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You can be all the answer that a company is looking for but how will you reach there. Earlier, people used to walk into a company for an interview and got selected based on their own merit. Its not the case anymore. Now they have to go through a grinding process of a staffing firm where the initial point of contact for them will be their resume. A headhunter or a talent acquisition specialist is flooded with work and he / she won’t invest a lot of time in all the resumes they come across. You may miss a chance of going through to the next round because of a poor looking resume.

What makes a recruiter stop at your resume?

This is one question which should be answered with utmost priority. As it was said earlier that an initial point of contact between you and a company is your resume. If your resume doesn’t reflect your qualities well, the recruiter will tap on to the next one. Also, your resume is your face in front of the talent acquisition specialist, so try having a resume which clearly states what you are as a person. There are some specific guidelines to write a resume.

Firstly, you must write your resume in a tidy way if you want a recruiter to stop and take a relook at it. An untidy resume is a turn off and the headhunter will not spend some extra second looking at such resumes. Secondly, writing anything extra will decrease your chances of getting shortlisted. One should add more of relevant words so that the recruiter will find your resume interesting. Let’s talk about it with an example. If a company needs a Marketing professional, so the recruiter will look for keywords related to marketing such as sales, buyer, C2C, B2B etc. If your resume lacks these words, then the chances are you won’t feature in his search.

resume writing is a vast process and it should be left to the professional who can deal it with absolute ease. 

If you don’t want your resume to be just a piece of paper, then you should consult some of these top executive resume writing services given below:


A resume writer should be aware of recent market trends which can help while writing a resume professionally. a provider of top executive resume writing services hand picks their resume writer having such qualities because of their persistence to satisfy their client at any cost. The bread and butter for a company providing top executive resume writing services is their client and it can impact the business big time if they can’t fulfill their needs which is where do their homework properly. They started their services in 2005 and has been doing more than a decent job since then. It was established after their CEO Mr. Jonathan Hedvat organized a survey amongst the job seeker discussing their problem about not getting shortlisted even after having the required skill sets for a particular job. He further went on to study about the guidelines for writing a resume which was among the major reason why people where getting rejected even after meeting the requirement. Upon studying all the factors, he concluded it with a company now known as offering various services like top executive resume writing services

  • resume Rewriting: This is a service taken by the people who has a copy of their resume and are looking for a revamp. They can completely change your resume from looking poor to impactful in the eyes of a hiring manager. This cost something between $70 to $90 for their top executive resume writing services depending on the content of the resume. Also, they guarantee you for an interview within 30 days from rewriting the resume.

  • resume Creation: If you don’t have a resume of your own and you are in search of one, then you can avail this service at a nominal cost of $100 to $110. This comes with an assurance of in interview within a span of 30 days.

  • Online presence and professional LinkedIn profile writing: There is a higher chance that a hiring manager will visit your LinkedIn profile to see how good you are socially. It matters when it comes to getting a position you have applied. For this service, charges a fee of around $50 to $70 per client which also comes with a 30 days guarantee.

  1. resume Center

The resume Centre marks their presence felt as one of the top Executive resume writing services, founded in the year 1998 by James Innes. They have their offices in New Zealand, South Africa, Canada, UK, Australia, Ireland etc.

ultimate goal has always been to create resume’s to benefit a possible jobseeker doing wonders at the interview and cracking the job they are looking for. In the process, they maintain their basic responsibility of providing full satisfaction to the client. The resume Center provides top executive resume services amongst others.

resume Center offers various services:

  • Professional resume writing service: resume center helps in providing polished resumes which are written by their dynamic resume writers. Once a client places the order, they are allocated a professional resume writer who communicates with them in pursuit of pulling all the information which is needed to write a resume to represent the client’s skills and specifications. resume Center charge around $200 for this service.

  • Cover letter writing: People spend least time on cover letters while writing a resume. Cover letters are also important as much as your resumes are. Cover letters gives a brief idea about who you are professionally. A mere $70 is charged for drafting a cover letter.

  • James Innes premium interview coaching: Client basically gets a man to man coaching from the founder of the company about how to approach an interview.

  1. The Writing Team 

The Writing Team makes it hassle free for their client if they want a resume to be drafted for them. You are asked to select a package from where you are assigned with a dedicated resume writer. The Writing Team provides top executive resume writing services. He / she reaches you at their earliest convenience to guide you through the process of writing your resume which can get you the job you wish to have.

Their resume writers are from different parts of the world working remotely. It gives you an option to choose from which location you want your writers from making it easier for their client as they can choose regional resume writers who are well aware of the market trends and the technology which is dominating the local market doing top executive resume writing services. They have a variety of top executive resume writing services to choose from, some of them are given below:

  • Top Executive resume writing services: This service gives you value for your money as it can help you in getting the position that you love doing. Their certified resume writers master the art of creating an authentic resume for their client and has been satisfying them in all quarters. They charge an amount of $200 for drafting a strong looking professional resume.

  • Executive career coaching: If you are unsure of your career and has no idea about what next to do. Then availing this service for just $199 can help you get the answers about all the uncertainty you have as far as your career is concerned.  

  • LinkedIn Profile Development: The Writing Team helps you in managing your LinkedIn profile as it is also one of the key areas where a hiring manager is more interested in. 

  • Cover Letter writing: A brief cover letter is the need of the moment along with your resume as it gives all the necessary details about you to the hiring manager. Charges for drafting a cover letter is a mere $50.

These are some companies which can produce you a resume that will force the recruiter or a talent acquisition specialist to stop and take notice which is very rare because they have hundreds of resumes lying at their desk. on the other hand wins the race among these companies because of their success rate as compared to the others. They top the list when it comes to satisfying their client for top executive resume writing services as well as getting the clients for a face to face interviews. They offer a money back service if the client doesn’t find any interview within 30 days tells you the story of how confident they are as far as their services are concerned. raises the bar for other resume writing service company to step up the gas as it showcases perfectly written resume and emerges as one of the top executive resume writing service providers. It has now become a premier company as far as this industry is concerned. From being cost effective to top class service, they have it all. They came into prominence because their clients found their rewritten resume to be more attractive ahead of others. Wait no more and get yourself a rewritten resume from to gift yourself the best opportunities that you wish to have. Also, if you want other services like updating your LinkedIn profile as well as getting trainings on interviews, is the place. 

If you are looking for a list of top 10 executive resume writers and would like to know the executive resume writing service cost..there are definitely executive resume writing service reviews and the best executive resume writing service of 2019 and beyond. They may offer several executive resume package or best resume writing service 2019 or you might find older lists with best resume writing service 2018 and expert executive resume writers.

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