Orlando Resume Writing Services in Orlando, Florida

Getting a job in the already saturated Orlando labor market can be quite challenging. The number of job applicants dwarfs the available offer, making it easier for a camel to pass through the needle’s eye than for job seekers to get hired. 

However, you can stand out of the pack and increase your chances of landing the job of your dream. One brilliant way to put yourself at an advantage is through your resume. 

Your resume shouldn’t be just a piece of introductory paper. It must be catchy and detailed enough to attract the attention of a prospective employer. You can hire the services of a professional resume writing services to help you craft the best resume if you can’t personally draft it. 

If you are living in Orlando and need a competent resume writing service, here is a list of the top ones in the city: 

  1. WorkPapa

Do you need your resume rewritten or you want a new one created for you? WorkPapa is the ultimate resume writing service provider you can trust. The company’s well-trained writing professionals will draft a professional resume that matches your ability and qualifications. 

For the past 15 years, the company has been assisting job seekers who can’t get interviews or job opportunities with their poorly-written resumes to rewrite their resumes and put them in the spotlight for the next job. 

WorkPapa offers three different packages. These are: 

  • Resume Rewriting

If you already have a resume but is not getting you the desired result, contact WorkPapa and choose this package. Your resume will be rewritten by experts who have a deep understanding of your market and industry. 

With the new resume, you are assured of getting invited for interview within the next 30 days. 

  • Resume Creation

If you don’t already have a resume, WorkPapa will write a great one for you. Its expert writers will gather the necessary information they need to write a resume with the right pieces of information to attract potential employers.

  • Career Change Evolution

What if you want to change your career direction? WorkPapa has you covered. The experienced resume writing service will draft a resume that will reflect the skills and qualifications for the targeted career. 

You will also get a cover letter. This increases the possibility that potential employers will read your resume by a whopping 40%.

All the packages offer you the opportunity to choose a format of your liking for the resume. You will also get keyword optimization to enable you to pass the Applicant Tracking Systems. 

WorkPapa adopts a very simple technique for your resume writing/rewriting. Follow the steps below and get a brand new resume within 24 and 48 hours:

  • Choose your career level on their website. Complete your order on the site too. 
  • Complete the simple questionnaire sent to you. Upload your current documents as well. 
  • Once you are done with that, log into their website and have a session with a writer. 
  • The writer will work on your resume and forward it to you in Word Doc or PDF format. 

All packages come with a 30-day interview guarantee. Otherwise, you will get your money back. 

If you want a free consultation with the company, fix an appointment by providing your email address and phone number on their website. Some of the important issues that will come up during the session include the best way to improve your resume and your career goals. 


WorkPapa charges according to the chosen package. It will cost you $85 to use the Resume Writing package. Also, the Resume Creation and Career Change Evolution will cost you $150 and $120 respectively. 


  • Staffed by a team of professional writers. 
  • Affordable service. 
  • Swift delivery. 
  • Keyword optimized resume.
  • Money back guaranteed.


  • It is not a member of any resume writing body. 

  1. Find My Profession

Find My Profession is not some random resume writing service. Rather, it is a veteran in the job with several years of experience in the business. The Florida-based company has expertise in over 85 industries and offers its services to individuals from different backgrounds. 

Thus, whatever your area of specialization, the writing company is staffed with experienced writers who will draft a professional-looking resume for you. You don’t have to worry about the quality of service you will get from these trained professionals. 

Find My Profession offers different resume packages. You can choose any of the packages one meets your needs from the list below: 

  • C-Level Resume Writing

If you are a C-level executive or an aspiring one, this package is specifically designed for you. It is available for CMO, CEO, CSO, CTO, COO, and CRO who wants to give their resume the desired touch that can put them in a better position to land the job or promotion they deserve. 

  • Entry-Level Resume Writing

This package is available for individuals seeking job opportunities in the entry-level category. Take advantage of this offer to boost your chances regardless of whether you have no experience or you have just 2 years of experience in your industry. 

  • Professional Resume Writing

If you have 3 years or more of experience in any industry, the Professional Resume Writing package is the best option for you. Find My Profession will create an awesome resume to increase your chances of finding the right job that corresponds with your years of experience. 

  • Federal/Government Resume Writing

Are you in government payroll and what to put a professional touch to your resume? If yes, opt for the Federal/Government Resume Writing package. The company will help you to create a better resume for use whenever you need it.  

  • IT/Engineering Resume Writing

To boost your career in the engineering/IT industry, Find My Profession offers you an opportunity to have a resume that will promote you to the world. The well-drafted resume will highlight your area of specialization and some other qualities that make you the ideal candidate for the job. Note that this service is only available to individuals who are currently not seeking employment opportunities at executive levels. 

  • Executive Resume Writing

Are you an executive or an aspiring one? Now is the time to put yourself in the best position to land whatever job you set your mind on. This special package is designed for individuals seeking director-level positions. If you are seeking a higher position, you can check the package out as well.  


Depending on the writing package you choose, FindMyProfession charges between $395 and $895 per job. Their website contains a breakdown of the prices.


  • Reliable. 
  • Affordable service. 
  • A team of experienced writers. 


