as well. 

  1. Windhof communications

Named after the renowned executive career coach Tim Windhof, Windhof Communications provides executive career and resume services. It believes in providing the best solutions to your problem of landing the dream job by creating an impactful resume for you. Windhof Communications, and particularly Tim realizes the importance of cutthroat competition in today's world, especially for C-level posts and hence the significance of a powerful resume. Not just a resume, this company also caters to every aspect of your requirement by ensuring a well managed and well presented LinkedIn account for increased chances of creating an impression on the employer. They also prepare you for interviews by helping you enhance your confidence and are one of the only 30 certified executive resume masters in the whole world. Windhof Communications possess years of experience having been associated with the top recruiter agencies and portals to ensure proper placement of the clients. Moreover, Tim Windhof also provides personal and confidential reviews to your resumes or other career-related material via email if you have any queries or are in a dilemma regarding the same. He understands the challenges presented to those competing for jobs in the executive field, and this is what makes his services intimate and efficient. 

With the help of such advanced services you can create one the best resumes suiting your profile and face the competition without any inhibitions. Not only will you gain a new confidence, but also be able to climb the ladder of success rapidly. This is one step that has the power to give direction to your career and must therefore be taken as early as possible. 

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