  • No physical presence in Orlando.
  • Its services a bit costly.
  1. The Resume Chic 

If you are looking for a new resume, The Resume Chic is another resume writing service that deserves your attention. 

The writing service attracts clients with its free consultation before it reviews the resume. During the consultation, the company will learn what you really need and offer valuable tips to increase the number of interviewers who are interested in hiring you. 

You also do well to take their quiz. The quiz will take a look at your job-hunting need. It will ask whether you are seriously looking for a job or not. It will also inquire about your years of experience, whether you are switching career fields, or if you are reentering the job market after a break. Once you are done with the quiz, you will provide your email address to enable the company to contact you for your resume type.

The short chat and quiz also enable the company to provide you with the cost of writing your resume. This underscores why the company is interested in the position you are interested in, your goals, and work experience. Such pieces of information will provide them with insight into the best package for you and the cost. 

The Resume Chick promises you the following benefits: 

  • Personal interview sessions. 
  • Resume optimization. 
  • Custom-made service. 
  • An impressive resume-to-interview conversion rate of 96%.
  • Flexible scheduling that enables clients to have access to the company’s services at their convenience. 
  • Over 16 years of experience in the resume writing industry. 

The writing service encourages you to bare your mind during their chat session. Give the company a list of your achievements, academic qualifications, certifications, and other relevant information that will enable the writing services to aptly describe you in your resume. 


Since The Resume Chic handles writing services for a wide range of professionals, it charges between $199 for experienced professionals and $419 for entry-level job seekers.


  • Affordable pricing. 
  • It occasionally offers discounts. 
  • 3x more interview guarantee.


  • The company is not a certified member of any resume writing organization. 

  1. Orlando Career Resumes

Orlando Career Resumes is a team of professionals who have written thousands of resumes for their increasing number of clients. Thankfully, this resume writing service is not limited to a single career field. Rather, it covers different niches in its desire to meet its vision: helping people to land the job of their dream through impressive resumes. 

The company attends to the needs of a wide range of people. It is immaterial whether you are just starting or you have been in the corporate world for decades. Orlando Career Resumes have the experience to turn your resume into a powerful tool that offered improved chances of landing a job of your choice. 

This writing service has talented writes on its payroll. These are certified professionals who are experienced at polishing resumes, regardless of the client’s field. 

The company also has one-on-one contact with their clients to enable them to get the necessary information they need to create customized resumes. When a certified writer handles your resume writing, that singular act will increase your chances of getting called for interviews and job offers by about 40%. 

This company takes a different approach to resume writing. It first goes through your current resume. It will identify possible flaws that are hampering your chances of getting that job you so desire. Once it identifies them, it books an appointment with you.

During the discussion, the company will understand how to fix the flaws better. The writing team will also identify the services and tools it needs to correct issues with your resume. 

You also have to fill out a questionnaire that is designed to enable the company to have the information it needs to create the best resume for you. The Resume Supplement Questionnaire covers your prior achievements, work experience, and other valuable pieces of information it needs to do a thorough job on your resume. 

Once you return the fully-filled questionnaire, the company will prepare your resume within 7 to 10 business days. That’s not the final piece, though. Orlando Career Resumes will give you the first draft to go through. If you spot errors, you are free to point that out. If you think the team has left out some important information, don’t hesitate to call the company’s attention to it. The resume writing company will revise it and get back to you once it’s done with the revision. It will give you the completed resume in both PDF and MS Word formats.


Note that this resume writing service provider doesn’t provide information about its charges. Perhaps you will have access to such information once you contact them for a job.


  • Certified resume writing service.
  • A rewrite promise if you don’t get a job within 12 weeks.
  • It covers multiple industries. 


  • Slow turnaround of 7 to 10 days. 
  • It provides no insight into its charges. 
  1. Resume Phenom

When Brian Munger established Resume Phenom in 2011, he never knew it could become the favorite resume writing company of job seekers who want to put some finishing touches to their resumes for better job prospects. 

Since its establishment, it has offered resume writing services for different individuals. It has assisted the following professionals to write the perfect resume that got them their dream jobs: 

  • Software Engineers. 
  • Operations Managers. 
  • IT Administrators. 
  • Human Resources Generalists. 
  • Account Managers. 
  • Bankers. 
  • Financial Analysts. 
  • Senior Executives
  • Customer Services Specialists, and a host of other professionals. 

The award-winning resume writer has the experience and ability to fine-tune your resume to make you visible to potential employers. 

With as little as $109, you can get the perfect resume to present during the next interview. If you wish to get the attention of prospective employers, Resume Phenom is always available to handle your resume professionally. 

These are some of the reasons why you should let this company handle your resume writing: 

  • It is a Certified Professional Resume Writer (CPRW).
  • It has written attractive resumes for more than 3,500 clients. 
  • It is a member of the Professional Association of Resume Writers.
  • Five-Star Customer Feedback Ratings on credible sites such as Yelp, Google, and Facebook. 
  • A+ BBB Business Rating. 
  • HR experience in Interviewing, Hiring, and Resume Screening. 

This is proof of the company’s qualification as one of the best resume writing services in Florida and its environment. 

Resume Phenom offers a wide range of writing plans. Each plan attracts a specific price. 

  • Entry-Level Resume: This plan is designed for people with zero to 3 years of experience. 
  • Professional-Level Resume: If you have between 4 and 11 years of experience in any industry, this plan is for you. It will cost you a little to make your resume more attractive and professional looking. 
  • Mid-Level Resume: The package is for individuals with 12-19 years of experience. 
  • Senior-Level Resume: Resume Phenom designed this package for people with 20 years and above years of experience in the industry. If you are in this category, you will pay a token to have an appropriate resume.
  • Executive Resume: This is a special plan for C-Level individuals. The resume writer will go through your resume and improve its quality. 


The company will charge you $109 to use the Entry-Level Resume plan. Professional-Level and Mid-Level Resumes attracts $149 and $179 respectively. If you want to use the Senior-Level Resume, you will pay $225 while the Executive package is available for $299.

As a bonus, Resume Phenom offers Cover Letter service. This is an introductory letter covering your interest and qualifications. It will contain customized information for the targeted position. While drafting the Cover Letter, the company will consider some information such as your job objective, resume, and job position. You will be charged $30 for this additional service.


  • Affordable pricing. 
  • An impressive number of 5-star reviews from users.
  • A short turnaround.


  • It is a one-man show. 
  1. Upgrade Resume

The name says it all. Upgrade Resume promises to ‘create resumes that get results and not wishes.’ Living up to its vision, the certified resume writer will not only write a resume but will eliminate some information on your current resume that may not allow potential employers to see what you are capable of doing. 

This company covers resume writing in over 40 industries. It will use its knowledge and experience to create a high-quality and top-notch resume that will make it easier for you to get the desired job. 

Upgrade Resume makes the process a lot easier for its clients. If you desire a better resume, sign up online on the company’s website and speak with the writer. The company will send a questionnaire to you. Fill it and wait while the writer contacts you for further discussion about your job goals. Once you are done with the review, wait for a further 3 business days to get a professionally-written resume. 

Upgrade Resume will create a resume that can pass any screening, enhance your skills and accomplishments, and put you in good stead to gain the attention of interviewers and employers as well. 

The resume writing service accepts clients from all walks of life. It caters to the needs of both the executives who need to brush up their resumes and entry-level applicants. It also makes provision for students who need a resume once they are done with their academic works. 

Other services it provides cover Military to Civilian Resume, Professional Resume, and Federal Resume writing. It takes between 3 and14 days to deliver a resume to their client. The duration depends on the client’s specifications.  


The writer charges you according to the type of service you want. You can pay as little as $199 to get a resume or as much as $499. Pricing depends on the package you choose. 


  • It handles resume writing for military to civilian transition. 
  • 60-day job interview guaranteed.


  • Delivery time is a bit long. 
  1. Creative  Resumes

Another worthy member of this list is Creative Resumes. This company prioritizes meeting its clients’ needs. Thus, its team of dedicated resume writers is trained to give you nothing but the best.  

The company was established in Orlando, Florida in 2005. Ever since its establishment, it has helped many potential employees create impressive resumes that not only got them interviews but boosted their chances of getting hired. 

Why handling your resume writing, the respected company will highlight your strengths. It will focus on your work experience, education, skills, and other related features that may put you in a better position for the job you want to apply for. 

To make your resume ATS compliant, Creative Resumes will include relevant keywords in the particular job position you want to apply for. This will boost your chances of getting the job. 

You are guaranteed fast delivery. The reformatted resume will be forwarded to you within 24 to 48 hours to ensure that it is ready when you really need it. 

Creative Resume offers writing services in the following industry: 

  • Operations. 
  • Human Resources. 
  • Executive Managements. 
  • Law
  • Engineering. 
  • Technology, and an impressive collection of other industry. 

If you already have a resume, submit it for review on the platform. The company will get in touch with you once it is through with the review. If there are areas to improve on, count on the writing team to do justice to that. 

However, if you want to start from scratch, request a free consultation. That presents you an opportunity to meet the team and express your desire for a resume that highlights your strengths and puts you in the best position for a job offer. 

The company will also use the information gathered during the consultation to custom made a resume that aptly describes who you are and what you are capable of doing. 

As proof of its credibility and efficiency, Creative Resume can boast of the following:

  • Certified Professional Career Coach. 
  • A+ rating on BBB Accredited Business. 
  • Certified Professional Resume Writer. 
  • Professional Association of Resume Writers and Career Coaches. 


Creative Resume doesn’t make its charges public. You’ll get a quote once you book an appointment with them. 


  • A team of professionals. 
  • Certified for operation. 
  • An impressive BBB rating. 
  • It covers a wide industry. 
  • Short delivery time. 


  • The company gives no idea about its charges. 

These are the available resume writing services you can choose from. If you are not sure about the impact your resume will make on your potential employer or you don’t have an idea of how to put one together, these companies are at your service. You can also call on them if your resume needs upgrading. 

Their input will not only make your resume pass the Application Tracing System but it will also make it so detailed and attractive that your prospective employer can’t help but notice it. 

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